This blog is part of the series about The Dwarves – two low level Dwarf characters that my husband Shawn and I are playing in World of Warcraft. He has a Hunter named Hansbrix (with a bear named Fridge) and I have a Priest named Bradanna.  Together, these two Dwarves are adventuring through Azeroth and completing zones one at a time.

The screenshots you see in this blog are the highlights from The Wetlands.  They were taken on March 12, March 16, March 22, March 24, March 26, April 3, April 4, and April 8, 2015.

Anyone who plays World of Warcraft quickly discovers that, no matter where the quest chains lead you, there will be times when you need to go back to main cities. It could be to visit a profession trainer, to do some daily quests, to put stuff into your bank, or to participate in holiday quests. Bradanna visited Ironforge to “run errands”, and ended up with a Priest Quest.

High Priest Rohan: I have an urgent message for you from Stormwind, Bradanna.  It seems that High Priestess Laurena has asked to speak with you at the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind’s Cathedral Square.  The messenger did not say what the matter concerned but that you should travel to Stormwind with all haste.

High Priest Rohan sent Bradanna on a quest that would require her to go to Stormwind (to speak with High Priestess Laurena). It’s really easy to get from Ironforge to Stormwind (and vice versa).  This is a quest that a low level Priest could easily accomplish.

The thing was, Bradanna and Hansbrix weren’t planning on heading to Stormwind right then.  Also, it was a quest that Hansbrix couldn’t take, because he is a Hunter.  Eventually, they would wind up in Stormwind again, so Bradanna took this Priest quest and… let it sit there.  The Dwarves were about to leave Loch Modan and start working on The Wetlands (and that was the priority).

The Dwarves ended their trip through Loch Modan at Algaz Station.  Mountaineer Stormpike sent them to “check on the boys”.

Mountaineer Stormpike: I’m sure you’ve seen just how bad the damage to the Loch is by now.  The damage spreads further than that, I’m afraid: all that water had to go somewhere and it went down into the Wetlands.

There’s a lot of fine dwarves down there trying to help out, and they need supplies.  That’s why I sent two of my mountaineers ahead with a cask of ale along the path into the Wetlands.

I haven’t heard back from them since they set off down the road to Dun Algaz.  Would you mind checking up on them?

Mountaineer Stormpike sends the Dwarves to The Wetlands.   The water from the Loch flowed into The Wetlands and caused devastation for the Dwarves who were living there.  He sent some Dwarves to help out, but they haven’t sent word back.  Hansbrix and Bradanna are to go check on them.

Time to break out the Mechanostriders!

Why Mechanostriders?  The decision was made in part because both Bradanna and Hansbrix happened to have one.  The other reason, of course, is because they bounce along and Dwarves look really silly on them!

This is the point when it became clear that there was a problem.  The most direct way to get from Algaz Station to Dun Algaz was to go across the Stonewrought Dam.  However, the dam is now so damaged that players cannot easily cross it.  The Dwarves will have to find another path (and take the scenic route).

The Modan Monster is still in (what’s left of) Loch Modan!

One can only get so far across the dam.  The Dwarves stopped to view the destruction and figure out what to do next.

They needed to get off the remnants of the Stonewrought Dam and cross the field.

The Dwarves ended up falling off a “dead end” and into the water.  So, they swam across.

The first place they found was Slabchisel’s Survey.  It is not where The Dwarves were supposed to be!

After randomly exploring around the area, they found a tunnel which led them to where they were supposed to be.

The tunnel leads to “the boys” that The Dwarves were sent to check on.  Personally, I wish that there was an easier, more direct, way for low level players to get here.  It’s quite possible that there is a better way, but we didn’t notice it because we aren’t actually new to World of Warcraft. We assumed the only path was across the Stonewrought Dam, because that’s how we would have gotten there before Cataclysm.  That being said, I have no idea how a new player would find his or her way to this place.

So, what’s going on with “the boys”?  The short answer is – they lost the cask of ale that Mountaineer Stormpike sent with them.  Exactly how that happened is up for debate. Mountaineer Rharen and Mountaineer Gruglem blame each other.

Mountaineer Rharen: You’ve got to help us, lass.  We were tasked with escorting a precious cargo to our fellow dwarves… a keg full of the finest ale you can get out here!

Unfortunately, bird-brain over here fell asleep on the job!  Those blasted orcs took our keg, and hauled it up into Dun Algaz where they’re hiding.

This can’t stand!  Now, while I stay here and try to convince this idiot that it was his fault, I’d like you to go in there and get our keg back.  For Khaz Modan!

Mountaineer Grugelm: Don’t listen to Rharen.  He’s as addled as they come.  It’s his fault that the ale got captured!

And what’s more, I figure there’s a bigger issue here than the ale being stolen.  The fact that there’s a bunch of orcs runnin’ about Dun Algaz after all these years is ridiculous!

Tell you what, priest.  You head in there and be sure to drive as many orcs out of those ruins as you can.  Dun Algaz isn’t good for much anymore, but I’ll be damned if we let them just sit in there.

How did the keg get lost?  Mountaineer Rharen says: Unfortunately, bird-brain over here fell asleep on the job!  Those blasted orcs took our keg, and hauled it up into Dun Algaz where they’re hiding.

Mountaineer Grugelm, on the other hand says: Don’t listen to Rharen.  He’s as addled as they come. It’s his fault that the ale got captured!  The only thing that matches between their two stories is that they both want The Dwarves to kill off the orcs that are nearby and rescue the keg.

The Dragonmaw Orcs were conveniently located very nearby.  The first one was just a few steps behind the arguing Mountaineers.

The keg was located inside a building and up the stairs.  Hansbrix and Bradanna were in a group, but for some reason, only one of us could collect the keg.  It didn’t count for the other person.  This left us waiting around for the keg to “respawn” so it could be clicked on a second time.  To me, this feels broken.  It seems to me that the keg should have counted for both of the players in the group.

The arguing Mountaineers are overjoyed to learn that the keg has been returned, and that it is in pristine condition. The happiness didn’t last long, though.  They immediately get into another fight.

Mountaineer Rharen:  What are we going to tell Forba?

Mountaineer Grugelm: We? More like what are YOU going to tell Forba?

Mountaineer Rharen: Ha!  You’re the one who was supposed to be watchin’ the keg!

Mountaineer Grugelm: You’re the one who was supposed to be watching for orcs!

Mountaineer Rharen: You were drunk on the job!

Mountaineer Grugelm: So were you!

It seems that the arguing Mountaineers came to the conclusion that neither one of them is going to tell Forba, whoever she is, anything at all.  They give Hansbrix and Bradanna a quest to take the keg to Forba Slabchisel, who has been leading an expedition of surveyors that are checking on the damage that happened to the Wetlands after the dam broke.

They also give a warning: “…and believe me, you don’t want to get on her bad side!”

Where’s the expedition at?  It’s at Slabchisel’s Survey – which The Dwarves passed right by in order to do the quest that involved the Mountaineers.  /facepalm.  Oh, well.  At least we know how to get there.

Forba Slabchisel doesn’t think very much of the Mountaineers who sent Bradanna and Hansbrix to her (with the keg).  Some quests alter in order to include the player’s character’s race, or class. This one alters in order to match the gender of the character a player is using.

Forba Slabchisel: Hah!  Nice to see those addlebrained mountaineers knew to hand the ale off to a real woman to get the job done.  

Welcome to my survey.  If you’re of the mind to help Ironforge by takin’ over the intended jobs of some useless, lazy sods that call themselves dwarves, you’re in the right place!

I like her!  She gives The Dwarves a quest called “Fight the Flood”.  In short, she wants Hansbrix and Bradanna to kill some flood elementals.  The quest text, however, reveals something interesting.

Forba Slabchisel: I’m here because Muradin himself knew that this survey needed someone to keep these buffoons on their toes.  They’re all too scared of the wildlife to do a thing!  If I’m to get them off their duffs, I’m going to need some cleanup done.

We’ve got an elemental problem, first off.  The flood did such a number here that the water itself’s gone hysterical.

I bet you’ve never slapped the sense into an entire lake before, but I’m askin’ it of you now.  Whallop those elementals but good for me.

It seems that Forba has connections with The Council of Three Hammers back in Ironforge. Muradin Bronzebeard is the younger brother of King Magni Bronzebeard and the current representative of the Bronzebeard clan.  Forba must have some “clout”.  Either she has a reputation for getting the job done, and that’s why Muradin choose her to lead the survey, or she took the initiative to get Muradin to assign her there.

Forba’s got a quirky sense of humor!  She’s not the only non-player character (NPC) in this area who has quests.

Surveyor Thurdan wants The Dwarves to collect flood sediment samples.  He needs these soil samples in order to find out how bad the damage is due to the flood.

Dunlor Marblebeard says: It may not be quite comfy out here, but it’s still Khaz Modan, so it’s still our home.

According to WoWWiki, Khaz Modan was the home of the Ironforge Clan (which is ruled by the Bronzebeard Clan).  It is Muradin Bronzebeard’s homeland.  When the Cataclysm hit, he not only lost his brother Magni, but also had his homeland devastated by a flood.  It now makes sense why Muradin would enable a surveying team to find out how bad the damage was in Khaz Modan.

Dunlor Marblebeard also has a quest for The Dwarves.

Dunlor Marblebeard: The local wildlife’s all messed up from the flood, it seems.  This fen used to be full of crocolisks, but I haven’t spotted a single one.  

What I have spotted are threshadons.  Never used to be any here, so the flood must’ve swept them all right out of Loch Modan.  

Lucky for us, because they’re tastier than crocolisks, and I’m running low on provisions.  Bring me back some threshadon meat for the camp, and I’ll gladly pay you for it.

Ok, so this is another “go out there and collect stuff for me” quest.  He wants 8 Threshadon Chunks from displaced Threshadons.  No big deal, right?  The interesting thing about this quest is that it fits in context with what the other NPC’s had been saying.

The only way to obtain the threshadon chunks, and the flood sediment samples, is to go underwater.  Fortunately, the water isn’t terribly deep, so it was easy to return to the surface for air as needed.

It was also possible to “wallop” some flood elementals while underwater.  Hansbrix and Bradanna were in a group, and this time, it worked! Everything that either one of them collected counted for both of them.

Turn in the threshadon chunks quest to Dunlor Marblebeard, and he asks: “Are they the meaty ones?”  He then gives you a quest to collect berries.

Dunlor Marblebeard: We’re good on provisions, but we’re in need of some medicine.  Half the camp’s fiercely hung over, and a remedy’s in order.  

Luckily, I know a good folk remedy taught to me by my dear old mum.  We just need some local ingredients.

Gather me some fenbush berries, if you would.  They keep to where there’s water and shade, so look along the shore and near other plants.

Turn in the sediment samples to Surveyor Thurdan.

Surveyor Thurdan: Ah well.  The good news is these will do perfectly.  The bad news is I can tell they’re the wrong color for topsoil here, even drunk as I am.

That means things aren’t looking good for the area, Bradanna.  But we’ve got more tests to run before we hang up the towel.

Surveyor Thurdan has another quest, and it’s amusingly worded.  It might be the funniest sounding quest of all the ones that The Dwarves have encountered.  It’s called “A Dumpy Job”.

Surveyor Thurdan: Alright, I need you to help me find my dumpy level.

What’s that look for?  That’s right!  I said my dumpy level!  It’s a piece of significant surveying equipment!

I didn’t name the bloody thing, alright?  Go look it up!  All I did was leave it on a rock long enough for one of those horrible oozes to swallow it up.  The place is crawling with ’em, but one of them should still have it inside.

Forba Slabchisel gives The Dwarves a quest to kill Drungeld Glowerglare.  He’s the “big bad” for the Slabchisel Survey quest hub.  The concept is not new.  However, some of what Forba says is especially significant.

Forba Slabchisel: The Dark Iron clan is up to no good out here.  And if that surprises you, you’re thicker than the addled blotters over in that tent.  Muradin may pay lip service to those sooty cretins back in Ironforge, but out here all bets are off.

We had a raid against the camp last night, and one raid is too many.  Their leader’s a stout fellow by the name of Glowerglare, and he’s hiding in the cave on the south bank of the river.

Bring me Glowerglare’s beard as proof he’s no longer a threat to us and Ironforge.

Finally, an NPC that sees that there is something wrong with having the Dark Iron Dwarves represented on the Council of Three Hammers.  Forba clearly disapproves of the Dark Iron clan – and is going to do something about them.  Or, rather, is sending The Dwarves to do something about them.

The Fenberries are easier to locate now than they were the first time I ran a character through The Wetlands.  The Warlords of Draenor expansion changed things.  Everything that a player has to collect in order to complete a quest glows!

As always, Hansbrix and Bradanna were in a group.  However, the Fenberries didn’t count for both of them.  They each had to individually collect up the correct amount for the quest.

Kill enough of Silty Oozes, and eventually, one of them will drop the Dumpy Level.

Time for a fishing break!  Both Hansbrix and Bradanna have earned the 50 Fish Achievement.

The remaining quests from this hub send The Dwarves to Thelgen Rock.  Surveyor Thurdan wants The Dwarves to go inside Thelgen Rock for the purpose of finding a seismograph.  He wants the record the seismograph created.  Dunlop Marblebeard gives The Dwarves a spark-proof pick so they can collect some incendicite ore for him.  It’s nice when quests connect up like this so players don’t have to go back to the same location over and over.

And, let’s not forget that Forba Slabchisel wants The Dwarves to kill Drungeld Glowerglare.   He’s in a nearby cave.

Drungeld Glowerglare: You cannot stop…the end…

Bring Drungeld Glowerglare’s beard back to Forba Slabchisel as proof that he is dead.  She has another quest for The Dwarves that just so happens to require them to go to Thelgen Rock.  That worked out well!

The quest is called “Get Out of Here, Stalkers”.  In this case, the stalkers are the giant spiders who are in, and around, Thelgen Rock.  Seems the drunken/hungover Dwarves in the surveying expedition are afraid of the stalkers, and Forba can’t get them to go to Thelgen Rock to get work done.

Forba Slabchisel: Thelgen Rock’s an important site here.  We need to use it to study the bedrock formations an’ such.

Of course, it can’t be that easy, so Thelgen Rock’s also full of giant cave stalkers.  Big as a dwarf and twice as hungry.  Like I said, these fancy-lads are researchers, not warriors, so if I want them to get anything done you’re gonna have help me clear the filthy bugs out.

Kill as many of the blighters as you can and I’ll make it worth your while, Bradanna.

Fridge didn’t seem to mind the taste of the giant spiders, and turned out the be hungrier than the spiders were.

The incendicite ore was very easy to spot.

The seismograph was located all the way in the back of the cave inside a pool of water.

Clicking on the seismograph causes Torrention to appear.  He didn’t make a sound – he was just standing there.  Oddly enough, he didn’t attack The Dwarves (even though his red name indicates that he was an enemy).  Torrention was Level 21, Bradanna was Level 25, and Hansbrix was at least a few Levels higher than that.  My best guess is that Torrention only attacks players who are a lower level than he is.

We decided not to engage this “boss” and were easily able to walk right past him (giving him a wide berth, of course).  At the time, we figured that turning in the seismograph quest would cause an additional quest to appear that specifically asks The Dwarves to kill Torrention.  It made sense to wait until we were assigned that quest.  However… no such quest was offered.

All that was left to do was turn in the completed quests.  Forba Slabchisel gave The Dwarves a quest that sends them to Menethil.  She wanted them to get there as fast as possible, and Menethil is located far across the map from Slabchisel’s Survey.  So, she gives the player the use of her fastest ram.  The ram is named “Brisket”.

Off to Menethil!

A funny thing happens if you do this quest while in a group.  Only one player can ride Brisket.  So, we ended up with two Briskets, one for each of The Dwarves.  If you look closely, you can see Fridge way in the back running to keep up with these fast rams.

Brisket takes players all the way across the map to Menethil.  As a result, a player that hasn’t ever been in The Wetlands ends up earning credit for “exploring” the portions that Brisket takes them through.  Eventually, a player has to backtrack through part of the area that Brisket took them through in order to reach some of the quest hubs.  The set up is a little wonky.

Brisket automatically drops off the player at Menethil, turns around, and goes back to Slabchisel Survey.  Or, in our case, both of them do. “Bye, Briskets!”

It doesn’t take long to notice that Menethil Harbor is flooded.  It’s become a dreary, depressing, sad place to be. Even the NPC’s are exhausted by what has happened!  The first NPC players run into is Captain Stoutfist.  He reads the report from Slabchisel Survey.

Captain Stoutfist: Let’s take a look here.  Oh, this is just lovely.  “Significant geological instabilities”?  “Threat of sudden, massive topological destabilization”?

Nice to hear that somethin’ bad might happen around here.  I guess we’ll just pick up our flooded town and fly it off somewhere safe!  Bah!

Not long after Menethil Harbor got flooded, the Dark Iron Dwarves arrived to cause trouble. There hasn’t been a single mention of the Dark Iron Dwarves doing anything good, ever.  It feels like players are being led up to a huge battle between the Dark Iron Dwarves and… I don’t know, the Alliance, maybe?

Captain Stoutfist: We’d barely pulled ourselves together after the flood when the Dark Iron hit the town.  My men and I all rushed to defend the townsfolk, but the crazed fools retreated right into the keep itself.  They’re holed up good, and we can’t destroy the keep.  Not with half the town in ruins already.  

He asks The Dwarves to take his place (because he got injured while fighting the Dark Iron Dwarves).  The quest is to kill Horghast Flamecrazed.


The dying words of Horgast Flamecrazed are: “Glory…to Ragnaros…”  This is a bit confusing.  So far, it has been established that the Dark Iron Dwarves are involved with the Twilight Cult.  If I truly was a brand new WoW player, I’d have no idea who Ragnaros is.  I’d also have no idea how Ragnaros connects to the Twilight Cult or to the Dark Iron Dwarves.  There’s nothing in-game that explains that connection (at least, not at this point in the game).

To be honest, as someone who has played WoW (very casually) since “Vanilla”, I wasn’t understanding the connection between Ragnaros and the Twilight Cult at all. WoWWiki provides some good background on Ragnaros himself and notes that a Dark Iron Dwarf named Thaurissan summoned Ragnaros (somewhat unintentionally – he wanted to summon a supernatural minion but wasn’t specifically aiming for Ragnaros). This took place during the War of the Three Hammers (which seems to have happened long before the events in WoW that players can access).

So, that connects the Dark Iron Dwarves to Ragnaros, but I’m still not clear on what the Twilight Cult has to do with all of this.  It kind of bothers me that I had to get out of game and do some digging in order to “fill in the blanks”.  It’s rather annoying to go through the trouble of doing that – and still feel like I’m missing some key information.

Anyway… The Dwarves killed Horgast Flamecrazed and turned the quest in to Captain Stoutfist. Part of what he says is: “I don’t like the looks of them, lad.  The Dark Iron I’ve tussled with were never this crazy. Something’s getting to these sods…”  In other words, the quest giver doesn’t have any further information about Ragnaros.

Captain Stoutfist: He’s dead!  Thank the Makers…

I don’t like the looks of them, lad.  The Dark Iron I’ve tussled with were never this crazy.  Something’s getting to these sods…

Also, he referred to Bradanna as “lad” in the quest text even though she is female.  Perhaps the custom in Menethil Harbor is to use “lad” as a genderless descriptor,  sort of like how many people near Chicago use “guys”?  Somehow, I doubt that.  This quest text presumes that the character who picked up the quest is male.

There stands a row of forlorn sailors, and their captain, staring sadly at their sunken ship.  Players who hang around this area for a little while will catch some conversation among them that gives just enough information to clarify that yes, that is, in fact, their ship.  How sad!  It feels like there should be a quest that comes from this group, but no quest ever appears.  Can no one help them? This group is yet another example of how depressed the people who live in Menethil Harbor have become.

Derina Rumdnul has a quest for The Dwarves that is focused on concerns about her son’s safety now that Menethil Harbor has become flooded.

Derina Rumdnul:  My son Gimlok’s the light of my life.  It warms my heart to see him playin’ with the other children.  

I can’t help but worry, though.  There’s sharks not but a few feet away in the bay.  If it’s deep enough for one to swim its way here…  

I can’t bear it!  Please, you’re clearly one dwarf that’s seen tougher situations than us townsfolk.  Would you get rid of those nasty sharks for me?  At least a few?

I wanted to include this quest for a number of reasons.  First, it’s a “go kill x number of things” quest – but it has a meaningful story behind it.  Derina Rumdnul is standing on her front stoop watching her child play in a nearby boat with two other kids. She’s definitely worried about the sharks that could be swimming through town and clearly is not prepared to kill off the sharks herself.

Another Dwarf is in the home, behind her, walking around.  I assume this is her husband. (When you turn in her quest, she mentions that she is married.)  The male Dwarf in the house must not be capable of killing sharks either, or else Derina wouldn’t have to ask the players to take care of that for her.

There’s Gimlok Rumdnul, playing in a boat with two human kids.  As far as I can tell, Gimlok is the only Dwarven child in the game.  Players can find plenty of Human kids in Stormwind, but there aren’t any little Dwarven kids in Ironforge.  Why is this so?

This situation helps explain why Derina Rumdnul says it “warms her heart” to see that her son has made friends. There aren’t any other Dwarven kids for him to play with here.  That could have resulted in the Human kids seeing Gimlok as “different” and rejecting him.  Instead, he’s happily playing a game that only children can understand – that seems to involve walking around in circles inside a boat.

The two human children are siblings – Jesse Halloran and Regina Halloran.  I’ve absolutely no idea where their parents are.  It seems to me that Derina Rumdnul is babysitting them.

There’s another NPC that sends you to kill crabs.  Take that quest, and kill both the crabs and the sharks in one trip.

While The Dwarves were fighting sharks and crabs, they came across another sad scene.  Some of the houses that used to be part of Menethil Harbor are now completely underwater.  Families lost their homes when the flood hit.

My favorite quest in Menethil Harbor is the one given by an NPC called First Mate Fitzsimmons.  I like this quest because it is creepy.

First Mate Fitzsimmons: I was once First Mate on the Wave Mistress, ship-of-the-line in the Kul Tiras Third Fleet.  The Doomed Fleet.  Doomed, for on it’s last voyage the fleet was attacked by red dragons. Dragons controlled by orcs!  

We didn’t stand a chance against that dragon fire…and our fleet was burned and sunk off this here coast.  I’m the sole survivor of those poor vessels…

…Bring me my mead, priest.  It’s down in the cellar of the inn.  As far away as I put it from me, I can’t go without it in the end.

His mead is located in a keg in the basement of the Inn.  Bring it back to First Mate Fitzsimmons, and he has more to say.

First Mate Fitzsimmons: Oh, I’m so very thirsty!  Won’t you buy a drink for this poor, pathetic fool?

First Mate Fitzsimmons: Ah!  That hits the spot, and loosens the tongue.  Thanks, mate!

First Mate Fitzsimmons: I am the sole survivor of the ill-fated Third Fleet of Kul Tiras, wrecked off the coast to the north.  On one of our ships was hidden a great, and terrible treasure, and the eerie power of it keeps the souls of my brothers trapped within the ships’ rotting hulls.

I’m haunted by them day and night.  First Mate Snelling calls for me!  He’s supposed to be dead!  Please, Bradanna, look for him near the shipwrecks and just… tell him to leave me alone!

So, the Dwarves traveled far down the coast in an effort to find the ghost of First Mate Snelling.

First Mate Snelling: Fitzsimmons sent you, didn’t he?  It’s been so long…

First Mate Snelling: The sailors of the Third Fleet are damned, forever cursed to wander these shores in agony.  Fitzsimmons’ anguish is tied to us; so long as we suffer, there can be no rest for him, either.  

You must end the suffering of my crewmates’ spirits.  Purge their ghosts from this plane, and return to me.

After The Dwarves “purged” the required amount of dead sailors, they returned to First Mate Snelling.

First Mate Snelling: The cries of anguish have been stifled… but the source of the curse still lurks.

First Mate Snelling: To break the curse, there must be a reckoning.  Captain Halyndor damned us all to covet a forbidden artifact: The Eye of Paleth.  His spirit still covets it, standing guard over the strongbox of his old ship, the Intrepid.

Vanquish the soul of the one who cursed us so, priest.  Defeat the Captain, claim his key, and spirit the Eye of Paleth far from this place.

Something amusing happened while The Dwarves were fighting Captain Halyndor.  As usual, they are using Hansbrix’s pet, Fridge, to tank for the group.  Fridge attacked Captain Halyndor who didn’t seem to be able to understand that Fridge was a bear.

Captain Halyndor: A living dwarf…soon to be a dead like me.

Fridge got turned into an Undead.  It’s a temporary situation.  You can see the…. body?… of Captain Halyndor lying on the deck behind Fridge.  I had no idea that Hunter Pets could get turned into a humanoid looking undead, but there you have it.

The Cursed Marines were better able to identify what Fridge was.  Or, at least, they didn’t think Fridge was a Dwarf.

Cursed Marine: A living Fridge…soon to be a dead like me.

In the background, you can see the chest that The Dwarves had been sent to open.   It contains the Eye of Paleth.

Opening the chest reveals a blackened orb, pulsing with an eerie light.  This must be the foul Eye of Paleth that damned these sailors’ souls.  Such corruption should be purged.  Perhaps a priest in Menethil Harbor could help you.

Before returning to Menethil Harbor, The Dwarves spoke with First Mate Snelling for the last time.

First Mate Snelling: The souls of the Third Fleet are cursed to roam this shore, for eternity, dwarf. The Eye of Paleth lay claim to our lives, and trapped us in the mire forevermore.

The Dwarves returned to Menethil Harbor and found that First Mate Fitzsimmons was no longer sitting on the sandbags outside the Inn.

There is a Priest named Glorin Steelbrow inside the Inn.  Give him the Cursed Eye of Paleth (and complete the quest).

Glorin Steelbrow: The Eye of Paleth?  You say Fitzsimmons sent you out?  By the light… not again.  Fitzsimmons is dead, lass.  You’ve not the first to come to me like this, either.

It seems that this is where the quest ends for most players.  However, if you are playing a Priest, Glorin Steelbrow has more to say.

Glorin Steelbrow: The Eye of Paleth was retrieved and cleansed a long time ago, priest.  We thought the curse lifted.

Glorin Steelbrow: Not a year ago, poor old Fitzsimmons passed on, his body ruined by drink.

Glorin Steelbrow: Ever since, now and then, people claim he’s spoken to them and told them to get the eye…

Glorin Steelbrow: Cursed to roam the earth forever…not even poor Fitzsimmons could escape.

Glorin Steelbrow: Don’t ask me what you actually brought me, priest.  You’re better off forgetting this ever happened.

I put this screenshot in here because I really like Bradanna’s green outfit.  It goes nicely with the orange Ironforge tabard.  Fashion appreciation screenshot!

Baby Murlocs!  So cute!

The Dwarves get some quests that involve killing Murlocs, finding a statue, and killing off a “boss” Murloc.  To me, the best part was the baby ones.  Click on them, and they will make adorable baby Murloc noises!

Captain Stoutfist gave The Dwarves a quest that sends them to the next quest hub.

Captain Stoutfist: You’ve done good work here, Bradanna. Askin’ you to haul sandbags would be a waste, to be honest; I’d rather send you along where your skills are needed.  

We’ve got a small outpost up north in the marsh.  Swiftgear’s the gnome that built it, but you’ll want to talk to Shilah Slabchisel and help her with Ironforge matters.

I’ll admit, she’s a looker…but I wouldn’t make the mistake of getting fresh with her!  They don’t call their family Slabchisel for nothing.

There’s a couple of things about this quest text that I feel like pointing out.  It certainly sounds like Captain Stoutfist hit on Shilah Slabchisel (who he describes as “a looker”).  She wasn’t interested in him.  His words imply that perhaps Shilah Slabchisel had to use strong language, or violence, in order to get Captain Stoutfist to understand that she wasn’t interested (and to get him to leave her alone).

Oh.  So, turns out Captain Stoutfist is one of those guys who think that all women should immediately be overjoyed that a guy is showing interest in them.  He’s one of those guys who will tell people who are nearly strangers to him this story, and frame it so that he looks completely innocent, while making Shilah look like a horrible person.  Zero respect for Captain Stoutfist.  He’s intentionally trying to destroy Shilah Slabchisel’s reputation to everyone he sends out to Swiftgear’s Station.

The other interesting thing about this quest is that Captain Stoutfist is telling this story to Bradanna, who is obviously female.  That feels strange.  Is he expecting Bradanna to take his side in the matter?  Does he expect her sympathy?  Then again, he did call Bradanna “lad” when she and Hansbrix returned to him after killing Horgast Flamecrazed.  Maybe Captain Stoutfist thinks Bradanna is “one of the guys”?  It’s a bit confusing.

He also seems to be warning Bradanna not to hit on Shilah Slabchisel.  He tells Bradanna “not to make the mistake of getting fresh with” Shilah Slabchisel.  This is perplexing. Captain Stoutfist isn’t socially aware enough to understand that Shilah wasn’t interested in his attempts to “get fresh” with her.  He obviously kept bothering her until she told him off or hit him.  Yet, somehow, Captain Stoutfist is socially aware enough to realize that it’s possible that Bradanna might like women?

Captain Stoutfist has revealed that Shilah Slabchisel, and Forba Slabchisel, are related.  They might be sisters, or possibly cousins.  Shilah’s had to put up with the unwanted advances of Captain Stoutfist, a Dwarf that didn’t seem able to hear her say “no thanks” until she got loud (or violent).  Forba’s stuck on a survey with a bunch of drunken Dwarven sods who are so afraid of the big spiders that roam the area that they refuse to go into Thelgen Rock and do their jobs.

I think I understand now why  I’ve only seen one Dwarven child in Azeroth (so far).

The Dwarves (and Fridge) had to run to Swiftgear’s Station.  They aren’t big enough yet to have purchased the flying profession, and there isn’t a flight point in Swiftgear’s Station.  Even if there was one, it wouldn’t matter.  The Dwarves hadn’t been there yet, so they wouldn’t have had that flight point.  Good thing the Mechanostriders are fast!

Shilah Slabchisel: Stoutfist sent you, eh?  He’s a good captain, runs his men well.  Just wish he’s stop starin’ at my midriff.  Don’t let me catch you doin’ it either.  We’ve got work to take care of here!

It turns out that Shilah Slabchisel isn’t horrible after all.  She even gave Captain Stoutfist a compliment – she said he runs his men well.  She says that she doesn’t like it when he stares at her midriff, and wanted him to stop.  Amusingly, she warns Bradanna not to stare at her midriff, either.

I admit, as a player, I was staring at Shilah Slabchisel’s midriff.  My thoughts were: Why would a smart, strong Dwarf, who is stationed far from civilization in an area surrounded by enemies, choose armor that leaves both her stomach and her chest exposed?

Shilah Slabchisel: We’ve been getting more and more reports of raptor attacks in the area.  I’m seeing to it that this place is safe enough for more settlement to start occurring, so I’ve put a bounty on the buggers.

A lot have been cleared out already, but the Highland raptors to the north have been growing in number.  That won’t be true for long, now will it?

Clear out a good deal of Highland raptors and I’ll have a nice reward for you.

She gives The Dwarves a “go kill some raptors” quest.  At the time, I didn’t catch that the reason why she’s out here is to clear this area so it can become a new settlement.  Maybe the people who are stuck in flooded Menethil Harbor can move to this settlement when it is ready.  

Fradd Swiftgear is the Gnome who built Swiftgear’s Station.  He gives players the quest “I’ll Call Him Bitey”.

Fradd Swiftgear: Have you heard some raptors are intelligent enough to be domesticated?  It’s true!  I’ve seen hunters tame them.

It gets quite lonely out here, you know, even with Wenna to keep me company…a pet’s just what I need to brighten my spirits.  A little baby raptor would be the best!  If you’re out there slaughtering the adults, would you mind bringing me back some mature eggs?  You can tell if they’re ready to hatch by the wobbling.

Who is Wenna?  If you look around Swiftgear’s Station, you can find Wenna Silkbeard inside the only building at the Station.  She’s standing by a bed.  Wenna is a Special Goods Vendor.  Fradd is a vendor, too.

So far, we know that Fradd Swiftgear is the Gnome who made Swiftgear’s Station.  He said that Wenna keeps him company.  Wenna is a Dwarf and is located inside the only building that is at this Station (near what appears to be a bedroom area).  The two of them are different races, and have different surnames.

It seems to me that Fradd and Wenna are a couple (but probably aren’t married).  I suspect that when he came out here to build Swiftgear’s Station she went along with him.  I’d like to hear more about their backstory, but this is all we have.

James Halloran is at Swiftgear’s Station.  His name sounds familiar, and with good reason.  There are two Human children in Menethil Harbor who have his surname.  How did he end up way out here?  There’s a quest that provides an explanation.

James Halloran: I’ve skinned crocs in the wetlands for years, priest.  Things have changed though.

You see, not to bore you with a sob story, but when the cataclysm flooded Menethil Harbor, our house went with it.  My wife and kids don’t have a place to stay, and I need to make as much money as I can to get us under a roof again.

I’ve been skinning crocs ’til I was too tired to move, but I still need more skins to sell.  If you bring me some croc hides, I’ll pay you a bit for them.

At first glance, this is another “go kill x number of enemies” quest.  It also tells a story.  If you’ve been paying attention to the quest text, you can connect quite a few dots here.

Earlier, Bradanna and Hansbrix found that there were some homes in Menethil Harbor that had been completely submerged when the flood hit.  One of those houses belonged to James Halloran and his family.  Before the flood, he was self-employed as a skinner.  He killed crocs, skinned them, and sold the skin.

When The Dwarves were at Slabchisel’s Survey, Dunlor Marblebeard informed them that the flood displaced the local wildlife.  There used to be crocs there, but they were gone.  The Threshadons that has been living in Loch Modan got pushed to the area around Slabchisel’s Survey.  Menethil Harbor might have had crocs, too, but now they were gone as well.  The town now has sharks and crabs swimming through it.

As a result, James Halloran had to come all the way to Swiftgear’s Station to find work.  There are plenty of crocs out here.  The cataclysm caused James Halloran (and his family) to lose their home, and forced him to leave town in order to keep working and making money.  His family is currently homeless.

The two children that were playing with Derina Rumdnul’s son were named Jesse Halloran and Regina Halloran.  I don’t remember seeing any other NPC’s in Menethil Harbor who had the surname Halloran.  The children’s mother must be around there, somewhere, though.  Or, maybe I was right – Derina Rumdnul is babysitting the Halloran kids while their mother…runs some errands?

James Halloran mentions his “wife and kids” but doesn’t say their names.  At this point in the game, the player already knows the names of his kids.  His wife is the only member of the Halloran family who doesn’t have a name.  She exists only in relation to her husband and children (and, as far as I can tell, is never seen by the player).

The Dwarves went out and killed some crocs and raptors.

They also managed to collect up some “wobbly” eggs for Fradd Swiftgear.

Turn in the dinosaur quest to Shilah Slabchisel, and she says: A job well done.  Consider this reward not from me, but from Ironforge; the preservation of Khaz Modan is a matter that concerns every dwarf.  Looks like she and Forba are of the same mind in regards to saving Khaz Modan.  Shilah has another quest that also involves the interests of Ironforge.

Shilah Slabchisel: You seem trustworthy enough to help me out with my real problem, Bradanna.  I was sent here by Ironforge to recover a shipment of gold ingots.  

The ingots are part of the Ironforge Royal Treasury, stamped with the royal seal… only an idiot would steal them for profit, far too easy to trace.  Oddly enough, this area is full of idiots: Mosshide gnolls.

She sends The Dwarves off to recover the missing ingots, which, obviously involves killing off some Mosshide gnolls.  Wait… I thought Shilah Slabschisel was out here to secure the area so that a new settlement could be built?  I’m not sure that’s true, since her “real problem” is the recovery of ingots.  That’s a shame.  The people of Menethil Harbor could benefit from moving to a new settlement.

One could describe Fradd Swiftgear as “excited” to receive the raptor eggs that The Dwarves collected for him.  He sends The Dwarves on a quest to collect up his gadgets.  The Mosshide gnolls snuck in, took them, and apparently scattered them across the area.

James Halloran gives The Dwarves the Hunting Horrorjaw quest.

James Halloran: I’ve been tempted to go after the big kill…the largest crocolisk out there, Horrorjaw. His hide alone would be enough to get my family out of this hole.  

But, I’m no fool.  One mistake and I could lose a leg, or my life, and then where would my wife and kids be?  Still homeless and without a father to care for them.  

It’s not my proudest moment, but I’ll pick my family’s safety over pride any day.  Please, priest…hunt Horrorjaw for me.  You’ll find him in his shady pool to the north, lurking.

The Dwarves successfully managed to kill (and skin) Horrorjaw.  James Halloran wasn’t exaggerating – Horrorjaw was the biggest crocolisk out there.

All that was left was to kill Mosshide gnolls and gather up the stolen ingots.

Gnawbone the knoll appears to be a “boss”, but he wasn’t specifically named in the quest that The Dwarves were working on.  He’s also not part of the next two quests that Shilah Slabchisel gives The Dwarves.

Shilah Slabchisel: You may have seen them while you were out, but the Dark Iron clan has been spotted in this area.  They’re never up to any good, and it looks like they’re kidnapping the Mosshide gnolls for some reason.  

I don’t know what their game is, but we’re putting a stop to this before more foul play occurs.  Go and stop them.

And if you’re worried about fairness, try askin’ them politely first and see how far that gets you.

Shilah Slabchisel: I know we were just attacking the gnolls ourselves, but I’m not about to let the Dark Iron capture them as slaves.  For one, we found the thieves and took back what was missing, so justice is served; for another, whatever work the Dark Iron will be putting them to isn’t something I want to allow.  

Either way, the gnolls need to be freed.  The trappers should have keys on them, so use those to open the cages.

I like that these two quests fit together.  Players only need to go to one area, where both the gnolls and Dark Iron Dwarves are located, and can finish both quests at the same time.  I also thought it was interesting that Shilah Slabchisel seems more sympathetic to the gnolls than to the Dark Iron Dwarves (especially considering that she is a Dwarf herself).

Before The Dwarves embarked on those two quests, they took a quick meal break in the home of Wenna and Fradd.  Fridge seems to be trying to blend into the furniture.  For some reason, there’s a painting of a nearly naked Human woman on the wall.

It turned out to be impossible to kill the Dark Iron Dwarves without also pulling the Mosshide gnolls they were fighting with.

It’s a little hard to see, but if you look near the tent, you will see an NPC called Rufus Darkshot. He appears to be another “boss”, but there is no quest that connects to him.

The Dwarves ran back to Swiftgear’s Survey to see if there were any more quests to complete.

Turning in the two recently completed quests resulted in an Achievement: “Loch Modan and Wetlands Quests”.   The Dwarves have officially completed all the quests in those two zones.  I would have preferred that there were two Achievements, one for the Loch Modan quests, and another for the Wetlands quests.  But, this will do.

Oddly enough, there were plenty of quests waiting for The Dwarves to accept them in The Wetlands.  Shilah Slabchisel has another quest for them, as you can see from the exclamation point that is floating above her head.  The Dwarves hadn’t yet explored Dun Modr or Whelgar’s Retreat.  The Dwarves weren’t really done with this zone after all.

Shilah Slabchisel: I’ve found out who’s pulling the strings on this operation here.  Yorla Darksnare is directing the Dark Iron dwarves from a camp to the east, and it might’ve been orders to have the gnolls steal Ironforge’s gold in the first place.  

What’s more, she’s a wanted criminal… she’s been inciting rebellion and attacks against Ironforge since Magni was still alive.  She can’t slip through our fingers this time, Bradanna.  Go and get her!

Look!  A female “boss” to fight!  They do exist!  It is a bit disturbing that this particular “big bad” has been “inciting rebellion and attacks against Ironforge since Magni was still alive”.  Magni died right before the Cataclysm expansion.  We are playing through some very old content, that’s true, but in WoW’s “game timeline”, we are in the time of the Warlords of Draenor expansion.  Why hasn’t Yorla Darksnare been caught yet?

It appears that The Wetlands are “stuck” in the timeframe that happened shortly after the Cataclysm expansion was released.  That makes this quest have a different meaning.  Originally, when the Cataclysm expansion was new, it appears Yorla Darksnare had been causing problems for… I don’t know… let’s say a few years or maybe a decade.  She seemed to be a low-level “big bad” that was a threat because she was capable of growing in power.

Now… Mists of Pandaria has come and gone, and we seem to be headed towards the end of the Warlords of Draenor expansion.  Yorla Darksnare is still out there, leading Dark Iron Dwarves, “inciting rebellion” and “attacking Ironforge”.  She must be incredibly tough, to have gone this long without being caught!

Instead, she was super easy to kill off, despite having a few Dark Iron Dwarves around to defend her.  This was anticlimactic.  Two Dwarven adventurers (neither of whom can wear plate mail) and a pet bear were able to take down the whole camp in a matter of minutes.  This could have been easily handled by a couple of Ironforge Guards, it would seem.

What now?  Bradanna tried to do some Archeology near Ironbeard’s Tomb, but got interrupted by a Black Ooze.  Fortunately, Fridge rushed over to eat it (while Hansbrix shot at it).  A minimal amount of Archeology was accomplished – and that was enough for the moment.

Tourist photo in front of the statue of Ironbeard, which is located right next to Ironbeard’s Tomb.

This is kind of a neat looking area (if you can overlook the Oozes, that is).  It might be left unexplored since there aren’t any quests that send players here anymore.  If I remember correctly, there used to be a quest given by a female Dwarf NPC.  She sent players out here to kill Oozes in the hopes that whichever one swallowed her bag would… give it back.

WoWWiki says that the NPC was named Sida, and that she was once found in Menethil Harbor. She’s not there anymore. What happened Sida after the cataclysm hit?  I’m also wondering who Ironbeard was.  More story, please, Blizzard!

Shilah Slabchisel: Prospector Whelgar’s been leading an excavation in the mountains southeast of here for quite some time.  He had some raptor problems back in the day, but things were going better recently.  

Just the other day, we got word he had to evacuate the entire digsite again.  I’m not sure what’s going on there, but I can’t imagine the cataclysm making a quarry any safer than it was before.

There’s good dwarves working there, Bradanna.  Would you go see what’s wrong there, and maybe lend a hand?

This is the last quest that Shilah Slabchisel gives The Dwarves.  Whelgar’s Retreat was an area that The Dwarves passed right by when then were riding “Brisket” from Slabchisel’s Survey to Menethil Harbor.  Now, they must backtrack in order to pick up and finish more quests (in a zone that has already given them credit for finishing all the quests in it).

Climb the hill to Whelgar’s Retreat.

Prospector Whelgar: Well met, priest.  We’ve got raptor problems for sure…sort of.  More like the entire dig site deciding to attack us.  I’ve never seen rocks and fossils get so upset!

Prospector Whelgar: Listen, lass, any good archaeologists know the risks that come with the job.  If you don’t unearth an ancient evil or get cursed by wicked spirits at least once in your career, you’re not digging up anything worthwhile!

No, the real archaeologists know that a little thing like fossilized bones reanimating into skeletal creatures is no reason to stop working.  I still need those fossil bones.  Collect ’em from the fossil monsters roaming around and bring them back to me, and I’ll reward you.

Ormer Ironbraid has another quest for The Dwarves.  It involves going to the dig site, which is convenient.  As I said before, I like when the quest givers send you to the same place all at once, instead of making you go back and forth to the exact same place several times.

Ormer Ironbraid:  In case you didn’t notice, the land here in the Wetlands is pretty messed up. Floods, earthquakes…and on top of it all, even the ground’s got a wild hair now.

I never thought we’d be attacked by our own dig site, but sure enough, big chunks of it are now rampaging around  trying to flatten any dwarf they see.  

You look like a strong, strapping, young dwarf…mind going down there and slapping some sense into the clods?

Merrin Rockweaver has a simple request for The Dwarves.  She is in charge of the tools, and many got left on the dig site when things started happening there.  All she wants is for The Dwarves to bring back the tools.  Again, this works well, because they already have two quests that send them to the dig site.

Off to kill the reanimated dinosaur bones and the walking clods of dirt!

Where did those gigantic bones come from?  Is this the remains of a dragon?  It’s so much bigger than the reanimated dinosaur bones that are walking around the dig site.  There’s nothing in the game that explains what that is.

Return to Prospector Whelgar to turn in the quest, and he says: See?  Not bad, eh?  Why, I almost wish all my finds decided to dig themselves up for me.  It’d make my job a lot easier!

He gives The Dwarves a “go kill a bunch of orcs” quest – with a “big bad” to kill off.

Prospector Whelgar: When we hauled up here to get away from the raptors, we put ourselves right next to a whole slew of Dragonmaw orcs!  

I’ve heard the stories in Menethil, how the Dragonmaw are even cruder barbarians than other orcs, how they strangle black dragons with their bare hands…I don’t know how much of it’s true, but I know we can’t just let ’em sit up here in the hills.  

You’ve got the chops for it, Bradanna.  Head east to the Angerfang Encampment, take care of those orcs, and make sure you get their leader!

The Dwarves are sent out to kill the leader of the Angerfang Encampment, an orc named Gorfax Angerfang.

This was when I discovered that Mind Sear was my new favorite Priest spell!

Gorfax Angerfang wasn’t too difficult to kill off.

Professor Whelgar: The greenwarden was a local legend.  Many thought him a myth…the plant-man, protector of the wetlands.  The night elves came here just to find him, and after they succeeded they ended up settling down to the east.

They’ve got a whole grove over there to watch over the greenwarden, and I’ve heard he’s been acting up, enraged by the flooding and damage to the land.  

The elves are good people.  They could use the help of someone like you.  If you get a chance, go tell the head druid what you’ve done here.

Don’t forget to do some Pet Battles in this area!  The Tiny Bog Beast pets are absolutely adorable!

Rethiel the Greenwarden is BIG!  He’s also the most interesting part of this quest hub.  I like that players who are sent here have already been given some background story about just what this giant green plant man is.  All of the quests in this area are of the “go kill x number of something” quests.  That’s fine – it helps players to earn experience points (XP) and level up.  Somehow, it’s more fun when the quest comes from a giant, sentient, plant man.

Rethiel the Greenwarden: The mirebeasts to the west are not my brethren…they are symptoms of the earth’s disturbance, a foulness of rot given form.

You would not understand…they take the shape of my kind, infested within with decaying spores, forcing out flourished life in the swamp.  They take all and leave only rot.  Nothing left, nothing left!  

Soothe my mind, dwarf, Slay the mirebeasts, cleanse this land, and perhaps my mind will settle.

Mirelow is a “boss” that is located in the same area as the mirebeasts that Hansbrix and Bradanna were killing.  There isn’t a quest connected to him.

Return to the Greenwarden (after killing of the proper amount of mirebeasts) and he says: Ahhh…yes.  The swamp suffers less now.  More threats, though.  More lurk.  I can see them!  

Rethiel the Greenwarden: Flame has threatened me for far too long…far too long…but it is no longer the little ones, no longer mere gnats…

The fields burn!  The hills and highlands scream, dwarf, they scream.  The elementals brought here consume all life in their wake.  

They cannot stand, they cannot stand.  Stop them.  STOP THEM!  Destroy the bringers of flame…

After extinguishing fires, (and killing fire elementals) The Dwarves returned to Rethiel the Greenwarden.  He said: Yes…the flames die.  There is peace now.  Peace for the land.  He is now back to being peaceful.  That’s nice!

I should probably point out that one of the Night Elf NPCs gave The Dwarves the quest to extinguish marsh fires.  The Greenwarden wanted the fire elementals extinguished.  For the purposes of this blog, I kind of put the two quests together.

There were also some quests that involved killing off orcs that were doing something nefarious with dragons.  This was the best screenshot I took from when The Dwarves were working on those quests.

Ferilon Leafborn gives The Dwarves a quest that takes them away from this quest hub and sends them to the last quest hub in The Wetlands.

Ferilon Leafborn: The dwarves of Dun Modr fight day and night against the Dark Iron that have invaded their old home.  While we cannot yet send our sentinels to risk their lives for them, we do send much needed supplies that they may sustain their vigil.  

If you would, bring this package to Longbraid the Grim, north of here.  His men must certainly need its contents.

Longbraid the Grim: If there’s one thing time has taught me it’s that no assignment is a dull one. Protecting Thandol Span should have been an easy task.  But with the brunt of the army fighting alongside the alliance, we were overwhelmed here and Dun Modr has fallen.

Longbraid the Grim: You don’t want to waste your time talking to me right now, lass. Thargas Anvilmar himself is just on the other side of these wagons.  

Surely you’ve heard of him?  He fought to defend the Thandol Span from the Dark Iron alongside the King of Stormwind!  He’s one of the finest heroes of Ironforge.  

Right now though, he’s in the thick of it!  Go out there and let him know you’re ready to help.  Just keep a good distance, he swings wide.

Behold, Thargas Anvilmar!  Defender of Thandol Span, and one of the finest heroes of Ironforge!

Thargas Anvilmar: I and everyone else thought these fools were just Dark Iron up to no good, but these nutters are fullblown cultists!  

The Twilight’s Hammer wants nothing short of the destruction of the entire world.  They’ve thrown their lot in with Deathwing and Ragnaros, and they’ve got a history with the Dark Iron.

But it doesn’t matter who they are, what matters is they’re in Dun Modr and they need to get out!  I’ll not let any past here.  You get in there and crack some skulls!

Finally, an NPC that gives The Dwarves the connection between the Twilight cult, The Dark Iron Dwarves, and Ragnaros!  He also tosses in a connection to Deathwing.  This doesn’t explain the entire story of how all of them got together, but it does make the connection clear.

Return to Thargas Anvilmar after killing the proper amount of Dark Iron/Twilight Cult Dwarves, and he gives a quest that will take players out of The Wetlands zone and into Arathi Highlands.

Thargas Anvilmar: I’ve defended the Thandol Span from being destroyed before, against the Dark Iron themselves.  And so did my father, and his father before him…

The only Dark Iron that managed to give me the slip ran straight for the bridge.  Something’s amiss, and I’m betting when we get there we’ll be waltzing right into an ugly trap.  I could use your help, Bradanna, for Ironforge.  Are you with me?

What Dwarf could say no to Thargas Anvilmar, Defender of Thandol Span, and one of the finest heroes of Ironforge?  Of course, the Dwarves accepted the quest.  That being said, things didn’t work out as planned.

I stopped to do a Pet Battle and Shawn went on ahead to see what we were up against.  Neither one of us had any way of knowing that setting foot on the bridge would automatically trigger an event.  So, Hansbrix fought the Dark Iron on Thandol Span, without Bradanna (and the quest counted for both of them).  I figured something was up because I was seeing a lot of red text in the chat box while I was doing the Pet Battle.

Captain Stoutfist: FOR KHAZ MODAN!

Forba Slabchisel: FOR KHAZ MODAN!

Shilah Slabchisel: FOR KHAZ MODAN!

Thargas Anvilmar: FOR KHAZ MODAN!

Calamoth Ashbeard: ATTACK!  LET NONE SURVIVE!

Hansbrix and Fridge triumphantly return after winning the Battle of Thandol Span.  The completed quest text automatically popped up for Bradanna.  Part of it says: Thandol Span’s safe thanks to you, Bradanna, and hopefully Calamoth is down for good this time.  Bradanna wasn’t actually involved in the battle… but, whatever.

The “Into Arathi”quest is the last one given to players in The Wetlands.  It sends them to the Arathi Highlands.  It requires them to cross the Thandol Span.  I’m wondering what would happen to players who thought they were “done” with The Wetlands when the Achievement popped up.  Would crossing the Thandol Span trigger the event (that Bradanna missed)?  How would those players have any idea what that was all about?

You should go on ahead and warn the other side of the span about this, Bradanna.  Over the bridge to the north you’ll find Refuge Pointe, the stronghold of the Alliance in Arathi. Tell Captain Nials to keep an eye out for these Twilight’s Hammer curs.

And so The Dwarves left The Wetlands and headed out to their next adventure – the Arathi Highlands zone!

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