Flight Rising is a game where you manage a Lair full of dragons.  One of the things you can do with them is breed them to make more dragons.  If you put together parent dragons that produce offspring with a “special” gene, you end up earning an achievement.

I have learned, through trial and error, that the best way to ensure you will get the breeding achievement you are after is to pair up two parent dragons who each have the “special” gene that corresponds to the achievement.

It only took me one try to earn the Get Crackin! Achievement.  This is because I waited to attempt it until I could breed two dragons who had the Crackle gene.  All the artwork you see in this post is copyright of Flight Rising.

In order to earn the Get Crackin! Achievement, you must have two of the dragons that are in your Lair produce a baby dragon that has the Crackle gene.  As far as I can tell, this requires you to pair up two dragons that each have the Crackle gene.  For best results, I decided to wait until I had dragons that fit that description before attempting to earn the Get Crackin! Achievement.  The parent dragons were Frostfall and Snicklefritz.

Frostfall is a female Pearlcatcher.
Primary: Storm Iridescent
Secondary: Blue Shimmer
Tertiary: Blue Crackle

Snicklefritz is a male Spiral.
Primary: Midnight Iridescent
Secondary: Ivory Seraph
Tertiary: Ivory Crackle

As you can see, both Frostfall and Snicklefritz had a Tertiary gene that was Crackle.  She had a Blue Crackle, and he had a Ivory Crackle.  I think that both of these dragons are really pretty. However, their combined color combinations were not ideal for producing beautiful babies. That’s ok, though, because the Get Crackin’! Achievement can be earned no matter what the babies end up looking like.

I like to use the “preview offspring” feature to see what the potential babies of a pair of dragons would look like.  This time, it revealed that the babies of Frostfall and Snicklefritz would all be kind of funny looking.

Ok, so they aren’t the most beautiful baby dragons in Flight Rising.  One thing was certain, though.  No matter what color combinations the babies of Frostfall and Snicklefritz ended up with – they would assuredly have the Crackle gene.  Frostfall and Snicklefritz ended up producing two eggs.

Here is what their babies looked like as hatchlings.

Franklin is a male Spiral.
Primary: Midnight Iridescent
Secondary: Spring Seraph
Tertiary: Stonewash Crackle

Trevor is a Spiral Male.
Primary: Shadow Iridescent
Secondary: Spring Shimmer
Tertiary: Steel Crackle

Just like that, I’ve earned the Get Crackin! Achievement.

Get Crackin!: – Birth a hatchling that exhibits the Crackle Tertiary Gene. – Points: 10 – Earned: 2014-09-24

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