This is the last blog in my series about my experience in Season 2 in Diablo III. Overall, I had fun playing Dusk the hard core Demon Hunter in Season 2. I wish Season 2 wouldn’t have happened at the same time as a really bad allergy season, but no one can do anything about that. I also felt that Season 2 was short (as compared to Season 1).

My main goal for Season 2 was to get my hard core Demon Hunter to Level 70. After achieving that goal, I decided to push myself in an effort to earn the Seasonal Monster Slaying Achievements that went with Act V. Doing so would mean I got all of those Achievements. It seemed like a good way to finish out Season 2.

The screenshots you see in this blog are all from my push through Act V as I worked on the last three Seasonal Monster Slaying Achievements. They were taken on April 4, April 5, and April 6, 2015.

I spent most of Season 2 doing Bounties, and that’s exactly what I was doing in Act V. By this point, I got tired of listing them all at the start of the blog. I was also running out of time left in Season 2. So, this blog will feature only the highlights as I worked my way through Act V and slayed monsters.

Matanzas the Loathsome, Wielder of Elements

This is what my Season 2 Achievement board looked like as I started Act V.  I had 2040 Seasonal Achievement Points.

Katherine Batts, The Bell Witch

Paragon Level 15!

The Act V Bounty that I find to be the most interesting is one called Lord of Fools.  The goal is to “put Lord Kertis and his followers to rest”.  The very first time I came across this event was before Diablo III started having Seasons.  I had no idea what was going on (and that added to the fun).

Dusk: I did not expect to see this.

If you look closely, you can see that these ghost diggers are working around the edges of what looks like start of a castle or mansion.  The moment the player gets within a certain proximity of Lord Kertis, the event starts.  In my experience, the event may begin before Lord Kertis is entirely on screen.

Lord Kertis: Begone!  I am not yet ready to entertain guests.

Lord of Fools – Defeat Lord Kertis and his ghostly attendants.

Lord Kertis, Restless Lord of the Marsh

The player, of course, has to kill Lord Kertis.  After he dies, or perhaps as his last words, Lord Kertis yells his last words.

Lord Kertis: Now it will never be finished…

The first time I did this particular event, I was left wanting to know more.  Why was Lord Kertis trying to build a castle out here in the Paths of the Drowned?  Why was it so important to him to complete the castle that he, and his workers, were striving to finish it even after they had died?  Fortunately, a book drops that gives players some further explanation.

Lord Kertis’s Journal:  I curse you, Saul!  You sold me this piece of waterlogged land to build my castle on?  Well, I will have the last laugh, you dog!  I will build my castle here, and it will be the grandest castle ever!  Do you hear me, Saul?  Ever!  – Lord Kertis.

A Legendary Quiver dropped for me somewhere in Pandemonium Fortress Level 2.

The Ninth Cirri Satchel is a Legendary Quiver.  It was better than the Quiver that Dusk the Demon Hunter currently had equipped.  The cool thing about this Quiver is: Hungering Arrow has 24% additional chance to pierce.

The flavor text on this Quiver says: “This satchel is cleverly designed so that the heads of arrow placed within it fit into slots that serve as whetstones, sharpening the edges whenever an arrow is inserted or removed.  Cirri’s artistry remained unrecognized in his lifetime, so that only this quiver, numbered nine on the interior, survived to the present.” – The Craft of War by Diadra the Scholar.

Celik, Shrouded in Shadow

Sebor’s Nightmare is a Legendary Belt.  The special thing about it is: Haunt is cast on 5 nearby enemies when you open a chest.  That’s rather useful because in Act V, when you open a chest, several monsters jump out and attack you.  The flavor text says: Sebor’s Nightmare can easily make the difference between staying in this land or passing on to the next.  For, though highly unlikely, the opening of a chest can have dire results on occasion.

I put this screenshot in here because I’m always blown away by how freaky this looks.  It definitely sets the mood right before the Maltheal fight.

Malthael, The Angel of Death

Paragon Level 16!

Killing Malthael gave me enough experience points to hit Level 16. The plan for Reaper’s Wraps drops the first time a player kills Malthael.

Death Do Us Part: Kill Malthael.

May His Death Satisfy You: Kill Malthael in Hardcore mode.

The above Achievement was Seasonal.  The one below is the Career Achievement.

I now had 2060 Seasonal Achievement Points.

Barg the Elder, Ancient Armor Hunter

Realmwalker, Planar Guardian

Severag, The Lost Demon Rider

This time, the reward for completing 5 Bounties dropped a Legendary Crossbow.

HellTrapper is a Legendary Hand Crossbow.  The cool thing about this weapon is: 10% chance on hit to summon a Spike Trap, Caltrops, or Sentry.  The flavor text says: “This crossbow is a miracle of mechanical innovation, though its builder remains unknown.  In addition to firing ordinary quarrels, the Helltrapper may also fire specialized ammunition delivering caltrops, explosive spiked mines, and even self-expanding turrets.” – The Craft of War by Diadra the Scholar

The Wickerman

Vosk, The Vengeful Tyrant

Paragon Level 17!

Vek Marru, Bloodseeker

Pyresh, Guardian of Fire

Arcuss, Guardian of Ice

Miasma, Guardian of Pestilence

Warh, Guardian of Strength

Troven, Treasure Guardian

Bari Hattar, Foul Blood Majiks

Blackthorne’s Surcoat is part of a set of armor.  It seems to me that the Blackthorne’s set is the most common one that will drop.  That being said, I haven’t managed to complete an entire set of it yet.  The flavor text on this armor says: Baron Blackthorne led his knights to prevent the escape of King Leoric’s forces during their defeat against Westmarch, forcing them to choose between surrender and death in the quagmire.

Korchoroth, Siege Runekeeper

Paragon Level 18!

Ixatla, Hive Queen

Big Game Hunter: Kill 1,000 Ancient Beasts in Act V in the Season.

This was one of the three Seasonal Monster Slaying Achievements that went with Act V.  Two more to go!

A Legendary Ring dropped somewhere in Pandemonium Fortress Level 2.

Rogar’s Huge Stone is a Legendary Ring.  The cool thing about this ring is: Increase your Life per Second by up to 97% based on your missing life.  It was better than the rings that Dusk the Demon Hunter was currently using.

The flavor text says: The history of the large azure gem set in this ring is unknown.  Some scholars surmise it was crafted by the ancient nephalem using techniques now lost, while others believe it was fashioned from the crystallized blood of Anu himself.  Regardless of its origin, the gem acts as a lodestone for arcane power, drawing it in, and then focuses it through its facets to heal the ring’s wearer. 

Esiel, Guardian of Malthael

This time, the reward for completing 5 Bounties included a Legendary Shield.

Salvation is a Legendary Crusader shield.  My Demon Hunter cannot use it.  Someday, I will roll a hard core Crusader who will be able to use this shield.  The flavor text says: “Do not hesitate to strike down your enemies.  Death is their salvation from evil.” – Crusader proverb.

I now had 2070 Seasonal Achievement Points in Season 2.

 The Magic Misfire Bounty starts when you enter The Sorcerer’s Room.  The player must stop the sorcerer from practicing necromancy.

Dusk: What’s going on here?

Sorcerer: I’m summoning back the souls that have been stolen from these poor people in order to restore their lives!

Dusk:  Magic cannot revive them now, you fool.

Sorcerer: What’s that noise?  It’s working!

Sorcerer: Oh, dear.  This wasn’t supposed to happen.

Magic Misfire – Slay the reanimated corpses.


Dusk: What an embarrassment.

Dusk: You’re giving up on necromancy forever.  Do you understand me?

Sorcerer: Of course, of course.

Sorcerer: Bless you, good sir.

Paragon 19!

Gravitus, Grave Lord

The Grave Situation Event involves a familiar face – Captain Haile.

Captain Haile: Ah, I heard you were in town, hero!  Should’ve known you’d show up in time for a fight.

Grave Situation – Help Captain Haile fight off the reapers.

There are three waves of reapers to fight.  In between, Captain Haile makes comments.

Captain Haile: Keep an eye out!  If I know these bastards, they’ve got reinforcements coming.

Captain Haile: Well, we’ve made them angry now, haven’t we?  Haha.

The big monster is Ankou, Scourge of Sanctuary.

Captain Haile: You’re just as good as I remember, old friend.  I’ll be seeing you again soon.

Minra, Plague Victim

Clawgane, The Mountain

Reaperbane: Kill 1,000 Reapers in Act V in the Season.

I’ve now got two of the three Seasonal Monster Slaying Achievements from Act V.  One more to go!

Purah, Conjuror of the Dead

Lythan The Exiled, Cursed Angel

Paragon Level 20!

Hit Paragon 20, and you unlock a new Paragon Portrait.

Fredrich Bartholomew, The Tormented Dead

Dead Ringer: Kill 1,000 Undead in Act V in the Season.

This was the last of the three Seasonal Monster Slaying Achievements that went with Act V.  I’m done!

I ended Season 2 with 2090 Seasonal Achievement Points.

This ends the adventure of Dusk the hard core Demon Hunter through Season 2 of Diablo III.  He survived the Season, and I have decided to keep him, so his adventure may continue through the non-Seasonal part of Diablo III.  It all depends on how long Season 3 lasts and how long the gap is between Season 3 and Season 4 (if there is a Season 4).

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