In between this video and the previous one, I made a video that didn’t work out because I screwed up the sound. It was entirely unusable, so I deleted it.

In this video, I went through the beginning of The Darkening of Tristram content. It is only available in January.

Ares, my Hardcore Barbarian started this video at Level 49. I was playing on Master difficulty. I explain where players need to go in order to get to The Darkening of Tristram content.

At the start of this video, I said it was Season 17, but that was incorrect. It was Season 19. I think I must have recorded this one while I was tired.

I mentioned the cow pet that is available during The Darkening of Tristram. My intent was to do a video that shows you how to obtain it. Instead, I made a blog post about the Royal Calf that tells you what you need to do to collect this pet.

My Barbarian hit Level 53 somewhere on Level 3 of the Labyrinth. The next video will pick up where this one left off

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