This post was originally posted on our ClickaTiel Tumblr account. We started writing descriptions of our cockatiels whenever the Tumblr blog reached a milestone number of followers.

ClickaTiel now has more than 900 followers, and that means it is time to post our last cockatiel biography.  Our whole flock has been represented now!  Pepper and Little One were a bonded pair, so it seems appropriate to use this photo of the two of them.

Little One was the smartest cockatiel ever.  The first time I saw her, she was a very young bird who was in a cage with several other cockatiels and one parrot.  She was studying the parrot as it moved around the cage and taught herself how to follow the parrot.

Little One understood that if I tipped a glass of water towards her, she should stick her head into the glass to get a drink.  Some of our other birds would peck the side of the glass instead.

I think Little One wanted to have babies.  Early on, she would do what I called “the next dance” in my hand, gently moving my fingers to make a nest.  We periodically let Pepper and Little One try and make babies in a breeder box, but it never worked out.  Little One, for whatever reason, never laid any eggs.

Little One lived to be 17 years old.  She was smart, inquisitive, and strong.

Photo by Shawn Thorpe.

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