This blog is part of the series I am doing about my progress through Season 2 of Diablo III. My main goal for Season 2 is to get my hard core Demon Hunter to Level 70. I really want the transmog that unlocks after a player gets a Seasonal character to Level 70. If I manage to accomplish this goal, I will create a new one.

Along the way, I’m attempting to get as many of the Seasonal Monster Slaying Achievements as possible. I’ve been moving slowly this Season because it happened to hit at the same time as a really bad allergy season. There are days when I’m too sick to do much of anything, including play video games.

The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on March 14, 2015. I’m still doing Bounties in Act II, but I’ve moved the difficultly from Normal to Hard. Overall, it went pretty well.

There I go, moving the difficulty level from Normal to Hard.  My guess was that Dusk the Demon Hunter was ready to move up (and Normal was getting boring).  He was “one-shotting” the monsters in Normal.  Its taking him four or more shots to kill stuff in Hard difficulty.

UPDATE: Nope.  Later, I discovered that although I thought I had switched to Hard difficulty, that wasn’t so.  I failed to click the “OK” button.  So, I’ve been on Normal difficulty the entire Season.  The reason things got a bit tougher was because my Demon Hunter leveled up.

Once again, I was working on Act II Bounties.  They were: Kill the Tomekeeper – and 100 other enemies (Realm of Shadow), Clear the Ancient Cave – kill all enemies in the Ancient Cave level 2 (Dahlgur Oasis),  Kill Shondar the Invoker – and 50 other enemies (Road to Alcarnus), Kill Belial (City of Caldeum), and … a Bounty I failed to take any screenshots of.

The Tomekeeper – Dark Scribe

Somewhat earlier in Season 2, I leveled up my Blacksmith to Level 10.  I can’t get him any higher right now because I lack a required crafting material.  In the meantime, I decided to level up my Jeweler as far as I could.  This resulted in some Achievements.

In the Loupe: Level up the Jeweler

I Like Jewels: Raise the Jeweler to level 5.

Just a Hobby: Raise the Jeweler to level 10.

The Exalted Few: Complete the artisan level achievements listed below.

A Life With Meaning, Just a Hobby

While I was working on the “Clear the Ancient Cave” Bounty, I found the Storm Cellar.  I hadn’t seen that one yet in Season 2, so I decided to go in.

The above screenshot shows the outside of the Storm Cellar.  The one below shows what the Storm Cellar looks like inside.

Inside, you find Lugo the Miner, who is being attacked by demons.  Go save him!

Lugo the Miner: Help!  Help me!

Lugo the Miner: Oh, thank you!  I thought I was a dead man.  I pick up garbage from the aqueducts so it doesn’t ruin our water supply.  Doesn’t pay well, but I find plenty to sell.  Have a look.

One good thing about the Storm Cellar is that you can sell stuff to Lugo the Miner (after you save him from the demons).  You get an opportunity to gain more bag space.

The Elitist: Kill 500 elite (champion, rare, or unique) enemies.

A Legendary item dropped somewhere in the Ancient Cave Level 1.

It turned out to be a Blacksmith plan called Harvest Moon.  It teaches the Blacksmith how to forge a Legendary One-Handed Mighty Weapon.

I decided that now would be a good time to go ahead and level up some gems.

Bejeweled: Combine gems.

Made to Order: Craft 5 items.

Radiance: Craft a Radiant gem.

A Fistful of Gems: Combine each of the following gem types.

Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby, Topaz

Shondar the Invoker, Master of the Threshold

I got the Bounty that requires a player to help Mehtan the Necromancer for the first time in Season 2. I haven’t featured that Bounty yet, so here it is.

Dusk: You’re a necromancer, aren’t you?  What brings you here?

Mehtan the Necromancer: Powerful spirits haunt these ruins.  I was not strong enough to defeat them, but I was able to trap them.  I fear the coven that invades the region will try to use the spirits for their nefarious purposes.

Mehtan the Necromancer: But if you dare, you can try to put them to rest.  Activate the totems to release the spirits, and be prepared to fight.

This automatically starts The Restless Sands event.  Help Mehtan the Necromancer banish the trapped spirits.

Over there is one of two Necromancer Totems.  Click on it, and then kill all the spirits that pop out and fly around.  When you are done, Mehtan speaks.

Mehtan the Necromancer: Can you hear their angry voices?  Still more remain.

Dusk: One more left.

The second Necromancer Totem is not far away.  It is up a small flight of stairs in the area where Mehtan the Necromancer is standing.  As before, you need to click on this Totem and then kill all the spirits that pop out of it.

Dusk: I have vanquished the spirits.  Let’s see what that necromancer has to say.

Mehtan the Necromancer: The voices fade.  The spirits in this place are calm.  I can begin the work of freeing them.

Mehtan the Necromancer: The howling of the spirits lessens.  You have put them to rest.

Mehtan the Necromancer: Wait…listen…

Mehtan the Necromancer: The Coven!

From out of nowhere, the Coven pops out of the ground with some demons and a great big monster with a purple name.  Kill them all!

WarGiant, Brute of the Coven

Mehtan the Necromancer: We have denied the Coven, but I fear they will find other, darker, powers to exploit.

Mehtan the Necromancer: Thank you, and go with the blessings of Rathma.

The Restless Sands: Complete the Restless Sands event.

Necromancers Log: Two decades ago, my mentor faced the forces of evil and emerged victorious.  I cannot hope to surpass his achievements, but I will try to bring balance to the raging forces that threaten to tear the world asunder in these days.  The spirits are restless near Caldeum.  I must quiet them – Methan the Necromancer.

Back in town, I earned a few more Jeweler related Achievements.

Socket To Me: Socket a gem in an item.

Just Like New: Unsocket an item.

 I can’t remember where this Legendary dropped.

The flavor text on this item says: Bound according to the precepts of Anrach.

I found Grimuku the Horror!  This name is significant because it refers to Grimiku, who is a Blizzard CM.

Pest Control: Kill 1,000 Fallen in Act II in the Season.

Pest Control is one of three Seasonal Monster Slaying Achievements that players can get as they play in Act II.  Two more to go!

Fist Missed: Kill Bell without getting hit by his fist attack.


I decided to take a screenshot of my Seasonal Achievements just in case I don’t get back in game before Season 2 ends.  I’ve got 1010 points, and it feels like I’m slacking this Season.  It is the best I can do considering how bad my health is right now.

I had enough time this “session” go complete a second round of Act II Bounties.  They were: Clear Sirocco Caverns – Kill all enemies in Sirocco Caverns Level 2 (Howling Plateau), Rygnar Idol  – Help Poltahr retrieve the Rygnar Idol (Stinging Winds), Kill Maghda – Enter the Lair of the Witch and Kill Maghda (Alcarnus), Clear the Ancient Cave – Kill all enemies in the Ancient Cave Level 2 (Dahlgur Oasis), and Kill Pazuzu – and 150 other enemies (Desolate Sands).

Somewhere in the Chamber of the Lost Idol, I noticed that my Enchantress was turning enemies into chickens.  Those enemies can’t use any of their special abilities when they are chickens, and they cannot attack.  The spell has a timer and it eventually wears off.  Kill the chickens before they turn back into demons!

How was she doing that?  It is a result of a spell called Mass Control that you can select for the Enchantress.  It is a Level 30 skill.

Mass Control – Hexes a nearby group of enemies.  Cooldown: 18 seconds.

This was the first time in Season 2 that I’d gotten the Bounty to kill Maghda.  A bunch of Achievements popped up as a result.

The Coven Overthrown: Kill Maghda.

The Witch is Dead: Kill Maghda in Hardcore mode.

The Achievement above is Seasonal.  The Achievement below is non-seasonal.  I’ve never killed Maghda before in Hardcore mode.

The Witch is Dead: Kill Maghda in Hardcore mode.

Armed to the Teeth: Equip all Inventory slots with items that have a minimum required level of 25 or higher.

Armed to the Teeth: Equip all Inventory slots with items that have a minimum required level of 25 or higher.


Pazuzu, The Bladespinner


That was as far as I got in the time I had to play.  Next time, whenever that happens to be, I will once again work on some more Act II Bounties.  I still need to get two of the Seasonal Monster Achievements for Act II, and Dusk the Demon Hunter isn’t level 70 yet.  I can work on both goals at the same time.

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