A yellow-orange creature named Otis the Cursed is jumping backwards. My Barbarian hit him with a very large sword. At the top of the screenshot it says: "OTZI THE CURSED" Infected creature of death

A Unique Collection is a series of Achievements that involves killing specific kinds of monsters. These monsters are unique and have been given names.  The names are in purple text.

A screenshot has a small box on that says "Never Seen That Before". It is the start of three achievements that build upon each other.

The series starts with the Never Seen That Before Achievement, followed by the Special Snowflakes Achievement.

It ends with the A Unique Collection Achievement. Never Seen That Before: Kill one of the following unique enemies.

I earned this one on May 28, 2012.

A screenshot says: "Achievement Special Snowflakes" There is a box on top of that achievement that has a devil head in it. Above that is my Diablo III character, staring at a monster he just killed that is inside a circle.

Special Snowflakes: Kill 15 of the following unique enemies.

I earned this one on March 21, 2015.

Special Snowflakes is the second achievement in the group. It requires players to kill 15 of the enemies on the list. Two of the boxes have a demon head inside them.

Special Snowflakes: Kill 15 of the following unique enemies.

A continued list of the enemies that the player will eventually have to kill.

It doesn’t matter which one’s you kill – so long as it adds up to 15.

More of the list of enemies that the player will have to kill.

If I remember correctly, the list already counted the ones I killed for the first Achievement.

A box says: "Achievement Rewards" It shows a horse-head shaped embroidery. Under that it says "Banner Sigil".

Players who complete the Special Snowflakes Achievement are rewarded with a Banner Sigil.

A Unique CollectionKill all of the following unique enemies

I completed this achievement on November 6, 2019.

Here is the complete list of unique enemies. I found screenshots of most of them. Still gotta find the screenshots of the ones that are missing.

A Unique Collection now has all three boxes with a demon head in each. There are some names in this screenshot with checkmarks next to them.
A larger screenshot with several more names of enemies that I had to kill to earn the A Unique Collection Achievement. There are a lot of check marks.
Another screenshot of the names of enemies I had to kill, each with a checkmark next to them.
The last part of the list of enemies I had to kill, each with a checkmark next to them.


Red Rock (Heart of Fire) is a large enemy. My Demon Hunter is killing him with arrows that she launched into the sky, and that now are dropping down on Red Rock.

Red Rock

Ragus Grimlow (Gorged Undead Brother) is very round and will explode to release the vermin inside him. My character is shooting laser beams at him.

Ragus Grimlow 

Bellybloat the Scarred (Infected Monstrosity) is being attacked by one of my Crusaders. Bellybloat has large spikes on its body.

Bellybloat the Scarred

Firestarter (Burn To A Cinder) is a flighted bird-like creature. My character is about to attack it.


Fecklar’s Ghost 

Logrut The Warrior (Fierce Moon Clan Fighter) is a large, gold colored, goat with horns. He stands on his back legs to fight my character.

Logrut the Warrior

Lorzak The Powerful (Bearer of Frost) is another goat-like creature who stands up on its back legs to fight my Barbarian.

Lorzak the Powerful

Drury Brown (Thief of Bones) is a man-shaped spirit that wants to fight my character. There are several monsters in that screenshot, and I'm not sure where my character is at.

Drury Brown

Lucious The Depraved (Thief of Corpses) is a man-shaped spirit that stands in a pile of green goo.

Lucious the Depraved

Mange (Vicious Infected Beast) is in the center of this screenshot. He is getting beaten by my Barbarian character - and three of his ancient friends.


Dreadclaw The Leaper (Rodent of Unusual Size) is a rather large rat.

Dreadclaw the Leaper

Captain Cage (Commander of the Dead) used to be a captain in New Tristram's militia.

Captain Cage

Merrium Skullthorn

Zhelobb The Venomous (Broodspawn of the Queen) is a huge spider creature.

Zhelobb the Venomous

Rathlin the Widowmaker (Plagueweaver) is also a large spider creature - who makes copies of itself.

Rathlin the Widowmaker

Quash the Reviled (Plaguespinner) is also a large spider creature.

Qurash the Reviled

Venimite (Tiny And Deadly) is a much smaller spider than the previous enemies were!


Sarella the Vile (haven’t found the screenshot yet)

Jezebel The Conjuror (Cultist Beast Caller) is a wizard or mage who is getting beat up by my Barbarian and his three ancient friends.

Jezeb the Conjuror

Cudglearm (Undead Mauler) is a conglomeration of dead body parts. It is huge, and has several spikes on its body.


Ebenezer Samual (Deceased Scribe) is undead. He, too, is getting beaten up by my Barbarian and his three ancient friends.

Ebenezer Samuel

Bloodfeather (Haven’t found the screenshot yet)

Torsar (Storm of the Desert) is very large and spins around on large blades.


Gart the Mad

Ashek (Diminutive Fallen Fighter) is one of the small creatures called the Fallen. He's tougher than the rest of them.


Beat (The Elusive One) is a Fallen Shaman who carries a staff and spawns the smaller Fallen.


OTZI the Cursed (Infected creature of Death) is a cat-like creature that is jumping into the air. OTZI spews green poison on the floor.

Otzi the Cursed

Hellscream (The Render) is a bird/bat like creature that flies around and tries to freeze my character in ice.


The Archivist (Dark Lorekeeper) is a phantom creature that flies around and has claws on the ends of this hands that it can attack the player with.

The Archivist

Saha the Slasher (Infected Terrifying Claws) is a cat-like creature that stands up on their back legs. She larger than my character. Off to the side, a furry yeti-like pet stands, waiting.

Saha the Slasher 

Raiha The Vicious (Swiftness of a Cat) is another cat-like creature that stands on two legs. This one makes fire, and has sharp claws.

Raiha the Vicious

Blarg The Imp (Frenectic Fiery Creature) is small - as one would expect an imp to be.

Blarg the Imp

Thrum (Giant Stone Mauler) is a large rock-like creature that is bigger than my character. Thrum has very large fists that can hit the character.


Razor Mouth (Terror of the Sand) is a large lizard that pops out from underneath the sands to attack the player character.


Mage Lord Skomara (Guardian Lord of Frost) is a construct of a creature with excess legs and arms. This one tries to freeze my character.

Mage Lord Skomara

Mage Lord Guyana (Guardian Lord of Fire) is another construct with excess arms and legs. This one tries to burn my character with fire.

Mage Lord Ghuyan

Mage Lord Flaydren (Guardian Lord of Lightning) is another construct with excess arms and legs. This one throws lightning.

Mage Lord Flaydren

Mage Lord Caustus (Guardian Lord of Poison) is also a construct with excess arms and legs. It tries to poison my character.

Mage Lord Caustus

Haxxor (Wielder of Giant Axes) is very large and does, in fact, carry giant axes.


Yakara (Savage Serpent Warrior) is a snake-like creature with arms that can carry a pike.


Stinging Death Swarm (Relentless Cloud of Pain) is ... exactly as you imagined it to be. Think of it as a cluster of bugs that make a swarm and try to bite you.

Stinging Death Swarm

Sammash (Coven Thug) is a somewhat larger than my character. Sammash carries a weapon with a large heavy end. He hits hard.


Yeth (Hound of Pestilence) is a dog-like creature that has become a partial skeleton. Yeth spewed out bugs.


High Cultist Murdos (Cruel and Powerful Cult Acolyte) is a mage or wizard of some kind. I don't know anything about the cult he joined, but he clearly worked his way up.

High Cultist Murdos

Shondar The Evoker (Master of the Threshold)is a human mage that throws fire.

Shondar the Invoker

Angora The Cleaver (Lord of The Phasebeasts) is huge. He carries a bladed weapon in each hand, and has spikes on his back.

Axgore the Cleaver

Vicious Gray Turkey (Delicious Armored Beast) is not actually a turkey. It is a large creature with huge arms that can pound on a character. It also uses those arms to protect itself.

Vicious Gray Turkey

Gugyn The Gauntlet (Impassible Barrier) is similar looking to Vicious Grey Turkey.

Gugyn the Gauntlet

Dreadgrasp (Tendrils of Evil) is slightly larger than a Barbarian. One of Dreadgrasp's arms might have tendrils on it.


Marchocyas (Winged Horror) is a very large bird-like creature that is quite a bit larger than the player-character. It has large wings that it uses as arms when walking on a flat surface.


Direclaw the Demonflier (Swift Winged Death) looks similar to the previous large bird-like creature.

Direclaw the Demonflayer

Bashface the Truncheon

The Crusher (Haven’t found the screenshot yet)

Hummock The Brute (Enraged Bone Breaker) is a tall, robust, demon that carries a stick with sharp objects attached to it. He has horns in his head.

Lummock the Brute

Growlfang (Bite Much Worse Than Bark) is a dog-like demon that can cause a lot of harm.


Mehshak The Abomination (From The Depths of Arreat) is a humanoid-like creature, with gills on its neck. Shortly after death, it explodes poison out of its body.

Mehshak the Abomination

Goulash (Savage Firery Brute) looks similar to the previous monster. This one spread fire wherever it walks.


Blarg The Foul (Diseased Warrior Brute) is a very large, robust, creature with huge, muscular arms, two large horns on its head, and spikes on its back. It carries some kind of weapon.

Blarg the Foul

Hyrug The Malformed (Forgotten Scourge) is another creature that is larger than the player character. It looks pretty much the same as the previous ones.

Hyrug the Malformed

Church The Spear (Deadly Blood Clan Ranger) is not-quite humanoid. I don't know much of anything about its clan.

Charuch the Spear

Shandra'Har (Vile Plagued Conjuror) is somewhere in this pile of fighting bodies. I think it is the round one that is closest to the front of the image.


Chiltara is a cat-like creature that stands up on two legs and throws fire. I think she was named after one of the characters in the Thundercats cartoons.


Severclaw (Firery Crawler) is a crab-like creature. The story behind that type of creature is gruesome, and you probably don't want to know about it.


Thornback (Spiked Fire Beast) is about the size of the smaller player characters. This creature leaves fire on the ground it walks on.


Gormungandr (Serpent of Arreat) is one of many large serpents that pop out of the ground and try to eat the player character. This one is tougher than many of the rest.


Captain Dale (Former Guard Captain) is another unfortunate soul who got killed and came back as a skeleton.

Captain Dale

Axegrave the Executioner (Heads Will Roll) is a well-armored skeleton who carries a large axe.

Axegrave the Executioner

Beluga Pierceflesh (Bone and Arrow) is a skeletal archer wearing a mix of armor.

Belagg Pierceflesh

Riplash (Thief of Souls) is a creature that walks on four limbs and is only slightly smaller than the player character - and their Follower.


Demomika The Wicked (From the Heart of hell) is a harpy-like creature with wings. She spreads fire on the ground she walks on and also throws fire.

Demonika the Wicked

Gorgog the Bruiser (One-Thousand Pounder) is round and huge! He carries one weapon in each hand, each of which has pointy parts at the top of the weapon.

Gorog the Bruiser

Pyres the Damned (Eternity of Fire) is another fire-using creature. This Jen is larger than most player-characters. Pyres is a demon-like creature with extra arms that makes horrible noises upon death.

 Pyres the Damned

Torchlighter is a very huge lizard-like creature. It has wings, limbs with claws, and sharp teeth. I think it was named after the Torchlight game (that is similar to Diablo III).


Khatun (Sky Terror) is a bird-like creature that is much larger than the player characters. It, too, leaves fire on the grown where it walked.


Grimnight the Soulless (Shadow of Death) almost looks like a construct. Except that this one has two skinny legs and two very long arms.

Grimnight the Soulless

Haures (Hand Of Ruin) is a spider-like creature that appears to shoot fireballs.


Veshan the Fierce (Cloaked by the Unseen) is another lizard-like creature with extra limbs. This one makes ice.

Veshan the Fierce 

Slarg The Behemoth (Massive Beast) is definitely massive! He is much larger than many of the other creatures player-characters have to fight. My Demon Hunger is shooting arrows into the sky in an effort to slow down Slarg.

Slarg the Behemoth

Sao'Thall (Embodiment of Hatred) looks similar to the key wardens in Diablo III. It is humanoid looking, but much larger than the player characters, and it floats.


Rhau'kye (The Eye Of Flame) looks a lot like the previous creature. This one probably uses fire?


Kysindra The Wretched (Lust's Forlorn) is a creature that has wings and extra arms. Her body is shaped like a human woman and she is a bit larger than the player-characters.

Kysindra the Wretched

I started working on this post several years ago, putting in screenshots when I could find them. I am aware that the screenshots are not uniform in size (and that some are missing). This is because the screenshots were taken in different years, and on different computers.

There is a saying: “Don’t let the perfect become the enemy of the good.” This blog post has been sitting in draft for a very long time. I needed to post something for #Blaugust2022, so here it is.

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