A loud, very nearby, engine was bugging me.

I looked out the window to see where that vehicle was.

It turned out to be literally in front of my mobile home, in the parking space right outside my window.

To my surprise, one of the neighbor’s cute little dogs was staring back at me.

She was inside the vehicle, windows rolled up, engine running to keep the air conditioning going.

Within seconds, the neighbor’s other cute little dog got in the passenger seat with the first one

And then there were two adorable dogs looking back at me.

So, here’s me, sitting in my living room, looking through a sheet of glass at two little dogs that are looking back at me through a sheet of glass – not more than ten steps away from each other (if you could walk through the wall, that is).

The first dog then moved to the driver’s seat, gave me a concerned look, and put its little paws up on the window.  I think it could tell I was sick and in pain, and it was trying to comfort me.

And I realized

This is as close as I can get to two adorable dogs (that I am allergic to) several weeks into a really bad fall pollen season.  We can interact ONLY through two panes of glass about ten steps away from each other, with me still inside my home with my air cleaners on.

…and the dog feels sorry for me.

Image by Mitchell Haindfield on Flickr

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