Kanais-Cube-500x451Season 4 of Diablo III was the first time that players had access to Kanai’s Cube.

Technically, players who decided to check out the Player Test Realm (PTR) were able to find and use Kanai’s Cube before it was placed into the game.

So, for me, the first opportunity I had to use it was during Season 4.

I was playing hardcore characters during Season 4, so all of the things I put in Kanai’s Cube can only affect my hardcore characters. Eventually, I want to “complete” the entire Kanai’s Cube – by putting all the stuff into it (in both hardcore and softcore).

Players can find Kanai’s Cube in the Elder Sanctum in the Ruins of Sescheron. The quickest way to get there is to go into Adventure Mode and use the waypoint. Find Sescheron on the map for Act III. Run around in The Ruins of Sescheron, and the Elder Sanctum, until you find Kanai’s Cube.

Kanai-points-to-Kanais-Cube-500x401It is pretty much impossible to miss or walk past without realizing it.

When I started Season 4, I wasn’t sure if I would like the Kanai’s Cube. I’d heard good things about it, but didn’t know if I would find it intuitive or confusing to use. It turns out that using Kanai’s Cube is so much fun that it felt addicting. Must cube all the things!

Add-Items-to-Kanais-Cube-433x500This is what the interface for Kanai’s Cube looks like. The little book towards the bottom of the window holds recipes. The pop-up says: Kanai’s Cube an be used to make exciting new things. Place recipe items within the cube itself to begin. Either drag items to the Cube or Right-Click on them in your inventory.

Archive-of-Tal-Rasha-500x491The recipe that I spent the most time with was Archive of Tal Rasha. It enables you to extract a Legendary Power off of the items you put into Kanai’s Cube. Only certain things can be added to the cube, so check your stash and then search through Kanai’s Cube to see if a particular Legendary item will go into it.

The Archive of Tal Rasha recipe requires:
* Legendary Item with Special Power x1
* Khanduran Rune x1 (You can get these by doing Bounties in Act I)
* Caldeum Nightshade x1 (You can get these by doing Bounties in Act II)
* Arreat War Tapestry x1 (You can get these by doing Bounties in Act III)
* Corrupted Angel Flesh x1 (You can get these by doing Bounties in Act IV)
* Westmarch Holy Water x1 (You can get these by doing Bounties in Act V)
* Death’s Breath x5 (You can get these by killing packs of blue monsters that are level 60 or over.)

Put all of that together, click “Transmute”, and you will have extracted a Legendary Power. The item itself disappears into Kanai’s Cube. Players can access the special power from one piece of jewelry, one piece of armor, and one weapon (or shield) that is in Kanai’s Cube, at the same time.  This is in addition to the stuff your character is already wearing.

The flavor text for the Archive of Tal Rasha recipe says: “…all agreed that the cube was necessary if the hunt for the three was to be successful. They thought they understood the dangers.” – fragment of the Dark Exile Scrolls.

Here are some of the Achievements that players can earn by using Kanai’s Cube to extract Legendary Powers:

Level-1-Cubist-Achievement-492x500Level I Cubist: Extract a Legendary power using Kanai’s Cube.


Level-10-Cubist-454x500Level 10 Cubist: Extract 10 Legendary powers using Kanai’s Cube.


Level 25 Cubist Achievement
Level 25 Cubist: Extract 25 Legendary powers using Kanai’s Cube

Level 25 Cubist completed

Level 50 Cubist Achievement
Level 50 Cubist: Extract 50 Legendary powers using Kanai’s Cube

Level 50 Cubist completed

How to Extract Legendary Powers with Kanai’s Cube is a post written by Jen Thorpe on Book of Jen and is not allowed to be copied to other sites.

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Do you still have questions about how to use Kanai’s Cube?

I recommend you read the comments that are below this blog post. I’ve done my best to try and answer as many questions about how to use Kanai’s Cube as players post. The answer to your question may be in there, somewhere.


    1. B,

      Make sure that the Legendary item you selected is one that can go into Kanai’s Cube. Not all of them will. Kanai’s Cube only accepts Legendary items that have a special power.

  1. Thank you for the informative post.

    How do I transfer the power into another item of my liking?

    Am I limited to only one transfer per power, or can I transfer it as many times as I want into as many items I would like?

    1. Nazmi,

      I’m not entirely certain what you are asking – but maybe this explanation will help.

      Kanai’s Cube allows players to transmute any of the items that will go into the cube one time. For example, in this blog post, I put the Death Watch Mantle into Kanai’s Cube. I can only do that once.

      The good news is that players can put one of – each – of the items that Kanai’s Cube will accept into it. (This is assuming you have enough materials and Death’s Breaths to do it).

      Players are not actually transferring the power of the items that is in Kanai’s Cube onto their existing gear/weapons. Players get whatever the gear/weapons they are using provides AND the special power of items they put into the cube.

      In other words, you can’t put the Death Watch Mantle into Kanai’s Cube, and use that to transfer its power to your current shoulders. But, that’s ok, because you still get the power of the things in Kanai’s Cube AND the things that are on your current shoulders. You get both at the same time.

      There are some limitations. Not all Legendaries go into Kanai’s Cube. Players can only choose one weapon/shield, one piece of armor, and one ring/necklace at a time. You can change which ones you want to use by selecting anything you have put into Kanai’s Cube.

      I hope my explanation helps you.

  2. Hi Jen – I have a seasonal character and trying to finish Slayer tasks.
    It says to extract legendary power from a ring, armor, and a weapon.
    All of which I have done multiple times now, but still won’t “award” me that task.
    What am I doing wrong?

    1. John,

      I did some research and trouble-shooting to figure out why you were unsuccessful with Kanai’s Cube. There wasn’t anyone posting about this issue in the Diablo Forums, and couldn’t find any articles or blogs mentioning this problem.

      So, I got in game and fiddled with it myself. I already had a weapon and a piece of armor in Kanai’s Cube. I had both of those items equipped through the cube, so my character could use the special Legendary powers (while wearing something else).

      My Season 17 Barbarian was wearing a Legendary ring that was one that goes into the cube. I replaced the ring with one that I crafted at the Jeweler. (The Jeweler gave me a “yellow” ring that was better than the Legendary one).

      I put the Legendary ring into Kanai’s Cube and…. the game did not indicate that I had earned the Slayer objective you mentioned. My next step was to click on the box inside Kanai’s Cube that connects to rings/amulets. I equipped the Legendary ring I just put into Kanai’s Cube by selecting it inside the cube.

      Boom! The “Achievement Toast” for the objective you mentioned appeared. Just to be sure, I looked at my Season Journey. The “Third Power Cubed” objective was checked off as completed.

      In short – The way to earn this objective is not only to put (at least) one weapon, one piece of armor, and one ring/amulet into Kanai’s cube, but also to equip one of each of them through Kanai’s Cube.

      I hope this was helpful.

  3. This has to be the most informative way a person need. Holy shit, I went through a lot of people trying to explain and I can’t understand a thing.

    With a glance of an eye, I understood immediately in this very gold mine post.

    Thank you Jen. I don’t do reply but I do it for your effort. Also I’m shitting right now. Figure I’d say thank you while I’m not doing anything. 🙂

  4. How do I find a legendary item with special power…we are stuck! I have received a legendary wand from nlackamoth but wtf is the special power? what exactly is a legendary item with a special power?

  5. Thank you for your comment, Abd!

    Legendary items can be found inside chests or might drop from some enemies. You can also use Blood Shards to gamble with Kadala in the hope that she might give you a Legendary item. A Legendary item might appear as a reward after finishing a Nephalem Rift or a Greater Rift. Keep in mind that the loot is (usually) random in Diablo III, so there is no guarantee that a specific chest (for example) will give you a Legendary item.

    Some Legendary items have no “special power” (technically called a “Legendary Power”). Many of them do. Read the text on the Legendary item. Look for a line of text that is orange. It will describe what Legendary Power the item has. If you don’t see a line of orange text in the description of a Legendary item, it means that the item doesn’t have a Legendary power and cannot go into Kanai’s Cube.

    I hope that helps!

    1. This is very helpful. I had been cross-referencing my Legendary items to see if they were able to go do a power extraction… didn’t realize the simple trick of looking for the orange text. That saved me SO MUCH time and effort. Whew, thanks!

  6. G’day,
    This is rather embarrassing, I’m still having trouble playing or I should say moving forward in this game.
    If, as you have stated “Players are not actually transferring the power of the items that is in Kanai’s Cube onto their existing gear/weapons” then what is the point of it?
    I’m playing a crusader, currently at Level 70 (Paragon 73) and have done numerous Bounties and Rifts. As much as I thoroughly enjoy the game I’m now coming to an area which I’m finding it being quite hard. I’m unable to play Greater Rifts because
    • I just don’t seem to find/have any stronger weapon/armour than the Hallowed Breach at 2149.5 damage. I’m unable to finish it in time due to losing time trying to kill the monsters because of the’ weak weapons’ I need to increase my weapons strength.
    • My Shield is an Ancient Set Shield at 1763 block.
    • I have no idea about the workings of Kanai Cube, or the collection. I found that somehow I have a Flail of Ascended in the Powers but have no idea what it means or what to do about it.
    • What does “Account Bound” mean?
    When I logged on to a forum and raised questions I was told in no uncertain terms that I know nothing, I shouldn’t play this game and should give up gaming altogether because I’m too stupid. Is it possible that at my age (70 years old) I’m too old to play this game?

    Would it be too much to contact you with some specific questions for your help/advice?

    1. My husband and I are both 71. It’s nice to hear other people our age are playing this. We’ve only been playing a couple of weeks. We are enjoying it but we do struggle with some things. We need Jen to come to our house and sit next to us while we play! 😄😁😅😂

  7. Hello Frank! Thank you for your comment. I’m going to go through your comment piece by piece.

    1. “Players are not actually transferring the power of the items that is in Kanai’s Cube onto their existing gear/weapon”.

    The Cube does not add new powers to your existing gear. Instead, it provides extra powers from the Legendary items that you put into Kanai’s Cube. The thing that confuses people is that you must select one of those items that is already inside Kanai’s Cube – and click on it. Doing so will put the item into the appropriate box on the outside of Kanai’s Cube.

    Players can choose one piece of armor, one weapon, AND one piece of jewelry – and use the powers of all three at the same time.

    The Legendary power on that item will now automatically be used by your character – and you get to continue to use whatever weapons/armor/jewelry your character already had. If the boxes on the outside of your Kanai’s Cube are empty – that is why you were not getting the transferred power. The Cube needs to know which of the items inside it you want to transfer power from.

    Also – if you swap out an item that you are currently using with one you found that is better – the legendary power in the boxes on the front of Kanai Cube will still be applied to your character.

    The only items that can go into Kanai’s Cube are Legendary items that have a special power. An easy way to find out if a specific legendary has a power is to look for orange text on its stats. If it has that – it can go into the Cube. A Legendary item without the orange text that describes a special power cannot go into the Cube.

    The Flail of the Ascended you found “in the powers” … I think that means you have already put that item into Kanai’s Cube. Go back into Kanai’s Cube and click on that flail. It will automatically appear in the weapon box on the outside of Kanai’s Cube – and your character will automatically gain the power that is attached to that flail.

    2. The questions about the Greater Rifts

    Here are some options that could help you get to higher Greater Rifts:

    – Many people run Greater Rifts with a group of four people. Doing so tends to make it easier to increase your Paragon Points (as all four players contribute to it while the group runs through a Greater Rift.) Complete the Greater Rift and there is a good chance that you will get some weapons, or armor, or jewelry at the end when your group turns it in. And, you will probably get some gold.

    – The thing I wrote about how to get the Legendary power transferred from Kanai’s Cube to your player – do that. Those extra powers can help your character be tougher.

    3. What does Account Bound mean?

    Let’s say you have an item that has “Account Bound” on it. Your character can use that item (unless the item is specifically for a class that is not your character’s class). An item that is Account Bound can also be used by your other characters if you put it in the stash and switch characters. (Again, characters can’t use items that are not for their class).

    Let’s say that you and I are playing Diablo III together, and I think I have an item that could be useful to you. If the item says “Account Bound” – I can’t give it to you or any other player. The game simply will not allow that to happen.

    The best way I can explain it is that the game seems to include a brief time period in which a player can give an item they just picked up to another player.

    4. You are not too old to play Diablo III. When the game first came out, there was an older woman who was interviewed by some websites that focus on video games because she was playing a Hardcore Barbarian (and doing well with it). I forget her age, but I think she was somewhere in her 60s. I hope she’s out there, still playing the game, today!

    As far as forums, I have learned that the format, for whatever reason, tends to attract people who delight in being mean to other people. The mean people are often referred to as “trolls”. Most of us ignore them.

    There are also video game players who have decided that only people who are amazingly good at a specific game (or any video game) has the right to play. The same group also tries to push away women, minorities, people who are older, and people who are brand new to the game. This is not only taking place in Diablo III – but many other video games.

    That kind of behavior is called “gatekeeping” – and the majority of players don’t like it.

    I hope this helped you, Frank! Feel free to ask me more Diablo III questions here, and I will try and answer them as best I can.

  8. Hi Jen
    As we say Down Under —-Beauty mate thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.
    • You said— The Flail of the Ascended you found “in the powers” … I think that means you have already put that item into Kanai’s Cube. Go back into Kanai’s Cube and click on that flail. It will automatically appear in the weapon box on the outside of Kanai’s Cube – and your character will automatically gain the power that is attached to that flail.———-I did go back and found that apart from the Flail another item has been added BUT none of the inventory shows any increase in power.
    • This is my biggest issue. I need to increase my weapon’s strength to be able to finish a Greater Rift in the allotted time to collect better gems so to assume, be able to improve my weapons. Alas I’m playing solo which as you stated is a disadvantage——–this is where I’m stuck. Does this mean that I can’t move forward?? In a way I’m searching for something to give me the edge to move forward.
    • As stated my sword is at 2149 damage. I have seen weapons at higher levels on UTube clips. Off course this is what I want.
    • Thanks for explaining Account Bound and ‘trolls’
    • I have two legendary swords plus ‘green’ armour that the Cube rejects—obviously the best thing to do is sell them.
    • Incidentally at the beginning of the game when I click Start, the next scene projects hints but gee they appear and disappear so quickly I rarely have enough time to read it, can I in any way slow it down before the next scene appears.

    Once again Jen thanks, it’s a pity we’re on opposite sides of the world. I can so easily explain better verbally.

    I’ve noticed that you have cockatiels———–At the moment I’m in between cockatiels and budgerigars and have written books about upkeep of budgerigars

  9. Jen
    News flash —–I have successfully finished my first ever Greater Rift. Mind you it was more from good luck than good management. LOL
    I now have received a new gem (Legacy of Dreams) which raises a question.
    My axe is a Hallowed Breach at 2149.5 damage which has a 38,000 Thorn gem in it. So, can/should I replace the Thorn gem for this Legacy one? Or place it say, in my chest armour. I’m still struggling to come to terms with gems.

    Oh incidentally except for one ring all my armour has a ‘green’ surround. I’m assuming that this is the best.

    This is a difficult game but most satisfying to play.

    1. Frank,

      I am glad to hear that you successfully finished a Greater Rift. Good job!

      The green armor/weapons are set pieces. Players collect up all of the parts of the set and equip them – and that usually gives the character better stats and makes them stronger. I hope you didn’t sell your green armor.

      That said, there are are few green items that will go into Kanai’s Cube. From memory, one is a green belt that has an affix that prevents knockback.

      The Legacy of Dreams gem is often used when a player is working on the Season Journey and must successfully complete a Greater Rift (I forgot what level) without wearing any green armor. The Legacy of Dreams gem increases your damage dealt and reduces your damage taken. More on that here: https://diablo.fandom.com/wiki/Legacy_of_Dreams

      If you are not working on the Season Journey, I recommend keeping your Thorns Gem, but maybe not in your weapon. One way to increase the damage a weapon can do is to put an Emerald (green gem) into the socket on your weapon. The larger the Emerald, the bigger increase in critical hit damage you get.

      I’m so happy you are making progress in Diablo III. I agree, that is a very satisfying thing.

      Also – I find it delightful that you used to have cockatiels, too! They are such lovely birds.

  10. Hi Jen
    I hope you didn’t sell your green armor.———-no I haven’t, (it’s a spare one, in storage) but as it isn’t accepted into Kanai Cube what do I do with it?
    One way to increase the damage a weapon can do is to put an Emerald (green gem) into the socket on your weapon———-Done, but I must confess that I still find the gems rather a complex issue. I had assumed that a Topaz with its 38,000 thorns would be far more advantageous to cause more damage used in an offensive weapon.
    What the roles are of gems in relation to weapons/armour?
    Can I place different gems in the same armour or they must be two of the same kind? For example in my pants I have placed a purple and red gem.
    The following is an issue that I have been having trouble in selection. Picture a belt; 1 offers 838 armour with a sale price of 6653. Another belt offers 501 armour with a sale price of 6222. So on paper the first one is better yet the second one has provision for a gem (which I believe is better). Yet when a gem is inserted there’s no change to the armour or sale price.

    The best example is my current offensive weapon—I have 2 weapons—-a Magic Two Handed Sword with 3260 damage against a single hand green shaded sword with 2149 damage. Logic tells me that the former is better yet the second one has an emerald and higher sale price. Isn’t the higher damaged valued sword the better choice?
    Is intelligence better than Vitality? Weapons, Helm and Others—this certainly helps confuse me.
    After extracting an Amulet I got a message that a new power is extracted-but where do I find this new power
    Thanks Jen

  11. Frank,

    I will go through your questions one by one.

    The green items are part of a set. A player collects up a full set just by playing the game. A green item can drop at the end of a completed Greater Rift, or be randomly found in chests. The reason why players want a full set is that – together – those pieces together can make the character stronger. For example, wear two pieces of the same set, and you get your first bonus from wearing it.

    Each class has several sets, so you might end up with a mix of green set pieces. It is ok to mix them until you are able to obtain a full set. Players often try to get all the pieces of a set they especially like in order to run higher Greater Rifts than they could without the green set pieces.

    Here is a brief explanation of the gems:

    The first thing to know is that each color of gem gives the player something different depending on where you equip it. It sounds like you have already figured out that gems need to go into sockets. It is possible to try and get a socket on an item at the Mystic, but this can be hit-or-miss.

    Purple Gems (Amethyst):

    Put in weapon: more life per hit
    Put in helm: percentage more life
    Put in other: percentage more vitality

    White Gems (Diamond)

    Put in weapon: increases damage against elites (the tougher monsters that aren’t bosses)
    Put in helm: increases cooldown of all skills
    Put in other: percentage of resistance to all elements (meaning the things monsters/enemies can do like ice, arcane, etc.)

    Green Gems (Emerald)

    Put in weapon: critical hit damage increase
    Put in helm: extra gold from monsters
    Put in other: additional dexterity

    Red Gems (Ruby)

    Put in weapon: additional damage
    Put in helm: more experience
    Put in other: additional strength

    Brown Gems (Topaz)

    Put in weapon: more thorns damage
    Put in helm: reduces all resource costs by a percentage
    Put in other: additional intelligence

    Here is a link to the official Diablo III website that you can use to scroll over all the gems:
    https://diablo3.blizzard.com/en-us/item/gem/ (Copy the link by highlighting it and then paste the link into your browser).

    Other things to know about gems:
    The bigger the gem, the more it gives you.
    For example, a round Topaz gem will give you +30 thorns damage if you put it into a weapon. But, a Flawless Royal Topaz (the biggest one) will +38,000 thorns damage.

    Can you place different gems into the same armor?

    Yes! I have done this from time to time. For me, personally, I mix gems when I want to enhance skills that I feel like my character could use a boost in at that moment.

    Things to know about Thorns:

    The amount of thorns you have on your item/weapon have a special effect. When a monster hits your character in the game – the item that has thorns damage on it automatically causes damage to that monster. It functions like an automatic defense ability. With a high enough Topaz gem, and high enough Paragon Points, you can kill some monsters without even trying.

    If you enjoy the thorns effect, you may want to collect green items from the Crusader’s Invoker set. It is a six piece set. Equipping all of them gives you a whole lot of thorns!

    Question about sale price of armor regarding gems:

    To be honest, I’m terrible with numbers. In my experience playing Diablo III, I tend to sell items after my character “outgrows” them (by gaining higher levels). It never occurred to me to find out if the game made the item sale price higher. So, I cannot answer this one.

    Here’s what I do when I get a new piece of armor or a weapon. I scroll over the health globe to see how many health points I have at maximum. Then I equip the item. If the health globe number gets higher, I figure that item is the better choice. (I primarily play a Barbarian). Other people are better than me at looking at the numbers to see which is best.

    Is Intelligence better than Vitality?

    It depends. Different classes require different things. For example, both the Crusader and the Barbarian benefit from Strength, while the Wizard and Witch Doctor benefit from intelligence, and the Demon Hunter and Monk benefit from Dexterity.

    All classes benefit from Vitality. As a Crusader, you should also benefit from Strength. Intelligence is more for the Wizard and Witch Doctor classes.

    This matters because it is possible to equip a piece of armor or a weapon that has a stat that does not benefit the class that you are playing.

    Where do you find the new power from the Amulet you mentioned?

    It sounds like the Amulet is already in Kanai’s Cube. If so, then you need to click on the third box on the front of Kanai’s Cube. That one is used only for rings and amulets. Clicking on it should open up Kanai’s Cube to the part where the jewelry is located. Scroll through it, and the Amulet should appear. You can then click the Amulet if you want to gain its special power.

    I hope this helps!

  12. Hi Jen
    I hope this helps!——–oh most definitely. I had the Bane of the Powerful without knowing its worth. It’s now inside a ring instead of in storage.
    Yes these gems, thanks to your teachings are beginning to make sense.
    Question: Red Gems (Ruby) offer additional damage whereas Green Gems (Emerald) offers critical hit damage increase; so which would be best in an offensive and defensive weapon?
    The highest ranking gem I currently have is the Topaz at 38000 Thorns and had always assumed that it is the best gem for an offensive weapon.

    I understand the sets. Although the majority of my inventory is all separate items both the Axe/Shield and waist/boots are from the same set. So best to keep looking till I’m able to form a complete set.

    Jen you’re a gem

    1. Frank,

      I am glad to hear that I have helped you with your questions. Feel free to ask more Diablo III questions anytime.

      As far as what kind of Legendary gems to use – there is a simple way to discover which is best for your character. Put in the ones you think are the most useful, and go kill some monsters. Then, swap those for other gems you are considering, and go kill some more of the same kinds of monsters. This should reveal which gems are helping you the most. Many players look at the amount of damage they can do and pick the number that is higher.

      Keep in mind that certain Legendary gems (such as the Bane of the Powerful) can also give your character some benefit.

      Have fun in your adventures through Diablo III!

  13. Thanks Jen,
    I’ve succeeded in surviving 2 Greater Rifts so I’m off on my quest.

    Will keep in touch

  14. Jen,
    Forgot to mention. After finishing a Greater Rift I received this message
    Greater Rift Complete
    Level 13
    11:24 -050
    What does that mean? Also
    I found the Molten Wildebeast Gizzard and Bane of the Stricken and Bane of the Powerful. I have used the last one I assume I’ll just hold on to the other 2?

  15. Frank,

    I am unsure about what the numbers you posted meant after you finished a Greater Rift Level 13. What I can tell you is this: The 11 means how many minutes it took you to complete the Greater Rift. The 24 means how many seconds (beyond 11 minutes) it took you to complete the Greater Rift. The numbers after that are fractions of a second.

    Also, you are right. It is a good idea to hold on to the Gems you get after completing a Greater Rift. Your character might benefit from it in some way later on. Or, if you make a new character of a different class – maybe that one can use those Gems.

  16. Hiya Jen,
    Thanks for the feedback about the numbers. I’m keeping all the gems I found because eventually I’ll have a set. The other news is that slowly but surely I’m getting the hang of the Greater Rifts and slowly progressing through them.
    So far so good LOL
    I’m now looking for to see what further adventures lie ahead.

  17. Hi Jen
    What does one accomplish by ‘filling’ in all the weapons/gems in Kanai Cube?
    I have been unsuccessful in locating the Key Wardens to collect the Infernal Machines——what’s the trick?


  18. Hello again, Frank!

    Filling in all the weapons/jewelry in Kanai’s Cube gives the player the advantage of having more of a selection of Legendary powers to choose from. The more items in the Cube – the more choices you have about which special power you want your character to use (along with whatever is on the gear they are wearing).

    Keep in mind that it is possible to fill Kanai’s Cube as a Crusader – and – then fill in some of the blanks with a character that is of a different class. I haven’t managed to fill in the entire Kanai’s Cube yet.

    There are four Key Wardens. Each Keywarden holds an Infernal Machine that will drop after the player kills the Keywarden.

    Odeg the Keywarden is in Act I – Fields of Misery
    Sokahr the Keywarden is in Act II – Dahlgur Oasis
    Xah’Rith the Keywarden is in Act III – Stonefort
    Nekarat the Keywarden is in Act IV – Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier.

    If you look at the map, you might be able to see a very small icon of a key just outside the location where each Keywarden is located. In my experience, if you are in a location that has a Keywarden, a purple arrow on the map will point you towards him.

    I hope this makes the keywardens easier for you to locate.

  19. Hi Jen
    Thanks for replying.
    You said –Legendary powers to choose from———-that’s great but how do I access them Going to Kanai Cube and double clicking on say a weapon nothing happens.
    I haven’t managed to fill in the entire Kanai’s Cube yet.—–I don’t blame you, you have to keep going back to collect items through doing bounties,
    you might be able to see a very small icon of a key just outside the location where each Keywarden is located——-so far I haven’t spotted any.

    OK I’ll try again

  20. Jen
    In Kanai Cube there’s a ‘Skill of Nilfur’ Connect Set item. Is that inferring when you have a set of armour?


    1. The Skill of Nilfur works like this: Put in one set item, 10 Death’s Breaths and 10 Forgotten Souls.

      Kanai’s Cube will turn that specific set piece into another set piece from the same set.

      So, let’s say you have two sets of the same pair of boots from the same set. Put one in Kanai’s Cube (using Skill of Nilfur). The result should be a different piece from that exact same set. In other words, you might get the helm from that set, or a chestpiece, or another piece – but not boots.

  21. Hi Jen
    Thanks for the Skill of Nilfur fedback. I’m so thoroughly enjoying this game —except for one thing. Doing bounties, rifts and greater rifts are very satisfying but finding/updating my weapons is a complete disappointment. I know that gems help but I simply am unable to update my primary weapon. I have heaps of legendary (brown) weapons and all sorts of gems but updating my Set weapon (green) is another matter. Popping over to Haedrig Eamon sees no new forged weapon produced. Any hint sin were I can find/update my green weapons?

    1. Hi Frank! I am happy you are enjoying Diablo III.

      One way to level up weapons is to make use of the Mystic. It is a bit of a gamble, but sometimes pays off.
      She can Enchant items (including weapons). Put your weapon into the Mystic interface. It will show you what items you need in order to enchant that item one time. Ideally, you want to have a lot of those items before you start.

      The enchanting works like this: You put in an item. It shows you all of the affixs on that item. You must pick one that you want the Mystic to change. Choose wisely, because you will not be able to switch to a different affix on that particular item after making your selection.

      The enchant could potentially give your weapon a higher percentage of the affix you selected. Or, it might offer you something completely different. You can try again in the hopes of getting what you want on that weapon (or armor) – until you run out of the items enchanting requires.

  22. Hi Jen
    You said —-The enchant could potentially give your weapon a higher percentage of the affix you selected. Or, it might offer you something completely different—well so far I got everything except more weapon damage LOL I’ll keep trying. On a different note———-Kanai Cube is accepting some gems but rejected others—do I sell those rejected or keep them and if keeping them what do I do with them. At the moment I’m doing greater rifts so some are accepting higher ‘levels’ but haven’t got the foggiest idea what to do with them? OK back to Greater Rifts

  23. Hello again, Frank.

    Sounds like you are having the same experience with the Mystic as the rest of the Diablo III players. Unfortunately, that’s how it goes.

    You mentioned that Kanai’s Cube is accepting some gems but rejecting others. I’m going to need more information in order to help you with that. Which of the recipes in Kanai’s Cube were you trying? What kinds of gems did you attempt to put into Kanai’s Cube?

  24. Hi Jen
    All of the gems I have collected are those with the brown shading, the ones which have a small gold star in the bottom right hand corner. All placed in the Extract Legendary Powers. Oh and that reminds me I have been unable to use Ramaladni’s Gift and haven’t been successful in finding the clue to where the infernal engines are.

    On a different note as tomorrow is the start of winter would you kindly send some warm weather over. My old bones are complaining LOL.


    1. Hello again, Frank!

      Right now, most of California has plenty of hot weather to spare. May it come your way.

      Here is what to do with the keys you collected from the Keywardens:
      First: Put the keys you collected from the Keywardens into your bag (not your stash).

      Second, go to New Tristram. Look for a healer (Brother Malachi) that is standing near what appears to be an abandoned building with a closed door. Break down the door and go inside.

      Third: Select one of the keys from your bag by clicking on it. (I can’t remember if it is right-click or left-click). Doing this successfully will open a portal that will lead you to what I think of as a “double boss fight”.

      Fourth: Repeat the process with the other keywarden keys. Defeat both the bosses and they will drop one of three organs. (Those are used to make something.) They are not guaranteed to drop, so you may have to go fight a specific keywarden again.

      In my experience, in order to use the key, you have to be on the same difficulty level (or higher) that you were on when you obtained the key.

      Here is how to use Ramaladni’s Gift:

      First, obtain a Ramaladni’s Gift. (Sounds like you’ve already done that.)

      Second, select a weapon that does not have a socket. (It is possible to try and add the Gift to a weapon that already has a socket, but that won’t do you any good. It won’t add a second socket.)

      If I remember correctly, you have to click on the Ramaladni’s Gift, and then click on the unsocketed weapon you want to use it on. Doing so will consume the Gift. It can only be used once. It has been a long time since I used one, so I may be incorrect.

  25. Jen
    Regarding gems—Something else. I have Squirt Necklace (Neck) which goes well with Oculus ring + Molten Wilderbeast gizzard at rank 16. With this in mind other legendary gems with similar ranking is there a need to hold on to them. You see apart from running out of space in my locker what are the advantages of so many gems. The problem is that there are so many to choose from it’s turning into a difficult nightmare.

  26. Frank,

    Gems can be a difficult thing to sort out. Personally, I tend to hang on to too many of them, so long as those specific gems are at higher level than others of the same type.

    I tend to switch between different classes, which makes me want to hang onto whatever Legendary gems I’ve leveled up. That said, if you are only interested in playing a Crusader, then you could potentially sort through your Legendary gems and keep the ones that you feel benefit the Crusader class.

    If, at some point later, you decide that a Legendary Gem that you got rid of might benefit your Crusader – you can eventually get another one from a Greater Rift. Of course, you would have to level up the new gem.

    Diablo III can become very complex if you let it. There are people who love to work out the best possible combinations of gear, and the best affixes, etc. For me, that’s too much work. So, I just do what I can with what I have, and hope for the best.

    There are some ways to get more space in your stash (or locker). It involves playing through a Season and completing a certain amount of Season Journey objectives.

  27. Hi Jen
    Thanks for the input. Yes you are quite right it can be quite a complex game. Now all I need is to find/get a stronger primary weapons. Finding/collecting more gems is nice but a better weapon is better. When I stumbled across a site The Aegis of Valor (AoV) Set, it showed a weapon rated at 4447 damage, quite more impressive than my 2500 damage one—my kingdom for a better weapon.

  28. Hello Jen,
    I’m please to report that I’m still thoroughly enjoying playing Diablo. I’m currently at Torment 13. I have however a bit of a mystery on my hands. After finishing a Greater Rift I’m unable to increase the gem any higher than Rank 17. What am I missing?


  29. Hello again, Frank!

    I’m happy to hear that you are “thoroughly enjoying playing Diablo.”

    In my experience, the higher the number you have on a Legendary Gem, the higher the number of the Greater Rift you need to complete in order to raise the level of the Legendary Gem. It is possible to get Legendary Gems up to level 25 – which unlocks a special ability on the Legendary Gem.

    My best guess is this: Try a Greater Rift that is higher than highest Greater Rift that you have completed. If you finish it before the timer ends, you might have a chance to level up a Legendary Gem.

  30. Hi Jen,

    Yes it works. I went from Level 13 to Level 19 and in one Rift I was able to increase a gem from rank 16 to rank 19. I’ve also increased to Torment 14. Its getting harder. I did finish the rift in time but took 8 minutes compared to my best of 4.30.
    Alas I ‘m still having the same problem with my weapons. I’m able to find a number of ‘green’ pieces but the sword and shield elude me. As yet I haven’t been able to find a complete set. Any hint in this area would be most appreciated.

    OK time for lunch

    1. Hello, Frank!

      After doing a little digging around on the internet, my best advice is to keep doing higher Greater Rifts (when you can).
      The official Diablo website appears to suggest that the higher rift you can complete solo the better chance of having a green item drop after you kill the Rift Boss.
      Those are called set pieces – but I tend to think of them as “green items”.

      Here are some potential suggestions for obtaining set pieces:

      Nephalem Rifts often have chests in them that contain items. The higher the difficulty, the better a chance of finding a set piece.

      If you have Kanai’s Cube, there is a recipe in it called Skill of Nilfur. It allows you to convert a set item into another set item from the same set. I would recommend putting a duplicate set item of the set you are currently using into Kanai’s Cube. To convert a set item, you need one set item, 10 Death’s Breaths and 10 Forgotten Souls. Death’s Breaths can drop from chests in Nephalem Rifts. Forgotten Souls are obtained by allowing the Blacksmith to convert a Legendary item into a Forgotten Soul. Converting a set item is a bit of a gamble, as there is no way to chose exactly what you want to get from it.

      I hope this helps!

  31. HI Jen,
    keep doing higher Greater Rifts ——-yes that is what I’m doing, however I’ve dropped the difficulty down to Torment 1 because with the current weapons I’m not able to finish it before the time deadline.
    Those are called set pieces – but I tend to think of them as “green items”.——Me too LOL.
    Nephalem Rifts often have chests in them that contain items-oh never noticed them because I’m too busy fighting–I’ll keep a sharp look out for them.
    Skill of Nilfur——–OK but as yet I haven’t got a full set.

    Cheers and thanks

  32. Hi! I’ve been looking (daily) online for information about the mailbox. People say different things and I don’t know who is correct. My husband and I just finished the campaign yesterday. We play couch co op. We thought when we finished the campaign we would have access to the mailbox and would be able to send each other gifts. I understand we can’t send account bound gifts but maybe we could send some crafting materials or gems or even gold. We started an adventure game with our seasonal characters. No mailbox! We see it on the screen but can’t use it. We’ve looked in the gem pouch and don’t have an option to so send gifts. Also, do we get our season rewards after completing chapters in adventure mode? I thought it was the campaign mode but I realize now it must be the adventure mode. I have a lot more questions but I’ll stretch them out! 😁😄😅🤣

  33. Hello, Mary Ann! Are you playing on a console?

    I haven’t played Diablo III on a console. However, I found a video on YouTube called “Diablo 3 reaper of souls How to Use the Mail System”. According to that video, you should go to your inventory. Sometimes, you will find a gift there for one of your friends who also plays Diablo III on console. (The game appears to generate them).

    In this video, it shows the player that this gift is a Legendary item and that the person who made the video cannot see which Legendary item his friend will get. I think he clicked on something within that interface that allowed him to send that Legendary item to that specific friend. (It appears the game chooses which friend those items can be sent to.)

    Press A to send or Y to destroy that Legendary item. Press A to send the item to that specific friend. A pop-up appears asking if you want to send it. Press A to accept. The game will then send the gift to that friend. It appears that you find these gifts randomly while you are playing the game.

    In the video, it shows how to send something to a friend (such as a gem or potion). The video shows the person’s character going to the mailbox. He went to the mailbox and clicked the A button. His mailbox said “You have no mail”. Press the Y button to create mail. You will see a list of friends in the mailbox and can select one by clicking on their name. Doing so will open a “Send Mail” screen within the mailbox. It will let you scroll around the circle that your character is surrounded by, and will show you what you are allowed to send to a friend.

    The man in the video sent his friend a diamond, and chose to add a little gold. Next, press Y to send. A message will pop up letting you know the item was sent.

    Here is a link to that video. It was created in 2014, so it is possible that it may be outdated information now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Of8l3Ir6PLs

    I hope it is helpful to you.

    The Season Journey currently offers rewards to players when they complete Chapter II, Chapter III, and Chapter IV. The rewards will be whatever the “freebie” set happens to be that Season for your character. It is based on the character’s class.

    You will get either two or three pieces of that set when you complete Chapter II, and then two more when you complete Chapter III, and the rest (could be two or three, depending on the set) when you complete Chapter IV.

    So, in answer to your question – Yes! You do get seasonal rewards after completing chapters in Adventure Mode. The Campaign Mode will not offer that.

    Let’s say you finished all the Seasonal Objectives in Chapter I. You won’t get a reward of some set pieces for that. Next, you completed all the Seasonal Objectives in Chapter II. You should have at least two set pieces waiting for you in your mailbox.

    There are also Season Rewards that you can earn by completing Chapters I – IV of the Season Journey. This could be a special portrait frame, a pet, wings, or a banner. There are additional (and fancier) rewards if you complete the rest of the Season Journey before the Season ends. You will find the portrait frame / pet / banner / wings in the Wardrobe that is part of the area the Mystic is in (in town). Use the interface to select and equip the rewards.

    Feel free to ask more questions! I will do my best to provide an answer for you.

    1. I did watch the video you mentioned. That’s what made me wonder why it didn’t work for me.
      I am playing on a PlayStation 4. I think I figured out my issue. I think we’re required to have a PlayStation Plus account. Money for PlayStation!
      Thanks for taking the time to help me. I didn’t get the answer I wanted but I did get an answer.
      As for the Season rewards, we’ll work on finishing the Adventure chapters and see if we get rewards.

      1. Hello again, Mary Ann! I was not aware that some of the Diablo III content required a PlayStation Plus account. I play Diablo III on a Mac computer. And, I’ve been playing Diablo II: Resurrected on an Xbox S. Sorry that you didn’t get the answer you hoped for. Best of luck to you and your husband as you work your way through the Season Journey!

        1. I’m not positive about needing a plus account but I think we do. I’m a Mac person too but my husband and I enjoy playing together.

          1. It can be fun to play the game together. My husband and I used to do that. He is legally blind, and has reached the point where trying to play a video game gives him too much eye strain. I play solo now. Still fun.

      2. We finished chapter I and got our rewards. We started chapter II. It’s going to be hard. We have so much to learn. We have to get followers and equip them. We found the followers in the campaign. I think I see them in New Tristan but we can’t talk to them. I’ve got to figure that out among other things!

        1. Congrats on finishing Chapter I, Mary Ann! That’s a good start.

          As far as the Followers, you can only have one of them at a time. I play on a Mac, and when I select a Follower I have a small window that appears over them that gives me the option to choose that one as my Follower. (You can swap out that Follower for another one whenever you like). There should be something in that box that says “hire”. Click that one, and the Follower will follow you around help you fight.

          To equip a Follower, it has to be one that is currently following you. There should be an icon of the Follower somewhere on your screen (or perhaps the console’s interface). On a Mac, you can pick things out of your stash or bag and equip your Follower with it. There must be a similar system on console.

  34. Hi Jen! I need help again. I hope you can answer this. It might be different since I’m using a PlayStation 4. I did all of Chapter 2 except extract power. I was very excited to extract a power. I had an armor that makes all my items indestructible. I followed all instructions and extracted my power. As expected my armor was gone. I don’t see anything in my special power area of my skills. I can’t find any way to put it there. I don’t have any items for my power anywhere I can find. I did get my reward for finishing Chapter 3 but I really, really, really wanted my power! Any ideas?

    Mary Ann

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