In my previous blog, I described how I finally got my Barbarian, Zeta, into Nightmare Mode of Diablo III. Sadly, the server went down not too long after I started playing. Undaunted, I waited fifteen minutes and attempted to log back in. It worked! Here are some highlights from Zeta’s first (real) adventure in Nightmare mode.

The server placed me at the very beginning of the dungeon I was desperately running through, in an effort to reach the Checkpoint before the server crashed. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised by this.

I promptly went back through and saved Cain.

I finally got Hassling Haedrig: Listen to all of the Blacksmith’s conversations.

All I was missing was one of the things that Haedrig says in Act I. This one was eluding me because finding it is non-intuitive. First, you need to have completed Act I at least past the point where the Mayor’s cart is blocking the road in New Tristram.

Next, there is a point where Cain has a quest for you. It is the one where he sends you to help Haedrig kills his wife (who is about to turn into a Wretched Mother). Before you take it, check and see if Haedrig is standing where he normally stands.

If he isn’t standing by the Blacksmith stuff, then DO NOT take the quest! Instead, run down the road, and go find Haedrig. He will be standing in the same spot that you would find him if you did take that quest. Talk to him! After you get credit for this part of what Haedrig says when you talk to him in Act I, go back up the road and take the quest from Cain. Then, go back down the road, again, and talk to Haedrig, again, and help him kill his unfortunately afflicted wife, Mira.

I also found some interesting monsters to kill.

Zuul, Nomad of the Wastelands

Hatemonger Brimstone

Kargra Devilkin

Iron Heart: Raise Blacksmith to Level 5.

Felyron, Mangler of Heroes

Bloodbath: Keep a monster under the Bleed effect continuously for 20 seconds.

Deathrattle the Violent

This particular visit to the Cemetery of the Forsaken results in a chance meeting with none other than Lady Dunhyld.

Lady Dunhyld: Grave robbers have defiled my tomb.  Now my husband writes in torment because I do not rest at his side.

After fighting Lady Dunhyld’s husband’s ghost, (and the skeletons he spawns), and collecting up her scattered bones, it is time to put her remains at her husband’s side, so they can rest.

[The Matriarch’s Bones: Complete the Matriarch’s Bones event.


Chancelor Eamon

I had to stop playing after going back to New Tristram and giving Haedrig the crown. Zeta is now at level 34, and I finally got to play (for a while) in Nightmare mode!

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