Plan for the day: Go downtown to get a calendar from B&N and a drink from Starbucks.

Woke up with eye pain.

Took herbal allergy pills to reduce pressure in head from allergens.

Wait for pain to go away.

Pain is exhausting – Pills kick in and I fall back asleep.

Wake up second time after 1:00 p.m. – no eye pain – bad sinus allergies.

Discover wonderful husband is cleaning the cockatiel cage so I don’t get exposed to allergens – Woke up before he finished that and took the trash out – Oops! – Am now exposed to allergens.

Take half a Benadryl to suppress histamine reaction from allergens.  It’s a Benadryl for Breakfast kind of day.

Sneezing, sinus pressure, runny nose – wait for Benadryl to kick in.

Eventually, sinuses clear, body temp drops, and I’m hungry – All signs that Benadryl kicked in.

Float the fuck away on a cloud of fuzziness.

Wonderful husband orders food – including gluten-free loaded tater tots for me.

Instagram my tater tots – because I’m fucking high!

Somehow remembered to take the “stomach acid pill” I need to take while eating because, apparently, I don’t make enough on my own.

Wait, did I put the liquid vitamin D into a drink yet… or no?  Decide to put some into what I’m drinking now anyway.  More fearful of what happens if I DO NOT take any than if I take too much.

Spend hours listening to podcasts, organizing photos, and playing “match-3″ kid games online.  Stupidly hoping I’ll win the battle against sleep and actually make it out the door today.

Hours later – Big sneeze attack.  Benadryl has worn off.  I have won the battle against sleep, but am still exhausted

Decide that I’m sober enough to drive to the local Starbucks – but not the one downtown.  Zero chance of making it to Barnes & Noble today.  It’s nearly 7:00 p.m.

The time is: Sneezing and runny nose again.  It must be almost 8:00 – my daily dose of Zyrtec has worn off.  I take it with the hot gingerbread tea I got from Starbucks rather than seek out a glass of water

Ok, almost feeling a little bit better now, except my stomach has decided to hate me.  Is this due to: (a) too much Vitamin D? (b) overproduction of histamine all damn day that is now sitting in my stomach and not getting digested? ( C ) could I be allergic to the tea? (d) Doesn’t matter what the answer is – my health issues perplex doctors

Eat more food.  Don’t care what.  Remember to take the “stomach acid pill” again.  After finishing food, realize I forget to take the herbal anti-inflammatory I was supposed to take a couple of times today.

Frantically crank out a few blogs for work while I am well enough to do it.  Cannot image what I would do if I didn’t work from home and make my own hours.

Take shower.  Glance in mirror while getting dressed and discover a big, pink, blot on my skin that definitely wasn’t there before!

Google every fucking allergen and then some.  Read TONS of blogs trying to sort out what happened.  Last time I turned pink in one spot, it was due to a skin reaction to contact with an essential oil that contained fir.  Used that one plenty of times before -and one day – my body decided it can’t tell the difference between fir and pine (which I’m horribly allergic to) anymore.

Wonderful husband helps me play the “What the fuck am I allergic to now?” game.  Goes over the whole day with me.  Helps me figure out potential cross-reactions, allergen exposures.

After an hour or so, finally sort out that the allergen that made some of my skin turn pink is coconut.  I used body wash soap that I hardly every use.  Google some more – three different ingredients in this soap ARE COCONUT.  This is the first time I’ve had a skin reaction to coconut.

Go through the kitchen cabinets and get rid of food that contains coconut.  I used to be able to handle small amounts of coconut oil in foods that had been cooked or baked.  Not anymore I can’t.

Take half a Benadryl to calm down the skin rash before it turns into hives – I’m back to the beginning.

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