In this video, my Softcore Barbarian started out at Level 70. I decided to send her through some Rifts in the hopes that it would result in some recipes for the Jeweler.

I warmed up with a Nephalem Rift on Expert difficulty. Then did a Greater Rift 5 (which is Expert difficulty). Then, it was back to another Nephalem Rift. For whatever reason, the game would only give me one Greater Rift key at a time.

After obtaining one more Greater Rift key, I completed a Greater Rift 7 (which is Master difficulty). By the end of the video, my Barbarian had 16 Paragon Points.

Seasonal Achievements earned so far:

  • Head & Shoulders: Reach level 70 in the Season
  • Above & Beyond: Reach level 70.
  • Riftomania: Finish a Level 70 Nephalem Rift
  • Kick Out the Gems: Level one Legendary Gem to level 5.

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