Seekers Notes is a game where the player becomes the Seeker and must solve mysteries and locate lost items. The town of Darkwood is under a curse that causes things to go missing.

These screenshots were taken in 2018.

Helen: Seeker, the Fortune Teller has invited you to visit her. She creates amazing magic things that can come in handy to the townspeople. For instance, she has a wonderful magic pot that makes flowers grow much faster.

The quest has a hint: Order a magic pot from the Fortune Teller. The purpose of this quest is to teach the player how to use the Fortune Teller to craft useful items.

Fortune Teller: Amulets and talismans crafted by the Fortune Teller have protected the residents of Darkwood from evil spirits and the evil eye on many occasions…

There are many townspeople that wander around the Darkwood map. The Fortune Teller, and other crafters, can only be found in a specific location. Players have to unlock them.

Fortune Teller: I knew you’d come to me, Seeker. I foresaw it. If I guess correctly, you have come to me for a magic pot. I warn you: because of the Curse, I have many visitors. But I’ll let you jump the queue.

The player must order a Magic Pot from the Fortune Teller. It has a specific use that the player will find out later.

Helen: I see that you’ve already visited the Fortune Teller. Congratulations, this pot will come in handy!

The characters that the player can interact with can move and blink. I didn’t realize that when I took this screenshot, and ended up catching Helen mid-blink. Her expression has nothing to do with the Magic Pot.

Helen: You have gained access to the Nostromo Mosaic, Seeker. To start with, you’ll need to find the key to the puzzle.

The Hint says: Search any location for the Mosaic Key. This means the player can pick any of the locations that they have unlocked, successfully finish it, and obtain the Mosaic Key.

Once again, I have taken a screenshot of Helen while she was blinking.

I found the Mosaic Key at the Train Station.

Helen: Excellent! Now you can start studying the mysterious Mosaic. Good luck!

Mayor Smallcat: I want to tell you about some strange occurrences. Shortly before the Curse, I started finding mysterious messages. There used to be a broken typewriter in my office. One day I noticed that someone had put paper in it and typed some strange words.

The Hint says: Solve the Mosaic puzzle to find the item. This quest requires the player to successfully complete the Mosaic puzzle. Completing it could result in the Broken Typewriter item being dropped.

I used the Mosaic Key to unlock the Mosaic location.

I found the Broken Typewriter!

Mayor Smallcat: The message is still in the typewriter. “Danger is near. Open your eyes…” At the time, I misunderstood the meaning. I read it as a threat against me.

After I turned in this quest, I went back to the Fortune Teller. Her location will have a red exclamation point on it to let the player know that the item they requested her to craft was ready for pick up. I was able to obtain the Magic Pot.

Helen: Seeker, now that you have the magic pot, try trading it with the Flower Girl. She will give you a valuable item in return.

The purpose of this quest is to train the player to understand that some items that are made by crafters can be given to specific townspeople.

Give the Flower Girl the Magic Pot that the Fortune Teller crafted. The Flower Girl will give the player 3 Energy and one Hairpin.

Energy is a very useful item. Each location a player enters will use up some of their Energy. When the player runs out of Energy, they have to stop playing and wait for more to generate.

What is the hairpin for? That will be revealed later on in this quest chain.

You have successfully exchanged with the: Flower Girl.

Helen: Trade with the residents of Darkwood to get items for various recipes for the Fortune Teller, Blacksmith, and Inventor, as well as fixers for combining collections. So here’s my advice, Seeker: trade with the residents as often as you can, It’s the only way to interact with Darkwood’s merchants.

Mayor Smallcat: From what I recall, the box had an unusual globe inside. You should take a look at it. But right now, I have no idea whatsoever about where it might be. Help me out, Seeker.

The Hint says: Explore the Cafe to find the item.

I found the Unusual Globe.

Mayor Smallcat: Stunning! The globe is dated to the 16th century. It’s hand-made, and its cartography is unusual… It looks like the globe can be opened. Here’s a badly rumpled note. It says: “He who seeks always finds.” Sounds like a proverb. Or perhaps it’s talking about the profession of the Seeker?”

Once again, I have accidentally taken a screenshot of a character while they were blinking. Mayor Smallcat looks like he is about to sneeze. I guess the Unusual Globe was dusty.

I have reached Level 6! Doing so gives me the capacity to have 5 more Energy than I had before. Energy is a renewable resource.

I also earned a Ruby, which can be used to help the player find a missing object that they are struggling to see. Rubies are consumable items.

In addition, I was now able to access the Alley. Of course, I cannot do that until I find the key.

Mayor Smallcat: Apart from the other interesting things, I remember a polyphon. I dusted it off myself. I wonder if it still works? Let’s try it out, Seeker.

The Hint says: Explore the Mayor’s Office to find the item.

I have leveled the Mayor’s Office location to Amateur.

You have earned a new rank in location: Mayors Office. Increase your rank to get more rewards. Your current rank: Amateur.

I found the polyphon.

Mayor Smallcat: Great work, Seeker! Do you hear the melody? That means the polyphon still works. I fear the Curse will be as long and deep as this song…

Mayor Smallcat: Seeker, there was a battered folder of papers in the mysterious box. It didn’t look like much, but now I realize there might have been something important among those papers.

I leveled the Train Station to Amateur.

You have earned a new rank in location: Train Station. Increase your rank to get rewards! Your current rank: Amateur.

I found the Battered Folder of Papers.

Mayor Smallcat: Thank you! There’s a bunch of different papers and incomprehensible mysterious notes here. For example, here’s the one that says a man infused by the light will remove the Curse. Is there any truth in these notes, I wonder? And whom did these mysterious items belong to?

Mayor Smallcat: I saw a greeting card at the bottom of the box, but I didn’t read it. I think now is just the time to see what it says. Let’s find it as soon as we can, Seeker.

I leveled the Treasure Box to Amateur.

You have earned a new puzzle rank in Treasure Box. Increase your rank to get more rewards! Your current rank: Amateur.

I found the Sinister Greeting Card.

Mayor Smallcat: Thanks! I’m amazed by your ability to find missing things. Let’s take a look… Hmm… It’s strange – there are no well-wishes here, just this: “When the sky descends on the ground and the sun rises in the west, then when the fog disperse.” It sounds very…

I failed to take a screenshot of whatever else Mayor Smallcat had to say about the Sinister Greeting Card.

Mayor Smallcat: I deciphered the rest of the symbols. They’re written in the Lost Language. Find this script. It will make the translation easier for us.

The Hint says: Assemble and trade a collection to get the item.

I have now collected all of the items that are required to complete the Mysterious Box Collection. It turns out that the hairpin that the Flower Girl traded for the Magic Pot was required in order for me to finish this collection.

The items in the collection are consumed and a journal appears.

Congratulations! You’ve assembled this collection: Mysterious Box.

Mayor Smallcat: Once again I am reminded of your talents, Seeker. You helped me translate a text I couldn’t read. This Lost Language seems to use the symbols of other languages from all over the world. It’s hard to say who borrowed what from whom. I’ll study the rest of this phenomenal book when I have time.

Completing this quest chain opens up the Seekers Journal.

Mysterious Messages: After I was appointed Seeker, Mayor Smallcat quickly brought me up to speed. It turned out that before the Curse appeared in Darkwood, the mayor found mysterious notes with implicit warnings of impending disaster. The mayor misinterpreted them and thought that he was being threatened. No wonder. It seemed that the notes were written by a madman. I remember the content of one of the notes. “All around you are gray hands, it’s a place where they don’t tell lies. You will find your answer there, there’s a way out, go to the Light”. Something is telling me that there is a mystery behind these words.


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  1. When I first started playing Seeker Notes on my phone I had trouble with the Treasure Road and Haunted Lights so I passed them up a lot of times. I went on and played the Cafe, Mayor’s Office, Trainstation, etc and made it to Sleuth on them. I then found out that I couldn’t enter the Mosaic because I had missed the key. I’ve been playing the puzzle games now and I’m up to Connoisseur but still can’t get in. Can you help me? I’ve opened up several other locations now but still can’t get in Mosaic.

    1. Dana Carson – Thank you for your comment. I will try and help you.

      As far as I can tell, the quest that told the player to search for the location key was called “Assemble Them All”.
      See if you still have access to that quest. It comes from Helen.
      If you still have the quest, you might be able to accept that quest. Then, complete the location, and the Mosaic Key should drop.
      It may take more than one try.
      I happened to find the Mosaic Key at the Train Station location.
      The quest, however, tells the player to “search any location for the Mosaic Key”.
      Is there a location that you can access, but haven’t played much yet? Maybe try that one.
      I hope this helps!

  2. I CANNOT find the mosaic key. Currently at level 38. I have four items needed to be found but they all require the mosaic. How do I get the key?!? Driving me nuts.

  3. Thank you for your comment, Tony!

    I found the Mosaic Key at the train station, after starting the quest where I don’t remember how many times it took before I found it.

    I think you need to have the “Assemble them All” quest from Helen before the game will let you find the key. Also, it doesn’t have to come from the Train Station. That’s just where I happened to find the Mosaic Key.

    I played through that part of the game in 2018, so it is possible that things have changed.

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