Seekers Notes is a game where the player becomes the Seeker and solves some mysteries. A player must find specific hidden objects in a location, in the hopes that a special item will drop.

The special item is typically one that a character owned or borrowed, that has disappeared. This happens because Darkwood is under a curse.

These screenshots were taken in October of 2018.

After I finished the Mysterious Box Collection, a new set of quests appeared. It started with something strange that was wrapped in cloth.

Helen: Seeker, could you look at this? It seems someone left you… something strange wrapped in cloth. I was afraid to unwrap it without you. Please be careful!

The mysterious object is covered in a blue cloth with a paisley design.

Removing the cloth revealed a bird cage with a small padlock on its door. Inside was a bird made of paper.

Helen: A birdcage? What could this mean? And who could have given you such an unexpected surprise? Look, there’s an origami figurine in the cage…. Seeker, what if there’s a secret message hidden in it? But the cage is locked. We need the key.

Unlike with some quests, the player can pick any location that they have already unlocked on the map to find the key.

I found the key that unlocks the birdcage.

Helen: Wonderful, Seeker! It’s as if this key wanted you to find it. Now we can open the cage and get at that origami figurine.

The birdcage is now unlocked.

Beware of the ghostly fog…

Helen: Who might have sent you this letter, Seeker? A friend, or an enemy? The stranger hasn’t lied to you – the ghostly mist exists. It wanders somewhere along the outskirts of Darkwood, surrounding the city in a light haze… Nobody has seen it, but the townsfolk say that they sometimes feel its cold touch…

Unexpected Surprise: Someone left me a birdcage with an origami paper crane in it. We unfolded the paper and found a note that said “Beware of the Ghostly Mist.” I’ve heard about the Ghostly Mist many times before. This coincidence is bothering me (is it really a coincidence?): someone warned the mayor of the impending Curse, and then someone left me a birdcage with a warning about the Mist. There was a raven in the notes to the mayor, and I have a paper crane. This situation is getting more complicated by the minute.

Helen: I think you’ll find it interesting to trade with the Woodsman. If you offer him a grindstone, he’ll give you something useful in exchange.

The Woodsman is one of the people who live in the town of Darkwood. He, and the others, move around on the map in the game. Each of them requires the player to obtain a certain item – and give it to them – in exchange for something the player needs to finish a collection.

“Wishes all problems could be solved with the stroke of an ax!”

Colonel Hammerstrike: I’ve heard of your exceptional abilities, Seeker. I’m dealing with a certain important matter, and I think your skills could be just the thing I need for it. Come to the train station, we’ll talk there.

The Colonel’s Invitation: You finally came, Seeker! I have something important to tell you.

I found the key to the Alley.

Helen: I believe in your skills, Seeker, but don’t underestimate the alley’s magic. There are rumors that people used to disappear there in the old days. And at night, if you listen carefully, you might hear the eerie cries of lost souls and victims of the alley.

Helen looks like she is falling asleep. The characters in this game can move a little bit and can also blink. I took the screenshot at the wrong time.

Colonel Hammerstrike: I need your help, Seeker. People have started seeing strange monsters – Living Shadows that wander the dark corners of the city. Please help us drive them away.

Living Shadow: An animated shadow separated from its owner.

The way to banish the Living Shadow is with a Torch.

Congratulations! You have successfully banished the: Living Shadow

Colonel Hammerstrike: Excellent, Seeker. Thanks to you, the town’s streets are that much safer. The monsters appeared after Darkwood was ensared by the curse. I don’t think we’ll make much progress by driving them away one by one. We need to banish the curse itself.

I happened to take the screenshot of Colonel Hammerstrike just as his eyes closed for a blink. He looks extremely frustrated about the state of Darkwood.

I hit Level 7, and can now unlock the Ancient Cards location.

Helen: Seeker, these weird puzzles were created by Nostromo himself, though their true purpose remains unknown. Find the missing key to the Ancient Cards to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Players can search any location they already unlocked to find this key.

I found the Ancient Cards key at the Train Station.

Helen: Great! Now we can examine the Ancient Cards puzzle.

Helen: I’m glad to see you, Seeker. Could you help me? I borrowed some magic lamps from a sailor, but they’ve disappeared somehow. He’ll be so disappointed if I tell him they’re lost.

I used the Ancient Cards key to unlock the Ancient Cards location.

I found the Magic Lamps.

Helen: Wonderful! I’ll give this lamp back to Wang Wei the sailor. He’ll be pleased; he uses these lamps to navigate at sea.

Colonel Hammerstrike: Seeker, horrible werewolves have infested Darkwood! Their nightly howling scares the residents to death. Please banish them as soon as possible!

Banish monster: A dangerous half human / half beast.

The player must use a club to banish the werewolf.

I banished the werewolf.

Colonel Hammerstrike: Those werewolves were miserable cowards! I saw them flee in terror as soon as you got in their way!

Colonel Hammerstrike: After you banished one of the monsters, I thought about the safety of the citizens and the possibilities opening up before us. I ordered the formation of a patrol company. Darkwood was a peaceful town, so I’ve had problems with the equipment. Thankfully, we now have you. Will you help me?

To complete this quest, the player must solve the Treasure Box puzzle.

I found the crossbow.

Colonel Hammerstrike: Excellent! I like your idea of assembling a crossbow. It’s reliable and low-maintenance. With it, I can start training recruits to handle weapons.

Colonel Hammerstrike: Recruits need to practice a lot and sharpen their combat skills. Right now they’re not physically fit enough, but the crossbow we’re assembling will help teach them accuracy. We need a tension device.

Players must explore the Cafe location to find the item.

I found the tension device.

Colonel Hammerstrike: You’re doing a fine job, Seeker! With the help of this device, anyone can draw a crossbow.

I hit Level 8.

Colonel Hammerstrike: I want to start training recruits to handle weapons as soon as possible. Let’s find the crossbow’s release lever. Without it, we can’t shoot at a target.

To find this item, the player must search the Train Station in Match mode. If the location is not in Match Mode, the player will end up trying it over and over again until Match Mode appears.

I found the release lever.

Colonel Hammerstrike: We are moving much faster than I expected. The crossbow will be the first training weapon for new recruits. Let’s continue.

Colonel Hammersmith: I once commanded the best of the best. Darkwood’s Curse thwarted many of my plans. But I think that I ended up here for a reason. Just like you. My skills are needed in Darkwood more than anywhere else. But, I digress, find a strong bow for the crossbow.

Players must solve the Mosaic puzzle to find the bow.

I found the bow.

Colonel Hammerstrike: You did a nice job, Seeker! This bow is very strong and resilient. It will last for many years.

Colonel Hammerstrike: The patrol company will uphold the peace night and day. I can’t wait to announce it and move on to training. Find a cable for the crossbow.

Players must explore the Mayor’s Office in Night Mode to find this item.

I found the cable and rollers.

Colonel Hammerstrike: Oh, that’s perfect! I can only imagine how fast the crossbow bolts will fly with this!

I have now collected all of the items that are required to make the combat crossbow. I also have enough of the additional item that this collection requires.

The items in the row of boxes are consumable, and will combine to make the crossbow.

I have now obtained the crossbow and completed this collection.

Congratulations! You’ve assembled this collection: Combat Crossbow.

Colonel Hammerstrike: The rumors are true indeed! The crossbow is superb. Your contribution to Darkwood’s defense is invaluable, Seeker. I’ll commence training immediately!

Colonel Hammerstrike: I was approached by a serviceman who introduced himself as Colonel Hammerstrike. He’s a severe and stern man who defends Darkwood. During our conversation, one monster – The Living Shadow – just appeared at the Train Station. The monster scared me, but it was as if some force guided me and showed me what to do. The colonel was very surprised when I was able to drive the monster back into the Mist.

The colonel claimed that Darkwood had problems with weapons, and that I was the only one who could help. I managed to equip the newly-formed patrol company with the latest crossbow. The city needs its own armed forces – the monsters aren’t about to stop their onslaught, after all. If anyone can be entrusted with the security of Darkwood, it’s Colonel Hammerstrike.

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