Today’s pollen count is 8.4. I had to go outside today because my body decided now, after sixty-seven days of being overloaded with allergens, was the perfect time to start a hell-period. After several months of almost nothing at all – THIS is the moment my body decides to catch up (or whatever it is trying to do).

We don’t want to have children, and I’m on an extremely effective birth control. I’m in my 40s. I’d like an “off-button”, please. From this point forward, I’ll be fighting against anemia as well as allergy symptoms.

My husband and I had a bunch of things we wanted to get from CVS, and now I had more things to get. So, off we went. We played Pokémon GO for about 10 minutes or so. This was all the “exercise” I was going to be able to manage.

The Cubs lost their game today, so I didn’t even have that to keep my spirits up

Tomorrow will be better… right?

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