I am participating in NaPodPoMo 2021. It stands for “National Podcast Post Month”. The goal is to post an episode of a podcast every day during the month of November. This year, I am mostly posting content in my Words of Jen podcast. There will also be a few episodes on my Shattered Soulstone podcast.

This list will be updated every time a new episode is released this month.

NaPodPoMo can be exhausting, even for podcasters who have no chronic illnesses. If you enjoyed one (or more) of the podcast episodes I release this month, please consider supporting me on Ko-fi. Thank you!

WEEK ONE: NaPodPoMo 2021

November 1: Student Teaching Meeting – Episode 069 Words of Jen

November 2: Little Pieces – Episode 070Words of Jen

November 3: Planning Ahead – Episode 071Words of Jen

November 4: Observations – Episode 072Words of Jen

November 5: Getting Ready – Episode 073Words of Jen

November 6: Potluck – Episode 332Shattered Soulstone

November 7: Updates – Episode 074Words of Jen

WEEK TWO: NaPodPoMo 2021

November 8: Busy Busy Busy – Episode 075Words of Jen

November 9: Mr. U. is Missing – Episode 076Words of Jen

November 10: Learning, Learning, Learning – Episode 077Words of Jen

November 11: Flexibility – Episode 078Words of Jen

November 12: Three Weeks Gone – Episode 079Words of Jen

November 13: All Bone. No Brains – Episode 333Shattered Soulstone

November 14: Kinda Frazzled – Episode 080Words of Jen

WEEK THREE: NaPodPoMo 2021

November 15: Camp – Episode 081Words of Jen

November 16: Substitute – Episode 082Words of Jen

November 17: Conflict – Episode 083Words of Jen

November 18: Better Day – Episode 084Words of Jen

November 19: Seminar – Episode 085Words of Jen

November 20: Bobby Kotick Must GoShattered Soulstone

November 21: Dr. U Visits – Episode 086Words of Jen

THE REST OF: NaPodPoMo 2021

November 22: Conferences – Episode 087Words of Jen

November 23: The End of the Beginning – Episode 088Words of Jen

November 24: The Beginning of the End – Episode 089Words of Jen

November 25: “Learning New Things” – Episode 090Words of Jen

November 26: Scheduling – Episode 091Words of Jen

November 27: Black Friday – Episode 335Shattered Soulstone

November 28: Making Copies – Episode 092Words of Jen

November 29: Five More Weeks – Episode 093Words of Jen

November 30: Dr. U Visits Again – Episode 094Words of Jen

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