In this video, my Softcore Barbarian started with 22 Paragon Points. She killed Malthael on Master difficulty and completed Chapter III.

After killing Malthael, my Barbarian had 23 Paragon Points. She completed Chapter III – but the game didn’t seem to understand that. All of the boxes by the objectives were checked, but there was no shiny ribbon at the top.

Unsure how to fix that problem, and unaware of how to get more Jeweler recipes (so I could finish Chapter II), I worked on some Chapter IV objectives.

One required me to use Kanai’s Cube to turn a Rare item into a Legendary item. I got lucky! The Cube gave me pants called Immortal King’s Stature. I now had two pieces of that set – which makes my Ancients last a lot longer than typical. Game changer!

To test out the Ancients, I did a Level 8 Greater Rift on Master difficulty. It went by really fast!

My Barbarian finished the video at Paragon 24.

Objectives completed in this video:

  • Say My Name And You Can Say It With Honour: Kill Malthael at level 70 on Master difficulty or higher. (Chapter III)
  • …Is Another Man’s Treasure: Use Kanai’s Cube to upgrade a rare item to legendary quality. (Chapter IV)

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