This blog is part of the series I am doing about my progress through Season 1 in Diablo III. I started this season with a brand new Barbarian named Gurr, and he ended up being my only Seasonal character. When the Season began, I had two goals. One was to get him all the way through the content in Story Mode. The other was to get him to hit Level 70.

Along the way, I wanted to see how many Achievements I could earn before Season 1 ended. This blog focuses on the Achievements that Gurr the Barbarian got in Act V of Season 1. I was playing on Normal difficulty (figuring I could raise the difficulty later on if there was still time). The screenshots you see in this blog were taken between September 6, and September 13, 2014.

Victory and Sacrifice: Complete all quests in Act IV.

Fall of the High Heavens, The Light of Hope, Beneath the Spire, Prime Evil

Best Dressed: Equip a socketed item in the following slots.

Helm with Socket, Chest Armor with Socket, Leg Armor with Socket, Weapon with Socket, Amulet with Socket, Ring with Socket

A Mystical Meeting: Aquire the Mystic

Life is Beautiful: Heal other players for 500,000 Life by picking up health globes in cooperative games.

Ghosts N Stuff: Explore the following areas in Westmarch.

Zakarum Cathedral, Gideon’s Row, Briarthorn Cemetery, Noble’s Rest Courtyard, Westmarch Commons, Westmarch Heights, Tower of Korelan

Set Fire to the Pain: Kill Urzael in a cooperative game.

Fire in Your New Boots: Kill Urzael

Radiance: Craft a Radiant Gem.

Raising Awareness: Level up the Mystic.

 Magical Mystical Tour: Raise the Mystic to Level 5.

Massive Blow: Kill 30 enemies in one attack.

A Bloody Good Time: Explore the following areas in Blood Marsh.

Overgrown Ruins, Blood Marsh, Paths of the Drowned, Passage to Corvus, Ruins of Corvus, The Great Hall

Her?: Kill Adria

Forged In Fire: Reach Level 50.

Shensational: Listen to all of the Jeweler’s conversations in Act V.

Liria, The God of Desire, Zei’s Plan, A Perfect Night, Zei’s Joy, Zei’s Sorrow, The Jewel of Dirgest, The Search

Everybody Talks: Complete all of the follower and artisan events in Act V.

The Templar’s Reckoning, Bound by Blood, A Sister’s Voice, The Jewel of Dirgest

Valuable Vecin: Raise the Mystic to level 10.

Maximum Myriam: Raise the Mystic to Level 12.

Big Game Hunter: Kill 1,000 Ancient Beasts in Act V in the Season.

Born to Dye: Dye an item.

Rambunctious: Complete the Battering Ram encounter in under 90 seconds.

The above achievement is for Season 1.  The below achievement is for the “regular” game.  One of the things I learned about playing in a Season is that it is a good way to get some of the achievements that you have not yet earned in the “regular” part of the game.

Forging Ahead: Listen to all of the Blacksmith’s conversations in Act V.

A New Companion, Troubles Arise, Brycen, A Realization, Reforged, Thoughts

Girl Talk: Listen to all of the Enchantress’s conversations in Act V

The Survivor, Abandoned, Daemon Magic, A Voice from Afar, Pandemonium, Lysa, A New Prophet

My Brother’s Keeper: Listen to all of the Scoundrel’s conversations in Act V.

Growing Fears, Restlessness, A Stolen Life, Drowned Sorrows, The Blade’s Tale, A Favor for Lyndon

Words of Wisdom: Listen to all of Tyrael’s conversations in Act V.

About Malthael, The Angels, Malthael’s Reapers, Malthael’s Mercy, Tyrael’s Mood, Tyrael’s Pain, Sliver of the Stone, The Sliver, The Black Soulstone, Urzael, About Pandemonium, Malthael’s Disappearance, The Fortress, The Pandemonium Fortress

Beastmaster of Westmarch: Read the following Bestiary lore books in Act V.

Death Maiden, Executioner, Exorcist, Ghastly Seraph, Revenant Archer, Revenant Soldier, Vicious Hound, Hound Pack Leader, The Realmwalker, Anarch, Barbed Lurker, Bogan Trapper, Boggit, Corpse Raiser, Enraged Phantasm, Exarch, Flesh Gorger, Flesh Hurler, Flesh Shaman, Maggot Brood, Primordial Scavenger, Scarab, Scavenging Tunneler, Scouring Charger, Shrieking Terror, Skeletal Crawler, Tusked Bogan, Vile Bat, Warscarred Marauder, Warscarred Ravager, Winged Assassin, Winged Talus, Shadow of Death, Summoned Archer, Summoned Shield Guard, Summoned Soldier

Deep Pockets: Pick up 500,000 gold.

Tales of the Once-Ler: Listen to all of Lorath’s conversations in Act V.

Diablo Slayer, The Horadrim, Lorath’s History, Rebuilding, The New Horadrim, Pandemonium, Cain, Destroying the Soulstone, Pandemonium Fortress

The Guardian: Listen to all of the Guardian’s conversations in the Pandemonium Fortress.

Recognition, Angel of Death, The Guardian, Defeating Malthael, Spirits, Final Rest, Virgil’s End, Death

Reaperbane: Kill 1,000 Reapers in Act V in the Season.

The Scar of Creation: Explore the following areas in Pandemonium.

The Pandemonium Gate, Path of War, The Siege Outpost, The Ram, Pandemonium Fortress Level 2, Pandemonium Fortress Level 3, Battlegrounds of Eternity, Pandemonium Fortress Level 3, Heart of the Fortress

Death Do Us Part: Kill Malthael.

Happy Violence: Complete Act V with a Barbarian.

Don’t Fear the Reaper: Complete all quests in Act V.

The Fall of Westmarch, Souls of the Dead, The Harbinger, The Witch, The Pandemonium Gate, The Battlefields of Eternity, Breaching the Fortress, Angel of Death

This completes Gurr the Barbarian’s adventure through Act V (Normal difficulty) in Season 1.  One of my goals for Season 1 was to get a character all the way though the Story Mode content.  The second goal was to get a character to hit Level 70.  I did, eventually, achieve both goals.  Upcoming blogs will show Gurr’s progress to Level 70.  The screenshot below shows what Gurr was wearing at the end of Act V.  The weapon he is holding has been transmogrified to look like Malthael’s weapon.  It seemed fitting!

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