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No one told us that this little robot would become a hunter!

Here are some things our Roomba has attacked:

Air cleaner in the living room — knocked the front panel off and broke a piece of it. The Roomba did this by knocking over a chair which slammed into the air cleaner that was on a small table. (Don’t worry. It still works).

Shop Vac — Roomba grabbed the power cord and completely unraveled it across the room.

Broom — Roomba knocked it over and dragged it across the floor a bit.

Smaller air cleaner — Roomba pushed the box that holds a filter for that air cleaner out of the room it was cleaning, by shoving it under the gap in the door.

Also, it frequently opens the cabinet under the kitchen sink, where all the cleaning products are — leaving them exposed. Eventually, the Roomba comes back and slams the cabinet door on them.

There is a disturbing pattern happening here!

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