Prime Evil Wings were given to all Diablo III players who logged into the game after June 29, 2020. These wings were part of the Diablo II 20th Anniversary celebration.

It is not clear exactly how long these wings will be made available.

Blizzard put together a news post about various things they were doing to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Diablo II. Here is how the wings were described:

Log in to Diablo III any time after June 29 to unlock your own tendinous Prime Evil Wings and represent the legacy you forged on Arreat Summit. Baal – as we saw him in Diablo II – did not have wings, but try to imagine what they would’ve looked like if he did, and if you could’ve fastened them to your hero’s shoulders.

Shortly after the player logs into Diablo III, an Achievement appears. It is a Feats of Strength Achievement.

Primeval Evils: Logging in for a time honored destruction.

This Achievement unlocks the Prime Evil Wings.

The wings look pretty cool on a Demon Hunter.

The flavor text on the Prime Evil Wings says: “Where Hatred and Terror tread, Destruction is sure to follow.” – Mephisto

In the lore of the Diablo series, there are three Prime Evils: Baal, Mephisto, and Diablo. Mephisto is the Lord of Hatred. Diablo is the Lord of Terror. Baal is the Lord of Destruction.

This is what the Prime Evil Wings look like in-game.

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