This blog is part of the series I am putting together about my experiences in Season 1 of Diablo III. It is my way of keeping a record of my progress and making my own, personal, Leaderboard (of sorts). If I do another season, I will compare my progress to how I did during Season 1.

In this blog, I focus on the Achievements that Gurr the Barbarian got as he worked his way through Act II. For his first run through, I put him in Story Mode and Normal difficulty. The screenshots that you see in this blog were taken on August 30, 2014, August 31, 2014, September 2, 2014 and September 3, 2014.

The Last of the Horadrim: Complete all quests in Act I

The Fallen Star, The Legacy of Cain, A Shattered Crown, Reign of the Black King, Sword of the Stranger, The Broken Blade, The Doom in Wortham, Trailing the Coven, The Imprisoned Angel, Return to New Tristram

Keep It Rare: Kill 10 enemies of the following types.

I killed more than 10: Savage Beast, Savage Fiend, Scavenger, Skeleton, Returned Archer, Arachnid Horror, Dark Cultist, Disentombed Hulk, Fallen Peon, Accursed, Cave Wing, Dust Imp, Sand Dweller, Sand Behemoth, Ancient Walker, Skeletal Sentry, Bone Warrior, Skeletal Ranger, and Webspitter Spider  

I failed to take the screenshot instantly after the Achievement popped, so there is no way to be certain which 10 of those triggered it.

A Miner’s Gold: Complete the A Miner’s Gold event.

The Comfort of Strangers: Recruit the Templar, Scoundrel, and Enchantress.

Me, Myself & Eirena: Use the Enchantress as your follower.

Steeling With Feeling: Level up the Blacksmith.

Mind On the Metal: Teach the Blacksmith a recipe.

I Got What You Need: Acquire a Templar relic, an Enchantress Focus, and a Scoundrel token

  Among The Elite: Kill 200 elite (champion, rare, or unique) enemies.

Hero of Alcarnus: Free all of the prisoners in Alcarnus.

Never Seen That Before: Kill one of the following unique enemies.

Which one did Gurr kill?  He killed Sammash.

Just Deserts: Explore the following areas of the Stinging Winds.

Sundered Canyon, Howling Plateau, Secret Altar, Hidden Conclave, Black Canyon Bridge, Black Canyon Mines, Stinging Winds, Khasim Outpost, Road to Alcarnus, Alcarnus, Lair of the Witch

Lord of the Flies: Kill Maghda without getting hit by her insect attack.

The Coven Overthrown: Kill Maghda

Sword for Hire: Earn 50,000 gold from quest rewards.

Shrine of Rakanishu: Complete the Shrine of Rakanishu Event

This was the first time that Gurr completed the Shrine of Rakanishu Event.  But, the Sword of Rakanishu did not drop.  I’ve no idea why.  My best guess is that it might be because I have the Sword of Rakanishu in my “regular” stash.

Jewel of The East: Explore the following areas of Caldeum.

Hidden Camp, Caldeum Basaar, Searing Sands Inn, Gates of Caldeum, Sewers of Caldeum, The Wretched Pit, Flooded Causeway, Ruined Cistern, Imperial Palace, City of Caldeum

Oh look!  A talking barrel!  This part of the game amuses me.

Big Trouble in Talking Barrel: Hear everything Covetous Shen says before you break him out of the barrel.

Demon Slayer: Reach Level 30

Unparalleled Splendor: Explore the following areas of the Dahlgur Oasis

Path to the Oasis, Dahlgur Oasis, The Forgotten Ruins, Western Flow Control, Eastern Flow Control, Waterlogged Passage, Hidden Aqueducts, Ancient Path

Golden Packs: Kill 20 Treasure Goblins.

This achievement was a bit easier than usual thanks to a Community Buff that spawned Double Treasure Goblins.  The buff appeared shortly before Season 1 started.  I wouldn’t assume that the same buff will appear at the start of every season.

Covetous, Covetous Shen!: Acquire the Jeweler.

Just Like New:  Unsocket an Item

Imp Slapped: Knockback five Imps at one time.

The Bone Collector: Explore the following areas of the Desolate Sands.

Vault of the Assassin, Cave of the Betrayer Level 1, Cave of the Betrayer Level 2, Desolate Sands

Bask In My Glory:  Use a skill that grants a beneficial effect to your follower.

Beastmaster of Caldeum: Read the following Bestiary lore books in Act II.

The Accursed, Deceivers, Dune Dervish, Dune Thresher, Dust Imp, Electric Eel, Fallen Grunt, Fallen Lunatic, Fallen Shaman, Lacuni, Sand Dweller, Sand Wasp, Skeletal Guardian, Stinging Swarm, Blood Hawk, Rockworm

Navigating the Labyrinth: Explore the following areas in the Archives of Zoltun Kulle.

Archives of Zoltun Kulle, The Terminus, The Unknown Depths, The Storm Halls, Realm of Shadow, Soulstone Chamber

Murderer, Torturer, Monster: Kill Zoltun Kulle.

Hero of Caldeum: Evacuate 20 Caldeum refugees to the sewers in one game.

Good Eye: Kill Belial without dying and without getting hit by his projectile or meteor attacks.

The Lord of Lies: Kill Belial

This concludes Gurr the Barbarian’s adventure of going through Act II in Story Mode (Normal difficulty) during Season 1.  The next blog will show the highlights of what happened when he went back into Act II to help out his buddy Qiz the Monk.

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