Pokémon GO began releasing Pokémon from the Unova Region on January 10, 2020. Here is a look at the ones I have caught (so far). This blog post will be updated whenever I catch a Unova Region Pokémon that is new to me.

The Sinnoh Region of Pokémon ended on number 477. The Unova region begins with number 494. Where did all the numbers in between go? It remains a mystery.

498 Tepig

501 Oshawott

504 Patrat

506 Lilipup

509 Purrloin

515 Panpour

519 Pidove

524 Roggenrola

529 Drilbur

535 Tympole

543 Venipede

550 Basculin

562 Yamask

572 Minccino

590 Foongus

607 Litwick

613 Cubchoo

616 Shelmet

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