Season 2 in Diablo III is coming to an end soon. I was hoping to keep up with blogging about it but have fallen a little bit behind. Overall, I’ve been enjoying Season 2. It provides a nice distraction from the horrible allergy season that arrived around the same time Season 2 did.

My main goal for Season 2 was to get my hardcore Demon Hunter to level 70. This blog shows more of my progress towards that goal. It shows the highlights from a set of Act III Bounties that I did (in Normal difficulty) immediately after the Bounties I completed in the previous blog in this series. The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on March 25, 2015.

Before I started the next batch of Bounties, I decided to take a quick screenshot of my Season 2 Achievement Points. Last Season, I learned that it will disappear shortly after a Season ends.

I have now earned 1320 Season 2 Achievement Points.

The next set of Act III Bounties were: Kill Greelode the Unforgiving – and 75 other enemies (StoneFort), Forged in Battle – Defend Ironsmith Maldonado (The Keep Depths Level 1), Clear the Fortified Bunker – Enter the Fortified Bunker and Kill all enemies in the Fortified Bunker Level 2 (The Battlefields), Kill Emberwing – and 150 other enemies (The Bridge of Korsikk), and Kill Azmodan – Enter the Heart of Sin and Kill Azmodan (The Core of Arreat)

When I started blogging about Season 2, I noticed that I take significantly less screenshots when I play hardcore (compared to when I play soft core).  This makes it much easier to sort through them and put together a blog.  I’m hoping this new “habit” sticks after Season 2 is over.

Dragus, Soldier of Hell

If you play the Story Mode in Diablo III, you won’t see Dragus until you explore part of the area, talk to an NPC (non-player character), and unlock a lift.  When the lift gets to the top, it is filled with demons who appear to be led by Dragus.  However, if you play Adventure mode, it is entirely possible for Dragus to come find you. It is not necessary for the player to unlock the lift in order for Dragus to show up and attack.

  Greelode The Unforgiving, Master of the Mace

The next Bounty was called “Forged in Battle”.  The player is asked to defend Ironsmith Maldonado.  It takes place in the Keep Depths Level 1.  Players will not immediately find Ironsmith Maldonado.  You have to go searching through the dungeon for him.  On the way, a Legendary dropped for me.

The Manticore is a Legendary Crossbow.  Dusk the Demon Hunter had not hit Level 70 yet, so this Legendary only required Level 61.  It wasn’t better than the rare he was currently using.  The flavor text says: The flying quills of the manticore’s tail are filled with lethal toxin.


This is where you will find Ironsmith Maldonado.  The location he stands in always looks the same, but the path getting there will change (since the format of the dungeons randomly changes each time).  Look for an area that has a lot of lava, and you will be close to finding Ironsmith Maldonado.  In addition to being an Ironsmith, he is also a merchant.

Ironsmith Maldonado: It is good that you’ve come along!  Our lads are fighting with blades held together by bits of string!  They need better weapons if we’re going to survive.  Watch my back while I work!

This automatically starts the Forged In Battle event.  Protect Ironsmith Maldonado while he works the forge.  Kill the skeletons that pop out of the lava and rush at the player and Ironsmith Maldonado.  Give him a chance to work on some better weapons for the soldiers.

After “round 1” is done, Ironsmith Maldonado moves from the forge to the anvil.

Ironsmith Maldonado: I’m heading to the anvil!  Stay at my side!

Boneripper, Horror of the Flame

Ironsmith Maldonado: And…done!  You’ve saved a lot of lives today.  Thank you.

Forged In Battle: Complete the Forged in Battle event.

Grimuku the Violent

Not the best screenshot, but I’m including it anyway because that yellow monster is Grimuku.  There is a Blizzard CM called Grimiku.  This is the second time I’ve killed Grimuku in Season 2.

Demon Hunter destruction appreciation screenshot!

Emberwing, Winged Demon Lord

Gorog the Bruiser, One-Thousand Pounder

I Got What You Need: Aquire a Templar relic, and Enchantress focus, and a Scoundrel token.

Find a Templar Relic, Find an Enchantress Focus, Find a Scoundrel Token

He Thought He Was So Clever: Kill Azmodan in Hardcore Mode.

The above Achievement is for Season 2.  The one below is part of my Career Achievements.

He Thought He Was So Clever: Kill Azmodan in Hardcore Mode.

The Lord of Sin: Kill Azmodan

I’ve now completed all five Bounties.  Before I stopped playing, I decided to take another screenshot of my Season 2 Achievement Points.

I have now earned 1420 Seasonal Achievement Points.

My hard core Demon Hunter is at Level 65, and my goal is to get him to Level 70 before Season 2 ends.  I’m also working on the Seasonal Monster Slaying Achievements.   I’m going to have to kill a lot of monsters in order to gain experience, so why not try for those achievements?  The next blog will feature the highlights of Dusk the Demon Hunter’s next batch of Act III Bounties.

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