We have had between three and 6 cockatiels over the years, and they go through quite a bit of food.  Originally, we were feeding them seeds – just any bag of seed from the pet store.

Our vet told us that we needed to switch to ZuPreem pellets. He noticed that our birds were heavier than they should have been. More than one had started to develop fatty deposits on their wings. The vet said that this was due to the fat in the bird seeds. He said the ZuPreem had better nutrition for them.

Cockatiels, of course, do not handle change well. So, we started out by putting half seed and half ZuPreem pellets into their food dishes. Then, we slowly decreased the amount of seed. Eventually, they got over the change, and now happily eat the “kibble”.

We learned that our little flock does not like the fruit flavored “kibble” at all – so they get the “regular” flavor instead.

We are lucky that a local pet supply store will order big bags of ZuPreem for us to come pick up.

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