Once in a while, a Nephalem Rift will have a cow level. The first time I experienced this event was in 2016, and the screenshots you see in this blog are from then.

The cow level that can appear in a Nephalem Rift is separate from the Not the Cow Level event that was in Diablo III in 2015.

I found the Ghost of the Cow King inside a Nephalem Rift called Magistrate’s Realm I. It starts in an area that resembles the Jar of Souls event/bounty. The event is called Udder Chaos.

The Ghost of the Cow King wants to tell you terrible, wonderful, puns.

Ghost of the Cow King: You’d better milk this for all it’s worth! Haha.

The Ghost of the Cow King has an amusing, yet slightly annoying, voice. To me, the odd, yet cow-like, voice enhances the puns. You might want to have the sound on when playing through this type of Nephalem Rift.

The Ghost of the Cow King disappears.

The player must now fight the Endless Herd. The screenshot above shows the first of the Herd as they move toward the player (and the player’s follower).

The event functions similarly to how the Jar of Souls event/bounty does. The main difference is that Jar of Souls requires the player to fight skeletons, while the Endless Herd requires the player to fight cows.

The Endless Herd ramps up, with more and more cow minions, until the timer runs out. No more will appear, but the player still has to kill off the remaining cows.

After slaying all of the minions of The Ghost of the Cow King, the raised center of the room starts to glow. In the Jar of Souls event, what happens next is the Jar of Souls reappears. The player clicks on it to get loot.

The Ghost of the Cow King reappears after the Udder Chaos event ends.

Ghost of the Cow King: Fine work, my loyal subject! Yes, yes, Keep calm and dairy on, I aways say. Yes. Kowtow to no one. Haha.

Just like with the Jar of Souls, the gates that are on the sides of this area unlock and the player can leave. There are no more cow minions here, but the cows aren’t entirely gone just yet.

The rest of the Nephalem has plenty of cows for the player to fight. The Infernal Bovine in the screenshot above is just one example.

The Rift Guardian is the Lord of Bells.


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