My Demon Hunter, ThirtySeven, and Shawn’s Barbarian, Smashez, left off somewhere in the series of quests that involve helping the creepy, bodiless, Zoltun Kulle find his missing body parts (as he shares “wisdom” and laughs maniacally). We are still in Normal mode. Thirty-Seven was at level 26, and I’m pretty sure that Smashez was at level 26 as well.

We found the Archives of Zoltun Kulle.

We headed into the Terminus.

Zoltun Kulle: Beyond these portals lie two relics that were once powered by my blood. Take the vials you recovered and use them to activate the relics.

Things started to get more interesting once we entered the Storm Halls.

Ran into Mage Lord Caustus

Skeletal Raider

Charged Construct

Wretch the Unforgiven

Charged Construct, again

We found the Shadow Lock in the Storm Halls and completed the quest.

Look, over there! It’s a chest full of loot! What the… oh crap! Surrounded!

Chilling Construct

Smoldering Construct

Hex Darkshade

Skeletal Bowmaster

Skeletal Raider, again

Unknown Depths Shadow Lock opened quest is complete. Checkpoint!

We decided to complete the entire dungeon. Ran into Deathrattle the Damned

Ready to enter the Realm of Shadow

Felyron the Empty

Charged Sentinel

Sand Behemoth

Checkpoint! This is where we decided to stop for the night.

At the end, ThirtySeven and Smashez are still each at level 26, and still somewhere in the series of quests that involve helping Zoltan Kulle (in Normal mode). That’s not a whole lot of progress, but, they did get a little bit farther!

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