This is Az-Lo. I got him because I have a 2018 BlizzCon Ticket (which comes with the Virtual Ticket). Az-Lo is one of the BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket items.

The flavor text on this pet says: Too short to dunk.

Az-Lo is the only Diablo III item that comes with the Virtual Ticket (and/or the BlizzCon 2018 ticket). The way I found out that I had been given an Az-Lo pet was when an Achievement popped up on my screen.

The Blizzconquest MMXVIII is a Feat of Strength Achievement.

Players who earn this Achievement unlock a Pet Reward.

Blizzconquest MMXVII: Be a part of BlizzCon 2018.

Players can equip Az-Lo by going to their Wardrobe and finding him somewhere among their other pets. Az-Lo looks like a mini Azmodon.

Here’s a screenshot of Az-Lo following around my Season 15 Necromancer and her follower, Kormac the Templar.

Here is a better look at my Season 15 Necromancer with Az-Lo. I think Blizzard did a good job with this pet. He has a lot of details, and looks very much like Azmodon. Az-Lo will pick up gold for you, just like all the other pets do.

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