Recently, I was diagnosed with “probable Rheumatoid Arthritis” and given a prescription for medication that was supposed to help with inflammation.

After having some really nasty side effects, I started doing some investigation.  Sulfasalazine contains an ingredient called “pregelatinized starch”. The starch can come from corn, wheat, potato, or tapioca – and there is absolutely no way to check to see which one is is from.

Based on my symptoms, I am absolutely certain it came from wheat.  I’m highly allergic to wheat (and rye, and barley) and my body cannot process gluten.

So, my medication that was supposed to help me become healthier made me sick as hell – and I have stopped taking it.

And now, I’m wondering why my rheumatologist didn’t seem to want to know anything at all about my food allergies.  This could have been prevented!

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