Protector of Tristram is the third in a series of Achievements that players can earn during The Darkening of Tristram event. To earn it, you must kill all of the unique monsters from the Labyrinth. (In other words, kill every monster on the list).

I was unable to complete this series of Achievements the first time The Darkening of Tristram was added to the game. Fortunately, these Achievements “stick” and I was able to finish the series the next year. I simply picked up where I left off.

The three Achievements in this series are: Adventuring Hero, Champion of the Townsfolk, and Protector of Tristram.

Adventuring Hero: Kill one unique monster from the Labyrinth.

I killed Rotfeast the Hungry.  Any monster on the list will do.

Champion of the Townsfolk: Kill 20 unique monsters from the Labyrinth.

It doesn’t matter which 20 monsters you kill.  Any combination will do.

Protector of Tristram: Kill all unique monsters from the Labyrinth.

You must kill all of the monsters on the list in order to earn the Protector of Tristram Achievement.

Here is what the unique monsters look like (in the order they are listed for this series of Achievements:

Nightwing the Cold

Goldblight of the Flame


Bilefroth the Pitmaster

Baron Sludge





Gharbad the Weak

Deathshade Fleshmaul


Blighthorn Steelmace

Bloodskin Darkbow


Zhar the Mad

The Vizier




Firewound the Grim

Brokenhead Bangshield


Graywar the Slayer


Steelskull the Hunter

Warlord of Blood

Sir Gorash

Madeye the Dead

Blacklash the Burning





Red Vex

Stareye the Witch


The Flayer


Rotfeast the Hungry

Players who complete the Protector of Tristram Achievement earn a special Portrait Frame.

Classic Demon: You are watched by a malevolent force from years past.

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    1. Hi, Amanda! Sorry to hear that. I’m not sure why that’s happening.
      What listed elite was it? Perhaps there is a “glitch” with that one.

      Currently, there is a problem in Diablo III that causes the game to freeze or crash.
      If the game crashed or froze while you were killing that elite (or shortly after you killed it) there is a chance that the game “forgot” you killed it.

      If you play through The Darkening of Tristram again, you might run into that same elite and have another chance to kill it (and have it count for the achievement).

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