After finishing the Slayer part of the Season Journey in Season 16, I decided to give Champion a try.

I streamed some of my progress on Twitch and put some the videos on YouTube. It felt like I was moving through the objectives slower than I wanted to, but I was having fun anyway.

Conversion Incursion: Convert a set item with Kanai’s Cube.

The first thing I did after finishing Slayer was to start working on leveling up some Legendary Gems. As you can see in the video above, I didn’t get too far.

The next time I streamed, I noticed that I had already completed one objective, but don’t remember when I did that. It was nice to start Champion with one thing already done.

My next goal was to do a Greater Rift Level 40. I unintentionally started with a Greater Rift 35. (I thought I had switched it to Greater Rift 38, but no.)

Gem Juicing: Level one Legendary Gem to level 30.

Next, I completed a Greater Rift 37, and was able to level up a Legendary Gem to Level 31.

I completed Greater Rift 37 at 12:09.333.

I completed Greater Rift Level 38 at 12:24.500.

Gem’s The Breaks: Level one Legendary Gem to 35.

I got one Legendary Gem to Level 35, and another Level 31.

I completed Greater Rift 38 at 11:42.850. Slightly better time than before.

The last thing I did in the video above was a Greater Rift 40. It did not go well. I was able to get the Rift Guardian before the timer ran out, but did not have enough time to kill him.

Here’s what I accomplished in the video above:

Riftomatic: Reach Greater Rift Level 40 with the full bonuses of one of the following Class sets.

I completed the Riftomatic Achievement with the Spirit of Archer Set.

YoSolo: Reach Greater Rift Level 40 Solo.

I also leveled a second Legendary Gem to Level 35.

I completed Greater Rift 40 at 10:50.149.

Next, I returned to the Dalghur Oasis in search of the Arachyr’s Set Dungeon. I completed this Set Dungeon as part of the Slayer Achievement. Champion required me to Master this Set Dungeon.

It took several tries, and some revision of strategy.

Spidey Widey: Master the Spirit of Archer Set Dungeon by completing all objectives within the time limit.

Mastermind: Master any Set Dungeon.

Nothing But the Best: Craft a Flawless Royal gem at the Jewelcrafter.

Next, I stated changing Skills to see if there was something more efficient to use. I was streaming when I was working on this, and made a video. But, the video is not very interesting so decided not to put it in this blog post.

Here is a list of what I attempted to do in the now deleted video:

  • Attempted a Torment IX Nephalem Rift – and failed badly
  • Changed the difficult settings back to Torment VIII.
  • Attempted a Greater Rift 40 (again) – and failed to complete it this time.
  • Successfully completed a Torment VIII Nephalem Rift (after changing around some Skills and gear).
  • Completed a Greater Rift 37 (again) in an effort to level 3 Legendary Gems to Level 35.
  • Successfully completed another Torment VIII Nephalem Rift (in order to get more Greater Rift Keys).
  • Completed more Greater Rift 37 in an effort to level 3 Legendary Gems to 35.

Romancing the Stone: Level three Legendary Gems to level 15.

I streamed my progress on Twitch again, and later decided that the video wasn’t very interesting.

Here’s what I did in the now deleted video:

  • Ran another Torment VIII Nephalem Rift – to get more Greater Rift Keys.
  • Changed the difficulty to Torment IX.
  • Completed two more Greater Rift 35s.
  • Ran out of Greater Rift Keys again, and had to run a XI Nephalem Rift.
  • Ran a Greater Rift 36.

Here’s what I did in the video above:

  • Ran another Greater Rift 35.

I think the Stone Loc Achievement is earned when a player levels 3 Legendary Gems to Level 30.

  • Ran another Torment IX Nephalem Rift.
  • Completed a Level 37 Greater Rift.
  • Leveled a third Legendary Gem to… 32. Not quite what I needed.

A warning appeared on the screen announcing that Season 16 would end in 8 minutes. There was not enough time for me to finish Champion. I decided to have some fun and see how far I could get through a Torment X Nephalem Rift. Season 16 ended before I completed it.

Overall, I’m not unhappy with how Season 16 went. My goal was to get the Wings of Lempo. Everything after that was just extra fun.

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