A coloring sheet from D&D Beyond that features a mage wearing warm clothing out in the snow.

D&D Beyond had an advent calendar that included one special item or offer each day. If I remember correctly, the calendar didn’t include the entire month of December. The things in it that caught my attention the most were the coloring sheets.

At the top of this blog is a cropped version of a coloring sheet that included the D&D Beyond logo. It resembled the front of one of their player’s handbooks. I gave this character, who might be a magic user, red and green colored clothing. There is a yellow glowing light hovering over her hand.

A Beholder is a creature with a large eye and a mouth full of sharp teeth. It has several tentacles, each of which has its own eye. This Beholder (and its tentacles) are wearing Santa hats. The card says "BEHOLD!" and "HAPPY HOLIDAYS".

This coloring sheet was probably intended to be colored and then sent out to friends and family who play Dungeons & Dragons. It features a Beholder, which is a creature with a large eye and a mouth full of sharp teeth. Each of the Beholder’s tentacles has its own eye at the end of it.

I find it very amusing that the Beholder is wearing a large Santa hat and that each of its tentacles are also wearing smaller Santa hats. That’s just adorable (in a very creepy way).

The use of the word behold is clever. “Behold!” is at the top of the card. It references the Beholder creature, of course. It also reminds me of the part from the movie “A Charlie Brown Christmas” where Linus gives a speech that includes that phrase: “For Behold, I bring you tidings of great joy, which shall be to all my people.” The result mixes a reference from the Bible with a terrifying monster that wants nothing more than to kill of your entire adventuring party.

This table is set with bottles of alcohol and glasses to drink from. It has some fruit, cookies, and a cake. A large present, with sharp teeth, is right in front of you! These mimics want to eat you for dinner.

I think this coloring sheet might also have been intended as a card. It shows a festive table with a fancy tablecloth, candles, bottles of alcohol and glasses to pour it in. Your adventuring party might be tempted to eat or drink something. As you reach for the goodies, the large present that is on the table opens it’s mouth, showing rows of sharp teeth! Beware, adventurers! These mimics want to have you for their dinner!

A party of five adventurers celebrates with alcohol and fireworks. A wizard is making the fireworks. One says "20 Critical Hit!".

This coloring sheet could also be used as a card. I’m not sure if anyone sends out New Year’s Eve cards, though. It was fun to color this band of adventurers who appear to be having a celebration. I kind of wonder where the wizard learned to make fireworks like those!

The D&D Beyond Holiday Coloring Sheets that you see in this blog post came from D&D Beyond’s 2021 Advent calendar. I enjoyed coloring them.

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