In the previous blog, my Demon Hunter, ThirtySeven, and Shawn’s Barbarian, Smashez, had hit level 27. They also finally completed Act II of Normal mode, and were ready to begin Act III. Their adventure continues!

ThirtySeven and Smashez start off on the Skycrown Battlements, working on lighting the Signal Beacons. Demons everywhere!

Fallen Grunt

Demonic Hellflyer

We picked up Morgan’s Journal – Part 1.

It says: Transferring to Bastion’s Keep is as dull as I imagined. The soldiers spend most of their time gambling. I guess this is what I should expect from this hollowed-out rock, a shadow of its former glory. Still, I am here to provide for Anna. I hope she is well. — Guard Morgan.

It is the beginning of an interesting short story. Here’s Guard Morgan, writing about being bored at Bastion’s Keep. There doesn’t seem to be much to do, and it seems that he might be disapproving of the other soldiers who are spending most of their time gambling. Bastion’s Keep is “a shadow of its former glory”, which means it isn’t what it used to be, and might be a disappointment to Guard Morgan.

He transferred there anyway, “to provide for Anna”. I wonder if Anna is his wife, his girlfriend, his sister, or his child? I get the impression that she is severely ill, and he is hoping to earn enough money at Bastion’s Keep to help her. I wonder whatever happened to Anna.

The next two portions of Morgan’s Journal reveal the fate of Guard Morgan. The demons overtook the Keep, and he writes: “I don’t think I’ll be going home after all. I’m sorry, Anna.” I suspect that Guard Morgan was killed by demons, but I still don’t know what happened to poor Anna (or if she ever got well).

Demon Trooper

Fallen Mongrel

We ran into Ripgash the Discordant when we had 4 of the 5 Signal Fires lit.

Our bags got too full, so we went back to the Keep. I decided that I needed more room in my Stash to store stuff. Purchasing more space earned me an Achievement.

Space! I Love Space!: Buy all Stash upgrades.

Back into battle! We fought Nulvoid Chompfang.

Next time you go through Act III, take a second to look down. There is a massive battle waging below Bastion’s Keep.

Time to raise the catapults. This is when we ran into Dragus.

Another view of the battle that is going on below.

We ran into Xahrath the Keywarden, the very first Keywarden that Shawn and I ran into together (and only the second one I’ve seen in game).

Demonic Hellflyer (blue, this time)

Back to the Keep, to sell stuff. We decided to see if Adria and/or Leah had anything new to say. They did! The result was that I got an Achievement.

More than Stories: Listen to all of Leah’s conversations.

Ding! Level 28!

Grax the Ancient

Malifant Chompfang

Demon Hunter ThirtySeven, and Barbarian Smashez, went back to the Keep to sell stuff. Tensor joined us with his Wizard. Fellow Shattered Soulstone podcaster Lanntonio decided to join as well, with his Witch Doctor. This resulted in me and Shawn earning an Achievement.

Warriors of Sanctuary: Join a 4 Player Cooperative Game where everyone is a different class.

Lanntonio brought us presents! (Thanks, again, Lanntonio!) He gave Shawn’s Barbarian Dire Armor. My Demon Hunter was overjoyed to get her hands on this lovely crossbow – a one handed Target Sanctum with a socket, that Lanntonio kindly supplied with a very nice gem. As he said, it was “Christmas in March”.

Progress made this time: ThirtySeven and Smashez started Act III of Normal Mode. ThirtySeven is now level 28 (and I figure Smashez isn’t too far behind). I picked up some interesting achievements (some of which I think Shawn got, too), and Lanntonio gave us presents. This was incredibly fun!

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