People Finder Achievement (1)The People Finder Achievement is located in the Campaign tab of the Career Achievements.  It requires players to find journals that are described as “People lore books”.

All of these journals are located somewhere in Act IV.

Players must have the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls expansion in order to earn this Achievement.

I earned this Achievement on December 20, 2014.

There are so many “People lore books” that are part of the People Finder Achievement that it takes two separate screenshots to capture all of it.

People Finder Achivement part 1

People FInder Achievement part 2

The Journals provide pieces of lore that are not otherwise spelled out in-game.  They tell stories that your Diablo III character does not play his or her way through.

What follows are screenshots from all of the “People lore books” that are part of the People Finder Achievement.  The screenshots are different sizes because they were taken on different computers.

Lord Kertis's JournalLord Kertis’s Journal: I curse you, Saul!  You sold me this piece of waterlogged land to build my castle on?  Well, I will have the last laugh, you dog!  I will build my castle here, and it will be the grandest castle ever!  Do you hear me, Saul?  Ever! – Lord Kertis

The Horrible SecretThe Horrible Secret: The angels and their monsters are killing everyone!  What will they do to me when they find out what I truly am?  My mother and the demon attack she survived.  It’s…it’s all too horrible to contemplate!

The Grand Maester's ProclamationThe Grand Maester’s Proclamation: The day of reckoning is at hand.  We will rise from the ashes of Westmarch and lead mankind into the Light!  We shall have recruits by the thousands – every citizen will be another templar added to the cause.  Once cleansed by the inquisitors, they will become an unstoppable force! – The Grand Maester

Urzaels Journal Part 1Urzael’s Journal Part 1: After years of my pleading, the Angris Council has finally agreed send me in search of Malthael.  I will not fail in this, as my master’s presence is sorely needed in the High Heavens.  Owing to Malthael’s growing fascination with the humans, Tyrael has suggested I begin my search on Sanctuary.  – Urzael

Urzaels Journal Part 2Urzael’s Journal Part 2: I did not find Malthael on Sanctuary.  But I did find humans, far too many of them.  They murder and cheat one another while allowing their brothers to starve.  If their true power is ever released, we are all doomed.  They have a choice between good and evil, and they overwhelmingly choose evil. – Urzael

Uzraels Journal Part 3Urzael’s Journal Part 3: I grew disgusted by humanity during my time on Sanctuary. When at last I found Malthael, I was not surprised to learn that he felt the same way.  We will cleanse creation of the scourge that is humankind, and when we are finished, the tragic mistake of Inarius will be gone. – Urzael

The Kings Journal Part 1The King’s Journal Part 1: I am so weary.  Why did you have to die, brother?  I was never meant to be king.  The nobles threaten revolt to bend me to their will.  They will abandon me if I don’t keep the peasants in their place.  My position is hopeless.  – Justinian IV

The King's Journal Part 2The King’s Journal Part 2: I have come to realize that my personal feelings are of no consequence.  My people are dying, and they need their king.  Our resistance starts today – and Lord Wynton, of all people, has provided the means.  These reapers shall not have Westmarch!  I swear my life on it! – Justinian IV

The Kings Note to Lord WyntonThe King’s Note to Lord Wynton: Lord Wynton, we are thrilled that you have located a surviving regiment of soldiers.  With this new force, we can turn the tide and save our city.  Your disagreements with the crown are well known, but we are glad you can put them aside in this dangerous time. Long live Westmarch! – Justinian IV

Adria's Journal Part 1Adria’s Journal Part 1: The first time I saw a witch, she burned.  Father took me to the town square to see it.  “Look,” he said.  “That is the face of evil.”  But she looked like any other woman and burned like anything else.  Then the flames engulfed her, her eyes found mine, and she laughed. – Adria

Adria's Journal Part 2Adria’s Journal Part 2: My father could never understand.  He was born into privilege and wealth, and he spent every moment of his life trying to protect it.  I was his flesh and blood, but he cared more about the names in books and the faces of the painting on the walls than his own daughter. – Adria

Adrias Journal Part 3Adria’s Journal Part 3: Do you know what fear is?  The fear of who you are, the fear of what your own blood would do if they knew what you were?  No, you could never understand it.  People look to you as a savior.  Have you ever though about the lives you’ve taken?  They were fathers, lovers…daughters. – Adria

Adrias Journal Part 4Adria’s Journal Part 4: They asked me what I see when I look into the fire.  I see a burning man.  I see a burning witch.  I see terror and a hunger that will consume everything.  What hope do the works of men have against such all-consuming hunger?  I gave myself to the flames. – Adria

Adrias Journal Part 5Adria’s Journal Part 5: My father burned.  He screamed as the flames consumed him, and the smell was…sickly sweet.  He had found me – for once in his life, he had noticed me – and when he saw that the flames did not touch me, he breathed one word.  It was his last. – Adria

Adrias Journal Part 6Adria’s Journal Part 6: “Witch,” they called me.  But I turned it against them.  When their daughter had a child that needed to disappear, when there was a sickness that none of the healers could cure, who was it they pleaded with?  When they needed me, the morality they flaunted in the daylight disappeared.  As it always does. – Adria

Adria's Journal Part 7Adria’s Journal Part 7: The first time I heard him, his voice pierced my skull.  It reminded me of the cold and haughty sound of my father, but there was more, a crush of a thousand voices.  When I heard him, I saw the flame, and I knew fear. – Adria

Adrias Journal Part 8Adria’s Journal Part 8: It was a man who came to my bed that night, but when I looked into his eyes,  I saw the other, though even he did not know at the time.  I did not hear the man’s voice, no.  I heard the other, the one that has been with me all for all these years.  I gave myself to him. – Adria

Adrias Journal Part 9Adria’s Journal Part 9: Leah was never my daughter.  She was Diablo’s daughter in truth.  I felt blessed to have given the product of my body to my master.  He had no interest in me, but in the product of my womb, he found life again.  I never flinched when I knew her purpose.  Daughters are a cheap thing. – Adria

The Testament of Rakkis Part 1The Testament of Rakkis Part 1: I have uncovered an obscure and ancient tome in whose pages is recorded an impossible tale: the secret history of a race called the nephalem – gods by another name – and their ruined civilization in the west.  If this is true, how could all signs of these nephalem be lost but for the record of this single tome? – Rakkis

The Testament of Rakkis Part 2The Testament of Rakkis Part 2: The nephalem were not gods but our own ancestors, gifted with long life, magic, and abilities far beyond ours.  Yet they were still men.  I wonder if these pages hold the key to unlock their powers once again? – Rakkis

Testament of Rakkis Part 3The Testament of Rakkis Part 3: I will bring the Light of Zakarum to the heathens.  Here in the east, the power of Zakarum wanes, but in the west, it will rise, stronger and greater than ever.  Yet I have another purpose.  The lost nephalem city of Corvus lies in the west.  I will find it. – Rakkis

Testament of Rakkis Part 4The Testament of Rakkis Part 4: We founded a settlement near the western sea.  It will grow to be a great city in time.  Now that my people are settled, I can begin my own search for the ruins of the nephalem city Corvis.  The tome implied that it was near this very region. – Rakkis

The Testament of Rakkis Part 5The Testament of Rakkis Part 5: We have begun searching the marsh for the ruins of Corvis.  This stinking, festering swamps punctuated by worn blocks of stone.  Perhaps these ancient sentinels are all that remain of the proud nephalem city?  No, there is more to be found.  I know it. – Rakkis

Testament of Rakkis Part 6The Testament of Rakkis Part 6: Last night, I found the ruined nephalem city.  When I stepped into the buried catacombs, I felt a stirring in my blood.  And then a wondrous thing: a dim light began to glow all around me, not cast by any torch.  It was as though the very stones acknowledged my presence.  – Rakkis

The Testament of Rakkis Part 7The Testament of Rakkis Part 7: The nephalem had such a strong connection to the Light that it granted them powers far beyond our own.  But I believe that, through the Light, they can be reborn in us.  Thus I have consecrated Westmarch, a shining beacon in the west.  I have taken for my sigil the wolf of Corvus and proclaimed myself king.  – Rakkis

Testament of Rakkis Part 8The Testament of Rakkis Part 8: A decade later, the power of the nephalem still escapes me.  Something long ago stole it from them, and it keeps it hidden, even today.  I have found mention of an artifact called the Worldstone, hidden in the barbarian lands.  Now that my son is born, I have rallied my banners to ride to war against them.  – Rakkis

The Testament of Rakkis Part 9The Testament of Rakkis Part 9: Years on, the barbarians remain unconquered and I am a man grown old and frail.  My life has seen the founding of Westmarch and the discovery of the nephalem ruins, but the still deeper secrets elude me.  I leave the task to my son, in whose blood shall carry forth the line of nephalem kings. – Rakkis

The Testament of Inarius Part 1The Testament of Inarius Part 1: They call me a hero.  I slew demons beyond count.  I won battles and broke sieges, but it availed me nothing.  I know that this war can have no victor, only an eternity of revenge, pride, and hatred.  Tyrael does not understand.  He cannot see beyond the glory of battle.  In time, he may, but that day is not yet here. – Inarius

Testament of Inarius Part 2The Testament of Inarius Part 2: There must be others who seek a way out of the endless strife.  Angels and demons who feel enslaved by our fate.  I cannot be unique in all of creation.  I know my path: I will find those disillusioned of the war and lead them. – Inarius

The Testament of Inarius Part 3The Testament of Inarius Part 3: I was struck down in the third charge.  I lay upon the ground only to wake in chains.  I did not know that demons took prisoners.  I babbled like a fool about my dreams of escaping this war.  My captor freed me and said that we would meet again.  Her name was Lilith, daughter of Mephisto.

The Testament of Inarius Part 4Testament of Inarius Part 4: Lilith is me, but of fire and flame.  I could never have felt this way about a demon while I was mired in the endless war.  The strain holds us prisoner to what we have been told to believe.  She and I have made plans.  We will bring others to our cause, and together, we will escape. – Inarius

The Testament of Inarius Part 5The Testament of Inarius Part 5: Those who follow us are strong in purpose and conviction, but we are only few.  Yet, if we can obtain the power of the Worldstone, it will be enough.  We will scale the Windshear slope, steal into the heart of the fortress, and be gone before anyone notices the stone’s disappearance. – Inarius

The Testament of Inarius Part 7The Testament of Inarius Part 6: Can I truly love a demon?  When I gave the Worldstone to Lilith, I knew I had been right to seek her all along.  We have created a new world.  We can live here in peace, away from war.  I have named this world Sanctuary. – Inarius

The Testament of Inarius Part 7The Testament of Inarius Part 7: When I see Lilith sleeping at my side, I’m filled with dark thoughts.  My sins are real, and I will surely pay for them.  We live in peace for now, but it cannot last.  They will come for me.  But what of my great deeds?  When I’m in torment, who will celebrate those?  Who will remember Inarius? – Inarius

The writings of Lilith Part 1The Writings of Lilith Part 1: My father is content to fight the same battles and the same foes while everything turns to ashes.  Though his victories might last a day, or a year, or a hundred years, the war will never be won so long as he and his brothers lead.  There is an end to it, but fools like my father are too blind to see it. – Lilith

The Writings of Lilith Part 2The Writings of Lilith Part 2: I took a prisoner in the battle, an angel whose light was dimming.  I brought him to my lair for my amusement.  But he surprised me.  My touch seemed to breath life into him.  He raved like a madman about how he wished to escape the war.  Perhaps I have found someone I can use.  – Lilith

The Writings of Lilith Part 3The Writings of Lilith Part 3: The angel I captured, Inarius, is in love with me.  I can feel the intensity of his desire.  I told him that we must liberate the Worldstone, and then we can be together.  We will create something never imagined by those mired in the Eternal Conflict.  A new world. – Lilith

The Writings of Lilith Part 4The Writings of Lilith Part 4: Inarius and I stole the Worldstone, and we now have a group of renegades to follow us.  I have created a new world where we can live in peace. A place of infinite possibilities.  Inarius believes that escape is enough.  In time, I will show him that even victory is possible.  But first, I will give him children. – Lilith

The Lost WarriorThe Lost Warrior: Something now inhabits the fortress.  I am certain of it.  Long have I gazed upon its scarred facade, dreaming of the safe haven its walls offer.  But it has changed.  The vacant terraces have turned cold.  I am so desperate to escape the demons, but whatever is in the fortress may be worse… – Lost Angel

Sibyls MemorySibyl’s Memory: The Prophet said I would not dream…but I did.  At first they were dreams of color, unsettling, and then I began to hear voices.  They called for me, over and over, and then I woke. – Sibyl the Enchantress

Melainas MemoryMelania’s Memory: We trained believing that we would fight together, but Eirena was the one who was chosen, and we were the ones who must sacrifice to support her.  Why her and not me?  A selfish question, for I know that if she was asked, she would say yes.  So I did. – Melaina the Enchantress

Raissas MemoryRaissa’s Memory: The Prophet asked each of us in turn, before he cast the spell of binding.  Our lives for hers.  If we decided, we could leave without any thought of shame. We each heard the question and answered the only way we could.  Our case was too important to not make that sacrifice. – Raissa the Enchantress

NOTE: This blog is missing the Journal called “The Ravings of a Deranged Mind”.  If and when I locate my screenshot of it, I will add it to this blog.

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