In this episode, I share a piece of my writing in which I talk about what it has been like to shelter at home during the COVID-19 outbreak. None of the changes being made to stop the spread of the virus are intrinsically easy for people to cope with.

In some ways, things are harder now than ever before for people like me who have terrible immune systems. In other ways, it turns out I was already very prepared for this.

I read “Shelter At Home” on episode 054 of Words of Jen.

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  1. Our workplace has flipped from a 90% work in office, to 90% work remotely. I’m hoping that after this all blows over I can work remotely permanently, with the rest of the family’s permission.

    Some people think the lockdown here in the UK is a joke, still taking holidays, taking their children to the beach. It’s people like that, that will keep this dragging on for longer than needed.

  2. Ro,

    There are people here in the US that are also not taking things seriously. It is my understanding that many went to Florida’s beaches as if the virus did not exist.

    Our President doesn’t seem to be taking things seriously either. He wanted the churches “packed” for Easter, despite several states following the good practice of “shelter at home”. He also promoted the use of a Rhumatoid arthritis medication as a “cure” for 2019-n-CoV- which is absolutely not a cure.

    I sincerely hope that you get your wish, and are able to continue working remotely after all this blows over. There will be flu seasons to avoid spreading, after all.

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