zena-season-4Season 4 of Diablo III has ended. I like to take a moment to look back upon a Season and do a “wrap up” of how it went. So far, every Season has been different from the rest (as Blizzard worked on figuring out what worked well and what didn’t).

Overall, I had fun with Season 4. By the time it ended, I had completed my main goals for the Season. There were additional things I was working on, but I considered those to be “extras”.

Season 4 was the first time I rolled more than one Seasonal character. It wasn’t my intent to split my focus between Seasonal characters, but things ended up that way. I started out with a hardcore Wizard named Sparkle, and my husband Shawn started out with a hardcore Demon Hunter.

our-season-4-characters-off-to-kill-azmodanOff to kill Azmodan – be right back!

Shawn’s computer died an unexpected death during Season 4. He had to resort to using an older computer that we had stopped using. It proved to be incredibly bad for video games. So, he wasn’t able to complete Season 4. Our characters got as far as Level 57.


I didn’t want to level my Wizard without him, but I still wanted to continue playing Season 4. So, I rolled a hardcore Barbarian and named her Zena. Shawn and I chose to play Season 4 in Story Mode. It seemed like a good idea to switch to Adventure Mode while I was playing my newest Barbarian.


Between my two characters (and mostly on the Barbarian) I managed to complete the Season Journey through Chapter 4. Players had to complete Chapter 4 in order to earn the Frost Hound pet and a fancy new portrait. My primary goal for Season 4 was to do exactly that.

By the time I got there, Season 4 was coming to an end. In the time that was left, I managed to complete some of (but not all of) the Slayer Chapter in the Season Journey. Looking back, I think I might have gotten farther if I’d immediately started out in Adventure Mode. This is not a regret; just an observation.
the-realm-of-turmoil-achievement-season-4-slayer-zenaThe Realm of Turmoil: Slay The Savage Behemoth and The Undying One at level 70 on Torment I difficulty or higher.  The Infernal Machine for the Realm of Turmoil drops from Xah’Rith the Keywarden in Stonefort.


the-realm-of-discord-achievement-season-4-zenaThe Realm of Discord: Slay The King of the Dead and The Merciless Witch at level 70 on Torment I difficulty or higher.  The Infernal Machine for the Realm of Discord drops from Odeg the Keywarden in the Fields of Misery.


the-realm-of-chaos-achievement-season-4The Realm of Chaos: Slay The Vile Executioner and The Foul Desecrator at Level 70 on Torment I difficulty or higher.  The Infernal Machine for the Realm of Chaos drops from Sokahr the Keywarden in the Dahlgur Oasis.


were-all-we-need-achievement-season-4We’re All We Need: Fully equip one of your followers with Legendary items that have a minimum required level of 70.  Kanai’s Cube has the ability to upgrade a rare item to a Legendary item.


it-was-a-good-day-achievement-season-4It Was A Good Day: Extract 10 Legendary powers using Kanai’s Cube.


That was as far as I was able to get through the Slayer Objectives. In addition, and completely out of order, I also managed to complete one of the Guardian Objectives.

the-hardest-of-the-hard-core-season-journey-guardian-season-3The Hardest of the Core: Reach level 70 in Hardcore.

It was really easy for me to complete that objective because I happened to be playing a hardcore character. I played a softcore character in Season 1, and have been switching between hardcore and softcore every new Season. Things just worked out that way.

best-greater-rift-in-season-4The highest Greater Rift I completed was Level 16, at 13:17.500. It ended up being my Personal Best for Season 4.

210-season-achievement-points-season-4I finished Season 4 with 210 Seasonal Achievement Points.


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