This blog is part of a series I am writing about my experience in Season 3 of Diablo III.  I suspect that I won’t have as much to write about this Season (compared to previous seasons) because there are very few Seasonal Achievements to earn.

In a previous blog, McGlynn the Crusader hit Level 70.  She was now ready to earn some Paragon Levels.  I should note that I’m playing a soft core character in Season 3.  As I was working on Paragon Levels, I decided that I wanted her to hit Paragon 20 before I set the difficulty to Torment 1.

The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on May 2, May 9, May 13, and May 14, 2015.

For Season 3, I decided to focus on Rifts.  This meant I needed to do some Bounties in order to obtain Rift Key Fragments.  My overall goal was to increase the difficulty as my Crusader leveled up.  When McGlynn hit Level 70, the difficult was set to Expert.  I decided I was ready to move it up to Master difficulty.


This is the Paragon Portrait that unlocks when a player reaches Paragon 10.

At Paragon Level 7, McGlynn was wearing a whole lot of bright yellow armor.

Block It Like It’s Hot: Block 100,000 damage within 10 seconds.

I earned this Achievement when McGlynn was Paragon Level 6.  It is a Crusader Class Achievement.  Interestingly, this one counted as a Career Achievement only.  As I said, there weren’t very many Seasonal Achievements this time around.

Riftomania: Finish a level 70 Nephalem Rift.

This one was a Seasonal Achievement.  I earned this one when McGlynn the Crusader was Paragon Level 10.  I’d been running Nephalem Rifts as much as possible this Season.  This Achievement appears when a player completes their first Nephalem Rift after hitting Level 70.

When McGlynn was at Paragon Level 12, a Legendary Ring dropped.  It had something new about it that I’d never seen before on that type of ring.

Nagelring is a Legendary Ring.  The new thing about this ring is that it “Summons a Fallen Lunatic to your side every 12 seconds.”  The flavor text on this item says: Crafted by a mad sorcerer during his long imprisonment within the bitter labyrinths of the Black Obelisk of Vyr.

You can have up to 4 Fallen Lunatics.  They will follow you around wherever you go and automatically spawn every 12 seconds.

I like to wait in town until I have all 4 Fallen Lunatics with me.  Then, it’s time to open a Rift.  The Fallen Lunatics will rush over to one of the monsters in the Rift and then explode (hopefully taking out the monster).  It’s a good strategy to use because there are times when a whole mob is waiting for the player right at the very start of a Rift.

Don’t worry about the Fallen Lunatics blowing up (and killing themselves in the process).  More will respawn and follow the player around.

A Legendary Weapon dropped when McGlynn was Paragon Level 16.  It’s one of my favorite weapons in Diablo III!

Maximus is a Legendary Two-Handed Sword.  The best thing about this weapon is that it gives the player a “Chance on hit to summon a Demonic Slave.”  The flavor text on this weapon says: The famed warrior Maximus defeated ninety nine demons singlehandedly in the Battle of Lut Bahadur, and imbued his sword with their demonic power.

The Maximus sword looks awesome!

McGlynn the Crusader now has a demon on a chain that will periodically appear and fight monsters with her.

I’m starting to form “McGlynn’s army”.  She’s got a Templar, a Demon on a chain, and the potential for four Fallen Lunatics (not pictured).  She’s also using the Phalanx skill with the Bodyguard rune – which gives her 2 Bodyguards that appear and immediately rush to find a monster to fight.  There is room for some improvements to be made, but it was working quite well in Master difficulty.

Monster Mangler: Kill 50,000 monsters while in Nephalem Rifts.

Monster Mangler is a Career Achievement, not a Seasonal Achievement.

Players who hit Paragon Level 20 unlock a new Paragon Portrait.

What’s next for McGlynn the Crusader?  My plan was to increase the difficulty to Torment 1 (T1) after she hit Paragon Level 20.  I’ve heard it said that “the game” doesn’t really start until after a player hits Level 70 and is able to do reasonably well in Torment difficulty.  That being said, I was having a good time in Master difficulty, mostly due to the fun loot I found.  My Crusader has started a small army!

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  1. Sam,

    I had to delete your comment. You included a link to a website that tries to sell players a power leveling service.

    Sharing accounts is against the terms of service of Diablo III. I do not want links in the comment section of my website that could cause a fellow Diablo 3 player to end up losing their account.

    There is no good reason to buy a power leveling service when it is so easy to get into a Clan, play the game with friends, and help power level each other for free.

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