This blog is part of the series I am doing about my experience in Season 2 in Diablo III. The Season is going to end soon, and with it, this series of blogs. This Season was the first time that I specifically focused on playing a hard core character.

My overall goal was to get Dusk the Demon Hunter to Level 70. Looking back, I’m glad that I did not select any other significant goals. Season 2 of Diablo III hit during an incredibly difficult allergy season for me, and I have been struggling too much “in real life” to put as much effort into Season 2 as I did in Season 1.

This blog focuses on my last trip through Act II Bounties. I managed to earn the third, and final, Seasonal Monster Slaying Achievement that connects to Act II.  The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on March 21, 2015.

The first set of Act 2 Bounties that I completed were: Kill Hemit – Kill Hemit the Feared and 100 other enemies in the Howling Plateau and in Black Canyon Mines (Howling Plateau), Clear the Ruins – Enter the Ruins and kill all enemies in the Ruins Level 2 (Stinging Winds), Kill Maghda – Enter the Lair of the Witch and Kill Maghda (Road to Alcarnus), Sardar’s Treasure – Enter the Tomb of Sardar and Claim Sardar’s treasure (Dahlgur Oasis), Kill Mage Lord Flaydren – Enter the Storm Halls and Kill Mage Lord Flaydren and 100 other enemies (The Storm Halls).

Before I get into the highlights from that set of Bounties, I wanted to take note of how many Season 2 Achievement points I had.  It now says 1150.

Hemit the Feared, Brutal Fallen Overlord

Zarhym the Fiend got turned into a chicken by my Enchantress.  Zarhym is a Community Manager at Blizzard Entertainment.


I stumbled upon The Shrine of Rakanishu while in search for the Tomb of Sardar.  It is the first time I have come across that event in Season 2.  Naturally, this event appeared after I’d gotten the Bounty that requires the player to Kill Bashiok.  Obviously, this meant that I didn’t have Rakanishu’s Blade to hit Bashiok with (and that I couldn’t get the Bashinishu Achievement).

It turned out not to really matter… because Rakanishu’s Blade didn’t drop for me this time around.  Oh, well.  I did get an Achievement for the event, though.

Shrine of Rakanishu: Complete the Shrine of Rakanishu event.

The Tomb of Sardar event is a bit different from the other “go find the dungeon and run in” type of events.  Not only do you have to find the Tomb, you have to climb a set of stairs and click on a level in order to open it up.

The above screenshot shows what the outside of the Tomb of Sardar looks like.  The screenshot below shows what the inside looks like.

Inside, on the floor, is a bag that drops The Musings of Sardar.The Musings of Sardar: Those fools of the Trade Consortium are clueless that I siphon the public funds from their coffers.  I will continue to hide my plunder here, where none can find it.  One day soon I will claim my treasure and flee this desert hell for the greener pastures of the west.  – Caliphate Sardar.

Next, the player has to travel through the dungeon in order to find a lever that looks a lot like the one that opened the Tomb itself.

When you return to the “face in the floor” and cross over it, the big blue door will now automatically open up.

There’s the Treasure of Sardar!  All you have to do to open it is click on it.  Be prepared to fight!

Sardar, The Soulless One… isn’t really a chicken.   My Enchantress turned him into one.  Normally, he looks like a Wraith.

Mage Lord Flaydren, Guardian Lord of Lightning

Iced Out: Socket the following gem types.

Topaz, Emerald, Ruby, Amethyst

I’ve now completed a set of five Bounties in Season 2.  Dusk the Demon Hunter has never been a “fashion plate”, as you can see.  I’m just not going to worry about what he’s wearing (in terms of aesthetics, until after he hits Level 70).  Next, I went ahead and completed another set of Act II Bounties.

The next set of Bounties were: A Miner’s Gold – Help the Crazed Miner (Howling Plateau), Kill Shondar the Invoker – Kill Shondar the Invoker and 50 other enemies (Road to Alcarnus), Kill Blarg the Imp – and 50 other enemies (Desolate Sands), Clear the Flooded Cave – Enter the Flooded Cave and Kill all enemies in the Flooded Cave Level 2 (Dahlgur Oasis), The Cursed Spire – Enter the Unknown Depths and Cleanse the Cursed Chest (Archives of Zoltun Kulle).

Custom Fit: Craft 100 items.

Zarhym, Instiller of Fiends

Shondar the Invoker, Master of the Threshold…. in chicken form, thanks to my Enchantress.

I randomly found The Ancient Device.  It isn’t exactly an event.  When you find it, one of several possibilities will happen.

Lyndo: This portal has made many rich, but it killed my brother Garot when he used it.  I am too frightened to risk my life trying again.  Use it if you dare.

Garot is lying on the ground by the portal, dead.  Next to him is a bag which drops Lyndo’s Journal.

Lyndo’s Journal: We have found the key to the ancient device, but I fear that these treasures will cost us our lives.  At least my brother and I have made it this far, and we are still alive.  Dare we use this machine? – Lyndo

Ernutet, Guardian of the Veiled Treasure

A couple of Legendary items dropped for me somewhere in the Desolate Sands.

The Flavor of Time is a Legendary Amulet.  The flavor text on it says: This garish amulet, once worn by an over large imp, makes time an insignificant thing.

This looked interesting, but the stats didn’t to be as good as what Dusk the Demon Hunter was wearing.  The cool thing about this item is: Reduces the resources cost of fire skills by 23%.  The flavor text says: One could withstand the fires of Hell itself wearing armor such as this.

Level 62!

Cat Wrangler: Kill 500 Lacuni in Act II in the Season.

Blarg the Imp: Frenectic Fiery Creature

Special Snowflakes: Kill 15 of the following unique enemies.

Which ones did I kill?

Shondar the Invoker, High Cultist Murdos, Yeth, Sammash, Mage Lord Caustus, Mage Lord Flaydren, Mage Lord Skomara, Thrum, Blarg the Imp, The Archivist, Beyatt, Gart the Mad, Rathlin the Widowmaker, Ragus Grimlow, and Red Rock.

Forged Credentials: Raise the Blacksmith to Level 12.

Gemkata: Raise the Jeweler to level 12.

Overall, not bad!  Dusk the Demon Hunter is now at Level 62.  It really looks like I might be able to get him to Level 70 after all.  I’ve earned the Cat Wrangler Achievement – the last of the Seasonal Monster Slaying Achievements that connect with Act II.  My next blog will continue the adventure of Dusk the Demon Hunter through Season 2 as he begins working on Act III Bounties.

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