A Monk is wearing some red armor and some green armor. Next to her is a small black and white spotted calf.

This video was created after I encountered technical difficulties with the video that would have come before it. My Monk started this one at Level 45. After reviewing the Season Journey objectives I completed before starting this video, I focused on Soul Shards and worked on leveling up my Monk to 50.

There are flashing lights in this video!

Objectives completed before this video:

  • Westmarch’s Most Wanted: Obtain an Act V bounty cache. (Chapter III)
  • Expert: Complete a Nephalem Rift on Expert difficulty or higher. (Chapter II)

Objective completed in this video:

  • Forged in Fire: Reach Level 50. (Chapter I)

I have now completed all of the Chapter I Seasonal Objectives.

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