For NaPodPoMo 2021, I decided to do something different than I’ve done in the past. Each episode I release in November of this year include pieces of an old, hand-written journal which I had to create as part of my student teaching experience in 1997.

I read “Busy Busy Busy” on Episode 075 of Words of Jen (the 1997 series).

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  1. I’d have never left you at a McDonald’s for three hours, especially with no money! Now I’m said that you had to go thru that. 😞

    Coincidentally, I too had to wait at a McDonald’s for long periods of time while I was going to school/walking/interning at a radio station. But, I always had at least a few bucks for a shake.

    1. I almost never had any money on me back then. Being stuck at a McDonald’s for hours sucks.
      It’s good you had enough money to get food, though.

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