Photo of a collection of Giant Microbes. (This is not the curio cabinet I wrote about in this post).

A collection of giant microbes that are no longer in the curio cabinet.

Recently, my husband’s sister brought us a curio cabinet. My husband had no use for it, and I immediately filled it with stuffed animals.

Why? Because putting them into a cabinet – with glass shelves that reflect the mirrored parts of the cabinet – will prevent them from getting covered with dust.

Later on, I noticed what I thought was a somewhat large spider inside the cabinet. It noticed me watching, and hid behind some of the stuffed animals. Specifically, the shelf that holds my “Giant Microbes” stuffed animals.

More recently, I noticed the spider – probably a wolf spider – had shown itself again.

Long story short, I caught it in a glass and took it outside.

Dumped the spider outside on the back porch. Most bugs that get “evicted” immediately run away.

This one, however, decided to stand there and stare at me, perhaps trying to show me it really didn’t want to be evicted from its cozy little “home”.

UPDATE: Recently, I removed all of the stuffed animals that were in the curio cabinet and put them on a set of plastic shelves in the bedroom. It makes me happy to see them there.

The curio cabinet is now filled with ceramics. Some of them, I made myself. Others were given to me. And some of them were intentionally purchased while Shawn and I moved from the midwest to California.

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