josh-mosquiera-in-diablo-iiiMosquito Swatter is a Feat of Strength Achievement. I happened to earn it while playing my hard core Barbarian in a Torment II Nephalem Rift during Season 4 of Diablo III. Like many things in Diablo III, the ability to earn this Achievement depends on randomness.

When the Rift Boss appeared, it happened to be one named Josh Mosqueira – Reaper Of ‘Soles.

This Rift Boss is named after the Josh Mosqueira who is a Game Director for Diablo III. Players have to kill him to earn the Mosquito Swatter Achievement.

At the time, I was hoping that the Nephalem Rift would give me a Greater Rift key. I had no idea that I was going to face a special Rift Boss that was connected to an Achievement. I was also completely unaware that this particular Feat of Strength Achievement existed. It is so much fun when the randomness of the game results in something like this.

josh-mosquiera-in-diablo-iiiJosh Mosquiera – Reaper of ‘Soles

mosquito-swatter-achievementMosquito Swatter: Kill the Rift Boss, Josh Mosqueira


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