In episode ten of Skolnick’s Warcraft Less Traveled, he talked in great detail about The Dragons of Nightmare. To get the full story, I highly recommend you listen to that episode.

I did manage to travel to some of the locations mentioned in this episode before Cataclysm. Unfortunately, I was never lucky enough to see a dragon spawn from any of the portals, no matter how often I visited. My best guess is that my timing was never quite right.  The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on January 15, 2012.

Hansbrix and I decided to find out if any of the portals still existed after Cataclysm. Would we be fortunate enough to see a dragon this time?  There are a total of four Dragons of Nightmare, each one in a different location.  We started our exploration by visiting Bough Shadow.

An Emerald Bough Guard was standing near the entrance of the Bough Shadow area.  The guard “mobs” are still here.  We hoped that this was a sign that we would encounter one of the Dragons of Nightmare.

Phantim appeared!  This is not the dragon we were looking for, but we were excited to see any dragon at all.

One of the Emerald Bough Guards decided to attack us before we got the change to fight Phantim.

Before we could start fighting Phantim, a second dragon came out of the portal.  The second was named Dreamstalker.  We got two dragons!  Neither one were the dragons we were seeking, but that’s ok.

We slayed Phantim!  This dragon put up a decent fight, but wasn’t too difficult.

Riglee and Hanxbrix (and Fridge) were prepared to fight Dreamstalker.

We slayed Dreamstalker!  This dragon also put up a good fight, but wasn’t too difficult.  Would more dragons appear?  We waited at this portal for a little while, but no more dragons came out.

The second destination on our trip to find The Dragons of Nightmare was Dream Bough.

Lethias was the only dragon that came out of this portal.

Before we could fight Lethias, a Jademir Echospawn got in the way.  There was no choice but to fight him.

Jademir Echospawn: Master Taerar will show you such wonder!

Jademir Echospawn: The nightmare reigns!

We slayed Lethias!

After leaving Dream Bough, Hansbrix and I decided to try our luck at Seradane. Would we encounter one of the Dragons of Nightmare over there? We hoped so.

We flew over to the bridge that leads into Seradane.

There were plenty of ruins to explore.

This little structure is nearly intact.

It has a bunch of flowers and plants growing on the inside walls.

Here is the portal that is supposed to spawn a Dragon of Nightmare.

Unfortunately, there were no dragons here.

Well, except for the Skull of the Unknown Dragon, that is.

Our last stop was Twilight Grove. The archway at the start of the path was still here, which meant that at least some of the things in this area were still there after Cataclysm.

Once inside, we could see the portal that the dragon was supposed to spawn from.

Unfortunately, there were no dragons here.

The lack of dragons made it easy for us to explore the area. There was a brightly lit “shrine”.

We also found a moonwell.

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