A box says "Season 25 Has Begun". It show the loot a player can obtain during this Season, the transmogrify items they can get, and what the conquests are.

Season 25 of Diablo III is called The Lords of Hell. The special thing about this season is that players will be collecting Soul Shards that connect to one of the Prime Evils or Lesser Evils. Level up those shards to make them more powerful.

I decided to play a Monk in Season 25. It’s been a while since I played one, and I wanted to give it another try. My monk is named Faehime, after a Dungeons & Dragons character that a friend created. Faehime is here to punch all the things!

While I was editing this video, I did my best to remove as much of the flashing lights as possible. To do that, I either ran away from the flashing light before it started, or cut the video portion of the video to remove it. This results in having some blank spots in the video.

There are some that could not be easily removed, so if flashing lights are bad for you – maybe skip this video.

I also noticed, when I was editing the video, that I was calling Azmodan “Belial”. Didn’t realize it while recording.

Soul Shard Collection:

  • One from the Nephalem Rift Boss (Sand Shaper) – Remnant of Pain (Belial)
  • One from Urzael – Shard of Hatred (Mephisto)

Achievement earned in this video:

  • Rite of Passage: Reach Level 10

Seasonal Objectives completed in this video:

  • Begin Again: Complete a Nephalem Rift. Use the Nephalem Oblisk in town while in Adventure Mode to start a Nephalem Rift. (Chapter I)
  • A New Start: Complete 5 Bounties. Open up the Waypoint Map in Adventure Mode to see what Bounties are available. (Chapter I)
  • The Devil’s Den: Kill Diablo. (Chapter I)
  • Slick Deal: Kill Izual. (Chapter I)

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