Blizzard has officially announced that the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion is called Legion. As a person who plays a lot more Diablo III than I do World of Warcraft, there was one thing that caught my attention about the WoW expansion. There will be a Demon Hunter class in World of Warcraft.

Based on this news, I decided that my #Blaugust Day 6 post would be about my Diablo III Demon Hunters. One of them was started the day Diablo III was released, and the other one was created for Season 2.

My first Demon Hunter was also the very first character I created in Diablo III. There was something about the Demon Hunter class that appealed to me, and I couldn’t wait to check it out. I should clarify that I was lucky enough to have gotten into the beta for Diablo III, and had the opportunity to play all five classes. Launch Night was going to give me a Demon Hunter that I could keep and level beyond the level 13 cut-off that the beta had.

My husband Shawn and I were super excited about Diablo III.  Our plan was to log in on Launch Night, make our characters, and start killing demons.  I had already decided that I wanted my first character to be a Demon Hunter.  Shawn decided to make a Barbarian.

We quickly discovered that we weren’t the only ones who were super excited about being able to play Diablo III for the first time.  Our first attempt to log in failed.  So did several other attempts.  Try as we might, the game wouldn’t let us in.  It was obvious that the problem was that too many players were all trying to log in at the same time, and the servers couldn’t cope with the numbers.

After seeing the infamous “Error 37” more times than I’d care to count, I decided it was a sign.  My Demon Hunter was given the name ThirtySeven.  If she could somehow defeat the log-in demon, I was certain she could take on anything else that the game threw at her.

ThirtySeven was the first Diablo III character that I leveled up to 60, which was the max level before the expansion.  She was also the first character I leveled up to 70 after the Reaper of Souls expansion came out.  The majority of my time playing ThirtySeven was with Shawn’s Barbarian (Smashez Stanzenfyre) right next to her.

One of the most memorable things that happened while I was playing this Demon Hunter had more to do with an “in real life” situation than what was going on in-game.  Shawn and I were playing through part of Act II, somewhere in the desert.  At first, it seemed like Sanctuary itself was shaking, and I started looking for the Dune Thresher monsters that pop out of the ground.

Then, I noticed that the chair that I was sitting on was moving.  It didn’t have wheels.  I can’t remember which of us was first to ask, “Are we having an earthquake?”  We probably should have moved away from our computers and stood in a doorway, or gone outside, or whatever it is that people are supposed to do when an earthquake hits.

Instead, we carefully moved our characters to an area where we had already killed the monsters, so they would be safe.  Admittedly, the earthquake was not very big, and was done and over with very quickly.  This story just goes to show how much we loved playing Diablo III together.

At the time I am writing this blog, ThirtySeven is at Level 70 and Share-a-gon 129.  She is a soft core character.

This screenshot shows what my second Demon Hunter looks like today.

My second Demon Hunter was created specifically for Season 2.  I already had a female Demon Hunter, so I created a male one.  Ultimately, I want to have two of each class, one male and one female, at Level 70.  I want to listen to all the voice actors and actresses.

I named this character Dusk because I was inspired by a Tweet that was posted by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Dusk sounded like a good name for a Demon Hunter. It felt like a good match for a character class that lurks in shadows and hunts after demons. Something about “Dusk the start of Night” seemed very fitting.

In Season 1, I played a soft core Barbarian (named Gurr). Switching to hard core for Season 2 was a good way to change things up. My intention was to try and alter my play style every season so that I could try things that I hadn’t done before. Typically, I play soft core, so hard core would be a change.

I had one other hard core character, a Witch Doctor, who was somewhere around Level 20 or so. Dusk was the first hard core character that I really focused on and stuck with for a while. He was the first hard core character that I got to Level 70. I also earned some Paragon points on him before Season 2 ended.

The most memorable experience I had while playing Dusk was on the very first night that Season 2 started. I got on Mumble, which I rarely ever do, so I could hang out with a group of friends and listeners to the Shattered Soulstone podcast while I played.

At first, I tried to level Dusk on my own, but it was going really slowly. Later, I got into a game with three other friends, and had a great time. We even managed to end up in Whimseydale. It was fun!

At the time I am writing this blog, Dusk is at Level 70 and Share-a-gon 20. He’s the biggest, most powerful, hard core character that I have. Dusk is wearing the transmogged armor that I unlocked by getting a character to level 70 in Season 1, and the transmogged armor I unlocked when I got him to Level 70 in Season 2.

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