Season 2 of Diablo III is going to disappear in just a few days. I’ve been trying to keep up with blogging about my experience in Season 2 before it ended. However, I’ve fallen a little behind, so I might have a blog or two that will appear after Season 2 ends.

My main goal for Season 2 was to get my hard core Demon Hunter to Level 70. As I was leveling, I tried to get as many of the Seasonal Monster Slaying Achievements as I could. Right now, it doesn’t look like I will have time to get all of them before Season 2 ends.  The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on March 26 and March 27, 2015.

After accidentally putting my hard core Demon Hunter into Act II Bounties, I quickly started a new game so I could do the Act III Bounties I was trying to work on. This time, the batch of Bounties were: Clear the Foundry – Enter the Foundry and Kill all enemies in the Foundry Level 2 (The Battlefields), Kill Ghallem the Cruel – and 150 other enemies (Fields of Slaughter), Blaze of Glory – Assist Captain Haile (Rakkis Crossing), Kill Snitchley – and 50 other enemies (Arreat Crater Level 2), and Kill Cydaea – Enter the Tower of the Cursed Level 2, Enter the Heart of the Cursed, and Kill Cydaea (Tower of the Cursed Level 1).

Slaughter Fields Five: Explore the following areas within the Fields of Slaughter

Edge of the Abyss, Rakkis Crossing, Fields of Slaughter, The Bridge of Korsikk, The Battlefields

Here’s a quick look at my Achievement Points for Season 2.  I have 1430 points.

Takes A Lickin’: Get licked by 5 different Soul Rippers, Soul Lashers, or Soul Devourers at once.

Knock Knock: Get Demonic Tremors to burst through 5 different doorways without leaving the same level of the Keep Depths.


This is a small portion of the bodies scattered on the ground around Captain Haile.  Many are demons, but there are some soldiers, too.  Kick them all!  There’s a chance that at least one or two will drop gold for you.

There stands Captain Haile.  Click on him to start the “Blaze of Glory” event.  I got here because I was assigned a bounty to do so.  You can also come across this event in Story Mode.

Dusk: What brings you out here?

Captain Haile: All of my lads are dead, and I mean to see these bastards suffer for what they’ve done.  Are you with me?

This starts the Blaze of Glory event.  Fight off the demons with Captain Haile.

Captain Haile: Here they are!  Charge!

Captain Haile has more to say as the battle continues.  He’s got a snarky comment for when each different type of demon joins the battle.

Captain Haile: The ones in the skies have finally graced us with their presence!  Cut them down!

Captain Haile: Those worms have come up from behind!  Bloody adorable!  They’re trying to ambush us!

Lavarinth, Molten Defiler

Captain Haile: That’s the last of those shrieking little devils.  Kill ’em all!

Captain Haile: Well, they’re all dead and we’re not.  I’d call that a win, eh?

Captain Haile: I’ll hold this bridge.  Go on.  You have a demon lord’s head to put on a pike.

Blaze of Glory: Complete the Blaze of Glory event.

Shortly after returning to “town” (after completing the Blaze of Glory event) I found the Journal of Hansan Haile, Captain.

Journal of Hansan Haile, Captain: Day 9: Young commander Calderos believes that the demonic scourge will flee before a bloody show of righteous force. He intends to lead a charge from our fortifications tomorrow.  Calderos can commit suicide by stupidity if he wants, but I’ll be damned if I send my lads with him.  – Hansan Haile, Captain.

Demonbane: Kill 1,000 Demons in Act III in the Season.

Snitchley, Aspect of Greed

Whimsydale, again?  Yay!

Super Awesome Sparkle Cake, Cute Instakill Pony

I was super excited to see that Super Awesome Sparkle Cake dropped a Legendary item for me.

I’ll be hanging onto this sword, even though it’s not ideal for my Demon Hunter.  I’ll just have to roll a hardcore Barbarian or maybe a Crusader that can make use of this item.  The flavor text says: This fantastical blade is the physical manifestation of unicorn smiles, bright rainbow colors, shooting star wishes, and teddy bear giggles.

Brutu, Cruel Blood Clan Soothsayer

Cydaea, Maiden of Lust

Lust, Caution: Kill Cydaea in Hardcore mode.

The above is the Seasonal Achievement.  Below is the Career Achievement.

Lust, Caution: Kill Cydaea in Hardcore mode.

A Question of Lust: Kill Cydaea.

The reward for completing five Bounties included a Legendary item.

Burst of Wrath is a two handed Legendary Axe.  The special thing about it is: Killing enemies and destroying objects has a chance to grant 20% of your maximum primary resource.  The flavor text says: Zaboul, the Lord of Wrath, forged this weapon after there Prime Evils declared they would not invade the world of Sanctuary.  A thousand demons died in the process.

Between this Legendary Axe, and the previous Legendary Sword – it’s as though the game is telling me to roll hardcore Barbarian soon.

After completing a full set of five Bounties, I now had 1520 Sesaonal Achievement Points.

Next up… another set of five Bounties!  This time they were: Kill Bashface the Truncheon – and 75 other enemies in Stonefort (Stonefort), Kill Aloysius the Ghastly – and 150 other enemies (The Keep Depths Level 2), The Cursed Garrison – Cleanse the Cursed Chest (The Battlefields), Clear the Caverns of Frost – Enter the Caverns of Frost and Kill all enemies in Caverns of Frost Level 2 (The Bridge of Korsikk), and Kill Azmodan – Enter the Heart of Sin and Kill Azmodan (The Core of Arreat).

Bashface the Truncheon, Powerful Demon Warrior


Aloysius the Ghastly, Damned for All Eternity

Colossal Firewing, the Hell-Warder

Tide of Battle: Complete the Tide of Battle event.

Zelusa, the Grasping

Azmodan dropped a Legendary Belt.

Saffron Wrap is a Legendary belt.  It didn’t seem like it was much better than what Dusk the Demon Hunter was already using.  The flavor text on this item says: Bound according to the precepts of Anrach.

I had enough time for one more batch of Bounties.  They were: Kill Ghom – Enter the Larder and Kil Ghom (The Keep Depths Level 3), Clear the Fortified Bunker – Enter the Fortified Bunker and Kill all enemies in the Fortified Bunker Level 2 (The Battlefield), Kill Emberwing – and 150 other enemies (Fields of Slaughter), Kill Demonika the Wicked – Kill enemies in the Tower of the Damned Level 1 – and Kill Demonika the Wicked (Tower of the Damned Level 1), and The Cursed Caldera – Cleanse the Cursed Shrine (Arreat Crater Level 2).

A Legendary item dropped somewhere in The Keep Depths Level 3.
Spines of Seething Hatred is a Legendary Quiver.  It was better than the one that Dusk the Demon Hunter was currently using.  The special thing about this quiver is: Chakram now generates 4 Hatred.  The flavor text says: Seeing their enemies flayed serves only to fuel the thirst for revenge that burns within a demon hunter’s breast.

Guard of the Keep: I trapped some huge demons in the next room.  I’ve been praying the doors will hold.

Guard of the Keep: They need to be killed, but they’re too much for me.

Open the door and kill all the demons!  There will very likely be at least one gold monster back there.  When you are done, return to the Guard of the Keep.

Guard of the Keep: That was amazing!  With you around, we might just beat these demons after all!

Insatiable Appetites: Kill Ghom in Hardcore mode.

The one above is the Seasonal Achievement.  The one below is the Career Achievement.

Insatiable Appetites: Kill Ghom in Hardcore mode.

The Ravening Beast: Kill Ghom


A Legendary item dropped for me somewhere in The Fortified Bunker Level 1.

Wyrdward is a Legendary Ring.  The special thing about it is: Lightning damage has a 17% chance to Stun for 1.5 seconds.  The flavor text says: This ring was crudely crafted by a barbarian wise woman from the fulgurite left behind after a lightning strike.  It still possessed a strong connection to the force that birthed it, and the wise woman used its power to strengthen her own magics in order to defend her tribe from Westmarch invaders.

This turned into a close call rather quickly.  Somehow… survived.

A Legendary Quiver dropped somewhere in the Fields of Slaughter.

This the second Spines of Seething Hatred that I got in Season 2.  I’ve also received two Wyrmwards, two Raven’s Wings, and two Homing Pads.

Emberwing, Winged Demon Lord

Gholash, Savage Fiery Brute

Demonika The Wicked, From the Heart of Hell

Zarhym The Cursed

I now have 1580 Seasonal Achievement Points in Season 2.

Some progress was made.  Dusk the Demon Hunter is now at Level 68 (getting very close to Level 70).  I got the DemonBane Achievement, which is one of the Seasonal Monster Slaying Achievements that goes with Act III.  There is still more work to be done, and at least one more blog will appear that focuses on my experience in Season 2 of Diablo III.

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