My Demon Hunter, ThirtySeven, and Shawn’s Barbarian, Smashez Stanzenfyr, were “born” on Launch Night, May 15, 2012. It’s been nearly a year, and they have yet to make it to the end of Diablo III in Normal difficulty.

In a previous blog, I noted that ThirtySeven was at level 30, Smashez was at level 29, and they were about to go after the Sin Hearts. Here’s some of the more interesting parts of their adventure.

Pyros, Nomad of the Wastelands

By the time they arrived at Arreat Crater, Level 1, Smashez had hit level 30.

Succubus Pack

Ding! ThirtySeven has reached level 31!

Shawn got Golden Packs: Kill 20 Treasure Goblins

Shakal the Unforgiven

Hulking Phasebeast Pack

Checkpoint! Smashez and Thirty Seven made it to the Heart of the Damned. Now, to find the Sin Heart!

Time to fight to fight the giant spider lady (Cydaea – Maiden of Lust).

If I remember correctly, we decided to stop after reaching the next checkpoint. At the time, we figured we could start right where we left off, but somehow, that didn’t quite happen. The closest we could get to this point was slightly before the battle with Cydaea.

Progress: Smashez and ThirtySeven are a little bit closer to the end of Act III of Normal difficulty in Diablo III. ThirtySeven hit level 31, and Smashez was at level 30 by the time we stopped. They also got pretty close to finishing Act III.

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