A player must complete Episode 4 – Chocolate Mountains in Candy Crush Saga to unlock Dreamworld.  My best guess is that Dreamworld is some sort of expansion.

It is entirely possible to skip over Dreamworld and continue with the regular Episodes of Candy Crush Saga.  Or, players can take a detour and work on the Dreamworld part of the game.

The screenshot at the top of this blog is what pops up on the screen after a player completes Episode 4 – Chocolate Mountains.  It is impossible to miss.

You have unlocked a whole new world!  A dreamy wonderland with 665 new levels of Candy Crush fun!

When I first unlocked Dreamworld, I tried out a few levels and then decided to skip over it in favor of working my way through more Episodes of the main part of Candy Crush Saga.  A player can access Dreamworld by clicking a button at the top of the Candy Crush Saga screen.

Dreamworld features an owl named Odus that wants to sleep on the moon.  The moon has one type of candy on one side and a different colored type of candy on the other.  The player must use strategy to prevent Odus from falling off of the moon.

Dreamworld starts with an Episode called Sleepy Slopes.  It starts when one of the little girl characters in Candy Crush Saga (whose name escapes me) becomes exhausted by helping out others.  She needs a nap.

“Sigh! I feel so tired from helping folks!”

“Maybe someone should help you for a change?”

In the screenshot above, you can see Odus getting a bit nervous because the moon he sits on is starting to tip too far on one side.  Ideally, the player would notice that and find a way to match three yellow candy pieces in order to balance the moon.

After a player makes enough matches to fill the moon, Odus flies away and “Moon Struck” happens.  It can happen more than once within one level.

This screenshot is from a different level than the first one.  Somewhere in between these two Moon Struck images (which might be out of order) the Moon blows up a bunch of candy pieces and adds to the players score.

Mr. Toffee says: Careful!  Odus is about to fall.  Try to balance the Moon Scale.

In the screenshot above, I had only one jelly left to break – but had run out of turns.  Odus was about to fall off the Moon Scale.  Mr. Toffee “helpfully” says that I can spend 10 gold to reset the Moon Scale and freeze it for 5 turns.  I decided it was easier to end the game and try again.

Odus fell down!

The above screenshot happens after a player completes all of the levels in Dreamworld’s Sleepy Slopes.

I completed Sleepy Slopes in Dreamworld on December 3, 2016.

I got 3 stars in each of the levels in Sleepy Slopes.

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