This blog is part of my series about my experience in the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls beta. The beta is over, and the expansion has been out for a little while now. I still have things that I wanted to share about it, so I may as well finish the series.

In my previous blog, my Crusader, Joan had just hit Level 24. This blog will feature her adventure as she went from Level 24 to Level 25.

Unfortunately, my computer monitor died while Joan the Crusader was working her way through Level 23. As such, the screenshots from that point onward were taken while I was using a really old monitor. They are square, and everything is squished together on the screen. The things one must do in order to keep playing a beta! The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on January 24, 2014.

Joan the Crusader hit Level 24 in The Ruins Level 1.   I took this screenshot because I found it amusing.

Joan got attacked by a couple of blue Dust Imps.  I was playing on Normal Difficulty, and didn’t expect to have much trouble defeating them.  They simply weren’t that tough.  Even so, the Enchantress says : Only you can defeat this monstrosity!

 Nizoon Filthpit, on the other hand, did put up a good fight.

Immediately after Joan the Crusader killed him, an Achievement popped up.

Among the Elite: Kill 200 elite (champion, rare, or unique) enemies

I’ve no idea which ones she killed.  The Achievement doesn’t list them.

The Ruins Level 2 also had some gold monsters to fight with.  Wormwood the Hellion, Desecrator, was up first.

He was followed by Sepsis the Cursed, Nightmarish.

Once in a while, I take a random screenshot that comes out looking really cool!

Then, something completely unexpected happened.   Joan the Crusader picked up Griswold’s Scribbling’s.   This was not the first time she found one of them.  The interesting part was that the item looked quite different than when she found the first one.  It used to have an icon attached to it.

This time, it seems that Griswold’s Scribbling’s had lost its icon entirely.

There were other changes as well. The text in the title changed from red to gold.  It was no longer a Legendary Crafting Material.  It got demoted to Rare.

It gained some text. Used by the Blacksmith to craft the Legendary item, Griswold’s Perfection.  That was helpful.  At least now, I have some idea of what it’s used for.  Oh, and the Sell Value changed from 1 Gold to 53 Gold.  Part of the fun of being in a beta is watching things change!

Moving on, Joan the Crusader and Eirena the Enchantress made it to the Road to Alcarnus.  They were immediately greeted by some monster that wanted to kill them.

If you stood on a Waypoint in the beta, it brought up a map that showed where everything was in the Act your character was currently in.  These helpful maps did not exist in the original Diablo III game.  I am so glad they made them because it gives me a much clearer idea of where everything is (and in relation to other places).

The Hidden Camp is “home”.  There is a tiny icon of Joan the Crusader’s head that shows where she is at right now.  The yellow arrow above it also makes that clear.

Next, Joan the Crusader and her Follower fought Shatterbone, Acolyte of Torment.  He’s the “big bad” of this area.  You can tell a monster is extra special by checking out the color of his name.  Purple is more impressive than gold (or blue).

Upon returning to The Hidden Camp, I went directly to my stash so I could put the new icon-less Griswold’s Scribbling’s in it.  I was curious to see if the one I found earlier would still be there, and if so, if it would have the old icon/text/colors.  Instead, I found that something else had lost its icon, too.

Essence of the Twin Seas – Rare Crafting Material – Used by the Blacksmith to craft pieces of the set, Captain Crimsons Trimmings.  

Strangely, sand sharks find this essence irresistible.

I cannot remember what the icon for the Essence of the Twin Seas used to look like.  The “I Need an Icon” item above it is the original Griswold’s Scribbling’s.  The one above that, is the new Griswold’s Scribbling’s that Joan the Crusader just picked up.  They were the same item (sort of) but were not stackable.

On with the Crusade!  Next, Joan the Crusader and Eirena the Enchantress went to Alcarnus. I like this part of the game because it is nice to be able to set the prisoners free. There are always plenty of mobs to battle here. This time, Wormwood the Brute, Nightmarish, appeared.

Release all 8 of the caged prisoners that the quest requires, and you finish the quest.  Free all 10 of the prisoners from their cages, and you earn an Acheivement.

Hero of Alcarnus: Free all the prisoners in Alcarnus

Shortly after that, Joan the Crusader hit Level 25!

The next blog in this series will focus on Joan the Crusader’s adventure as she goes from Level 25 to Level 26.

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