Lachdanan’s Stormshield is a cosmetic item that can be found in Diablo III. There is lore attached to the character of Lachdanan, but you don’t actually need to know it in order to pick up his shield and transmogrify a shield that your character, or your character’s follower, can use.

To find this item, you must start by going to Leoric’s Manor.

The easiest way to get to Leoric’s Manor is to use the in-game map. Open up the map for Act I. Use the waypoint in whatever town you happen to be in at the moment and select Leoric’s Manor.

There may be some cultists waiting for you outside the Manor when you get there. It is up to you if you want to slay them, or try and run past them into the Manor.

Next, follow the ghost of Queen Asylla up the stairs that she appears on. She will disappear (and scream) when you get close.

After that, look for the ghost of Queen Asylla in the hallway that the stairs lead to. Again, she will disappear (and scream).

Almost all of the rooms and courtyards in Leoric’s Manor will be filled with a variety of skeletons. Some are archers, some carry big axes, and some are gold monsters (that will be more difficult to kill than the others). For best results, I recommend killing them all so they don’t follow you from room to room and gang up on you.

There are two rooms in Leoric’s Manor that don’t have any skeletons waiting inside it. One is the room with the tome of Set Dungeons.

The other is a large room that has a raised area on one side of it, and plenty of fancy chairs to sit on. This room is the Royal Quarters. It is the room you want.

The ghost of Queen Asylla will lead you over to a bookshelf on one side of the room. She will pause, and then phase through it.

Wait a second, and the false bookshelf will move and your character will be able to enter the room behind it.

Behind the false bookshelf, there is a room that is falling apart from neglect. The shelves are covered in dust and cobwebs. The only thing in this room (which is also called Royal Quarters) that is in good shape is the Royal Armor Rack.

Diablo Wiki, provides some information about this shield:

Visually, just like it’s name implies, it bears similarity both to Stormshield and Lachdanan’s shield in Diablo I, and looks nearly identical to the Stormshield in Diablo II (as opposed to drastically different Stormshield in the third game.

Lachdanan’s Shield is displayed on the Royal Armor Rack. Click on it, and it will fall off the rack and onto the floor. You can pick it up now.

There lies Lachdanan’s Stormshield. Click on it, and it will go into your Bag.

When you leave this little, dirty, armor room, you will notice that the quiet Royal Quarters is full of skeletons. The screenshot above only shows the first few troops arriving. There are plenty more waiting as you move toward the middle of the room!

After slaying all the skeletons, portal back to town (it doesn’t matter which one) and grab a shield from your stash, borrow one from your follower, or use the one your character is equipped with.

The Mystic can transmogrify items. Put the shield you want to change the appearance of into the box under “Transmogrify”. Select the one below that looks like Lachdanan’s Stormshield. It will cost 50,000 gold to make this transformation.

Your shield now looks like Lachdanan’s Stormshield.

Here is what a shield, that has been transmogrified into Lachdanan’s Stormshield, looks like on the Templar.


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