The Darkening of Tristram is an event in Diablo III that takes place in January. There are several Achievements that a player can earn that are connected to the event.

The Achievement called I Sense A Soul In Search Of Answers involves collecting Cultist Pages. Players need to kill off a specific type of Cultist NPCs (Non-Player Characters) until they obtain all the pages.

I Sense A Soul In Search Of Answers: Collect all the Cultist Pages from the precursor event.

Before The Darkening of Tristram event begins, Cultists start appearing in the game. They are slightly different looking than the rest of the Cultists that are in Diablo III.  Players must be in Adventure Mode in order to encounter these Cultists. The “regular” Cultists do not drop the Cultist’s Pages.

The name of this Achievement, “I sense a soul in search of answers,” is a reference to Adria. In Diablo I, players would find Adria standing outside a small hut. She sold potions and scrolls of town portal to players.  When you got close, you could hear Adria say that phrase.

In The Darkening of Tristram, you can find what is left of Adria’s hut from the past. In Diablo III, players take Leah to Adria’s Hut as part of the quest line in Act I.

In the screenshot above, you can see some of the special Cultists lying on the ground. One of them dropped an item called Cultist’s Page 3. Not every group of special Cultists will drop pages. Keep killing them off when you find them, and you will eventually be able to collect all of the Cultist’s Pages you need for the Achievement.

The Cultist’s Pages were written by one of the cultist’s that were led by Adria and Maghda. The two of them took over an existing coven and ruled it together, for a while. One day, Adria left the cult without a word.

Her abrupt departure caused problems that tore the cult apart. Maghda was especially upset because she and Adria were close. Maghda put more effort into trying to contact the Burning Hells. Her efforts resulted in the coven’s contact with Belial, whom Magdha and the remaining cultists pledged themselves to.

Cultist’s Page 1: Word has come that Adria has fallen, slain by the nephalem. Perhaps she has reunited with Maghda now, somewhere…There are few of us left who remember the power they once wielded — and the promises they made.

Cultist’s Page 2: One thing is still clear to me — whatever is left of Adria belongs to us. It is vital that we recover her possessions before anyone else can reach them. As soon as the nephalem is gone, we shall make our move.

Cultist’s Page 3: It took time, but we have scoured every part of the Blood Marsh. We found most of what we expected, aside from Adria’s journals. Perhaps it is fitting that her innermost thoughts will remain a mystery to us.

Cultist’s Page 4: There is much that I do not understand with Adria’s runes and spellbooks, though I have pored over their every page. I never realized how far her knowledge of magic extended beyond my own. This will be a trying task.

Cultist’s Page 5: After hours of study, I grew weary of the pointless frustration and tossed Adria’s books aside. As I cursed to myself, I became aware of a faint whispering in the shadows… Something had heard my anguish, and it responded.

Cultist’s Page 6: I begged the voices in the shadows for a window into Adria’s memories. If I learn more from her example, I may find a way forward for those of us who remain loyal. The nephalem destroyed our plans, but there could still be a chance…

Cultist’s Page 7: The shadows have answered me. Old Tristram will return to what it once was — but only for a short time. I have until then to uncover the rest of the witch’s secrets.

Players who complete I Sense A Soul In Search Of Answers Achievement receive a special portrait. It is possible to complete this Achievement the first time you go through The Darkening of Tristram event. If you fail to do that, don’t worry! You can pick up where you left off when the event returns next January.

Classic Angel: A timeless guardian of order gazes upon you.

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